Internet of things to help farmers a smart strawberry

By Zachary Nichols,2015-11-13 00:52
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Internet of things to help farmers a smart strawberry

    "Internet of things" to help farmers a "smart"


    In August, zhoushan city, zhejiang province, the first "Internet of things" agricultural bases in cen port fishing island to carry out the experiment and demonstration in the streets.The project consists of zhoushan island xi to agriculture development co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "happy island"), zhejiang academy of agricultural sciences to provide technical support, with a total investment of 400000 yuan, plans to use a year construction based on the technology of Internet of things intelligent strawberry base of 100 mu.At present, the first 20 mu base upgrade has been completed and the related technology and equipment are installed and has entered the phase of simulation.

    Strawberries have "health doctor"

    At 8 PM on December 6, "happy island," general manager Xia Yongnian as usual, went into his fishing island in the "Internet of things" base office, upon a thing to do is open a computer, to see how their own conditions for growing strawberries in surveillance video.

    "It has a black spots on the strawberries, may be on the bite of diseases and pests."He called reporter sat down, magnified image diagnosis.The identification, the original is a bird droppings on the above.So Xia Yongnian call base management, make good cleanup he entered the shed.

    "Video patrol", Xia Yongnian and came to another room, open the electronic display screen on the wall, the history of the strawberry growing environment and instant digital information be clear at a glance on it.

    "These are automatically collection and analysis of the information such as temperature, light, water, fertilizer, combining with the video monitoring, can know strawberries grow best in any environment." Xia Yongnian with "Internet of things" reporter visited the application technology of strawberry greenhouses.The factory covers an area of 20 mu, look from the exterior with ordinary greenhouses difference is not big, but he is hidden within the "mystery", one of the most obvious difference is the installation of a rotating surveillance video camera, two

    sets of sensors, the number of micro nozzle and automatic roll of film machine.

    According to introducing, the camera can fully monitor records of strawberry growth condition and the maturity of the fruit, remote data transmission, to help farmers in time on plant diseases and insect pests of intervention;Sensor is responsible for gathering and transmission NongQing information, help system combined with strawberry growing real-time intelligent decision (such as opening of micro nozzle and automatic film machine, automatic sprinkler, ventilation, etc.).

    "In the near future, will also have some supporting system installation, after waiting for the" Internet of things "to run, strawberry growth occurred in the process of any problems, the system will send text messages to inform management in time, so that management personnel further making remote control instruction." Xia Yongnian said.

    It is understood that compared with the traditional planting technology, the application of the "Internet of things" technology agriculture, is expected to increase strawberry production 5% ~ 10%, increase benefit about 1500 yuan per acre.

    From the farm to the intelligent management by experience

    "The older generation of farmers farming by experience, but experience, after all, could not be copied, a new generation of farmers to farm by what? Now abnormal climate change, in the traditional sense of the agricultural management mode, keep up with the speed of climate change?" Xia Yongnian have been thinking about this two problems, this also is he in the strawberry planting the introduction of the purpose of the "Internet of things".

    He told reporters that he had done, the purpose of the "Internet of things" strawberry planting information database is established, "the annual growth of strawberry in the process of air temperature and humidity, light intensity, soil humidity and CO2 concentration data collected, into a database, can compare the numerical curve of the calendar year in the future, find the most suitable for strawberry growth environment conditions, eventually form a standard planting. With this standard, can be in accordance with the gourd ladle, create best conditions for the growth of strawberry, precision planting."

    For example, he said, "today is a haze days, for example, no sunshine, strawberry growth will need to fill light, but fill? System will automatically according to the standards, the best solution is given." "that is to say, as long as you have planted standards, and the data input system, strawberry plant, the system will on behalf of the management and

    cultivation."And he said, the emergence of the Internet of things technology, break through the traditional farming and human cost by different workers quality increased year by year, for agriculture intelligent, automated control provides a good upgrade channels.

    It is understood that in the future, the system can also be for strawberry production, transportation, trade, consumption and other important links to track monitoring."Through the electronic label, qr code and other information technology means, realize the strawberry the entire life cycle, such as query strawberry who is kind, when to sprout, when as a result, when picking, when to sell on the market, is there any chemical pesticides, etc." Xia Yongnian said, with the deepening of the "Internet of things" technology research, agricultural production will be more and more "wisdom", people can eat more at ease, farmers also make fun.

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