Blue of the red, white and blue trilogy in review psychological state of externalizing means

By Manuel Hart,2015-11-12 21:57
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Blue of the red, white and blue trilogy in review psychological state of externalizing means

    Blue of the red, white and blue trilogy "in" review: psychological

    state of externalizing means

    "Blue" is the polish-born French director giorgio chiellini, rove's masterpiece the red, white and blue trilogy in the finale, its exquisite artistic conception and a unique expressional technique has got a lot of praise, is now test analysis.

    "Blue" mainly shows a woman in a car crash losing their musicians journey after her husband and children, the film more is give priority to in order to show the character's psychological state, also is the ownership of the specific

    time and place of inner state through a series of methods of representational convey to the audience, in a series of director to create images, the audience can according to own understanding to determine the conception of the film, it can be said that the film is very open, although the directors confirm its tone as tricolor of "freedom", but he's not closed, he extremely personal and artistic processing also left a considerable space for the audience's own understanding.And this kind of performance means is need to discuss here, we see that the lines of the heroine in the film is not much, and directly show its psychological lines are much rarer, so the film by the psychological state of externalizing means what?

    Things first, the use of local features, this technique is mainly by focusing on the ownership of the fine point convey delicate feelings of things, by guiding the audience attention seldom notice at ordinary times part or point of view, let the audience feel the host state of mind.Ownership after the accident, for example, Julie lie on the bed, waiting for news of your family, in the picture the only clear is a grain of fluff on the quilt, and the bed in the background and the characters are fuzzy, the only fluff with breath back and forth, clearly shows jolie's sense of helplessness and uneasy at this time, and then friends tell her she's family had died, now the picture is Julie's eyes, eyes reflecting friends special distant and small, are described to her, through her eyes even blinking frequency in the audience can directly realized she desperate mood, realize people is how to accept something almost impossible to accept.Again, for

    example, for she often go to the cafe to drink coffee in the plot of the simulations of a coffee cup, through the stillness of the coffee cup light changes reflect the passage of time, through a corner of a slowly add the sugar in the coffee was completely soaked and then was thrown into the coffee to jolie's mood changes, the local performance in "blue" can be seen everywhere, this technique is very effective for convey subtle feeling.

    Second, the use of music, this has always been praised by many critics.The significance of music in the film is not confined to the ordinary rendering atmosphere, since her husband was a great musician, so music is the only way to communicate with the past, Angelina jolie and her attitude towards the music will be contradictory, on the one hand, she is eager to get rid of the old life of pain, so she destroyed tablature, hit the piano cover, trying to destroy the physical form of music in this way, but on the other hand, the same theme music it always lingering in her mind, she immersed in it, enjoying the had happiness, often subconsciously to escape from the music again, to face the cold reality.Here, the director chose two kinds of style to the theme of the film, when she suddenly in a split second memories of the past, recall the past in the home, for example, when someone to cross necklace, learned that her husband had an affair, is to choose the same theme of the strong rhythm, let a person suddenly have a feeling from the shock of reality is pulled back to the past.When she was in reality little relief and seek help from the past, such as Julie immersed in memories of the past in the sun, or her fingers slip tablature, tend to slow and

    quiet melody, performance for the past as a souvenir.And at the end of the film's long, when all the characters in the director chose for voices, heard the fourth movement of Beethoven's ninth symphony will deeply feel the voice is one of the world's most beautiful Musical Instruments, and in "blue", redemptive voices of religious communication is a kind of man's salvation, not only save here is Julie, and all appear in the picture is in misery and have been Mired in the suffering people, their confused expressions and ethereal music as the suffering of human and heaven of the contrast, the latter is a kind of inclusive sacredness soared, with and, arguably, the selection of this piece of music to upgrade the whole movie to save human height, deepen to the subject is very important.

    Third, the arrangement of the particular scenario.Due to ownership in the whole film purely immersed in the subjective world of self, the director arranged objective events, through the link between them and ownership or through put masters at these scenarios to host inner emotions can convey in an objective way.The most typical is Julie swim four times a week.Every time a large blue swimming pool, she jumped into the water every time is to let oneself can have a temporary escape the feeling.Is she just moved into a new home for the first time, she tried to make her comfortable to swim, here shows her hope after move away to a strange environment in return for a moment's peace.Second boy to cross necklace is returned to her ears when she tried to got up from the swimming pool is a powerful theme music, let her have to returned to the pool, here is real let her once again have to face the

    past, but she can't always in the swimming pool as a protection, but she is weak in the face of contradictory situation in the past.Is the third time she borrow my neighbor's cat killed himself after the house of the rats, dived into the swimming pool to swim, here is she wants to swimming pool wash himself thought contained in its own tremendous feelings of guilt, but her behind a large group of children jumped into the swimming pool also showed her great sense of panic and uncontrolled.For the fourth time when she learned that her husband had an affair, she jumped into the water can't swim, just quietly dive to can't hold on, shows that the sudden events impact on her inner world, she can only silently bear, cannot change the facts.It is Julie a turning point, she walked out in the past, because she let her lost favorites insists that the accident is the most precious thing, her husband, also is the embodiment of all this, her husband lost everything also have no any meaning, so she always immersed in such a state, but after so many self-imposed torture is found himself, it in a long time ago I had lost him, and now he has done and how should find a reason to support?If the director here, the meaning of freedom of expression, it should be, she has always been not freedom, but she will have a good life, because she didn't realize they are in the real state of her world in the shadow of her husband, forever has a crush on her musician said a word, I don't want your song, although my own is very poor, but that is my own.And Julie step by step until her husband after a car accident in pain slowly understand this truth, to the end of the film, jolie began to slowly out of the shadows, but this is just the beginning, kafka once said that spirit only no longer as support, it will

be free.Julie in the face of an actual already lost due to

car accident losing support to support his own world, how to

get the real freedom, it is worthy of our thought.

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