Version of the film Mars rescue space wilderness survival

By Melanie Campbell,2015-11-12 17:18
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Version of the film Mars rescue space wilderness survival

    Version of the film "Mars rescue" : space wilderness survival

    Ridley Scott, a 77 - year - old, back to the original move into the science fiction film type, if the fear of "Prometheus" is lost in space, cold and despair, is the Mars rescue can be regarded as he is full of humor, optimism and vitality, with when he made his debut in the early disco songs, solitary on, never give up, again cold Mars all give him cut out a piece of paradise, surprise!

    Why did the ridley Scott adaptation of the novel?In the 77 - year - old, from "Prometheus", a year a large of high yield, ultra-high speed efficiently complete the rescue of Mars?(from d last November to release only spent 11 months)

    Andy Weir, the original, full of scientific theories, data and plot, bold assumption of scientific spirit, though he is not a scientific research

    personnel, especially the space mission was, by the space agency's high praise!Protagonist mark (matt Damon) in aid of Mars, unexpectedly, legacy, this is he how to calculate the days, prolong life, try to wait for rescue process;On the other side, the space agency, how and technology, finance and time race, managed to rescue...Orgasm is, 5 missing and the captain of the guilty MaiLiSha (Jessica rudd d.), and grasped the nettle, save the mark...

    Ridley Scott quiet as a pussy, move as tuotu, literature and trapped room play nothing is difficult, and often keep clear narrative method.Spatio-temporal crisscross in NASA ministries, and mark on Mars, finally joined the captain MaiLiSha spacecraft, the three space fold together, the last half an hour, wonderful to breathe.

    Play the key to the development of mark through careful analysis, planning and deployment, calmly and slowly made lived more than 800 days survival planning, building water and collect the details of the energy is amazing, the driving space car moving ship man's decision, is to show the original in the spirit of self-help and never give up, but a base of optimistic, set within the Boney M like disco music, amusement ling the disaster film's tone flavor!

    Mark often at the edge of the mouth, oral (Luckily) "lucky",

    "fortunately, I'm a botanist" (Luckily, I 'm a botanist), in the presence of uncertainty and unpredictable, all can only hope that careful

    preparations, and accidental luck, in addition to the optimistic, can also be what.

    Ridley has kept it in an orderly way, full of the details of the rational and scientific, has kept most of the small little interest, optimistic and humorous tone.The most obvious, mo, such as solving the problem of food, mark the designed greenhouse planting potatoes, even the dung such as aversive "items", have become rare precious resources, also planted the meaning of no pains, no gains, no lost of impermanence.

    Matt Damon walked back to people and good image of a large number of subjects to himself, the mouth of the cordial and

    painstakingly, makes the film adds a warmth, also set the tone for ridley Scott, a reminder of the "star of revelation, Keith Du Hua LuLan is clearly the opposite tack, similarly be abandoned, one bright one dark, is two kinds of trend and choice, can survive at all?LuLan see the shadows of human nature, old history of columns, ge, this time do not play "aliens" and "Prometheus" old, nobody in the most simple heart to face the unknown future.

    Ridley is interested in the way of survival, behind the new thinking., is the most wonderful young scientists, a new channel, reduced the difficulty of rescue, but play a big turning point, is interesting and lovely place, a group of NASA veteran to accept this name not the

    recommendation of the young plan, classical esque very open (space

    agency to accept China's offer, both real and humor), but the old man's house to accept the new thinking, think about all.

    Another key is, that is lost, and in another way linked to the way of communication, and full is abundant, and reflection.Now, people really can return alone, and obtain the real concern?Wordless care waiting, longitudinal pipe can not get immediate response, also need not mad depressed?Empathy, wordless tacit understanding, in the social network s, still work?

    It with "professional agent team 5: rebellious empire", no doubt, is through the genre to face the system crashes, team after the defeat, clarify the meaning of need, there is the core focus of life and survival, all individuals, it was to save his life and to save humanity, and a kind of never abandoned his teammates brotherhood, the pipe is bloods yourself, throw themselves, even in the edge of "disobey orders" and "treason".

    Most is worthy of thinking deeply that the process of creating capsule, unloading heavy unceasingly, in order to smoothly in orbit, even the strange "no sky" concept;Finally be forsaken by the captain MaiLiSha, push forward, echoing the both decided to abandon mark, the decision was with teammates.Perhaps, this information is cooked cooked noodles, it's about A process of constant abandon and correction, all plans must

    have A Plan, A Plan B, Plan C, neither inevitable, also won't give up the purpose.

    Ridley Scott is not only reflected his rational and orderly technical thought of solving the problem, also brought people of flesh and emotion, real food and breath, in the end, is still a life for a life, heart to heart than lose yourself.

    So, no matter how high science and technology, are not as good as clear the mind, as well as to the cautious life details of the plan, back on earth, which is a back to basic send yu, return to the soil, water, sunlight and air, also return to the original intention of agent star, desire to survive.

    And the desire of life, moral integrity, humble, it is how important for column, and he took a fancy to the original with Andy Weir, probably on this.Him out on the pharaoh and the gods for pain with brother part forever, filled with many private palpitations of life and death;The rescue of Mars is to find the strength I will survive, simple, original and beautiful.

    Therefore, the rescue of Mars is entertaining, from easy to breathtaking, life and survival, only in the fingertips, is easy to see to understand, the audience should be satisfied.But really impressed, it is the wisdom of that kind of person: innovation, shen, abandon, down in order to solve the problem of life, surprise is not divine, it's time to cut your potato.

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