The latest scientific experiments the monkey born understand number ratio concept

By Loretta Green,2015-11-10 17:32
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The latest scientific experiments the monkey born understand number ratio concept

    The latest scientific experiments: the monkey born understand number ratio concept

    [abstract] at present, scientists a special experiment, let the monkey to choose test, if choose high rate option right, get the candy.Results show that the monkeys know the concept of quantity ratio, can choose the high ratio of options.

    Science Home found that monkeys know the concept of quantity ratio, can accurately

    select the high ratio number of options.

     According to media reports, at present, scientists to a new study shows that the monkey is (monkeys are very smart animals, they are like humans understand number ratio concept.

    The researchers began to test whether other species also know the concept of quantity ratio, a duke university research team conducted a study, analysis of whether the monkey will be quantity percentage.The new study published in the latest issue of the journal animal cognition.

    Duke university graduate Caroline - Drucker (Caroline Drucker) said: "we let the monkeys play touch screen computer, choose the correct answer will have candy bonuses. First of all, we are training monkeys to identify two things on the screen of the shape differences - black and white diamonds."

    When the monkey touch screen black ring, will hear a bell ring, and receives the candy.But when they touch screen white diamond, will hear a hum, don't get candy.Researchers found that the monkey in the experiment to be able to quickly identify the reward mechanism, tend to touch the black circle.

    Drucker said: "now we induce the monkey recognition scores, we are on the screen shows the two options, each row contains a few dark circles and white diamonds, monkey task at this time is in two options to maximize the choice of the black circle, as far as possible to ignore white diamond."For example, if the left row option has three black circle and nine white diamond, a row of options on the right side of eight black circle and five white diamond, the monkey must choose proper, reach a certain number of candy to get candy.

    He explained that in our experiment, we increased the certain difficulty, sometimes two options are black circle total more than the white diamond, sometimes opposite.Sometimes, the black circle number of ratio higher than the white diamond, but actually fewer black circle, we reduced the number of options.The purpose of this test is to observe the monkeys how to identify the black circle percentage.

    For example, if the left option has eight black circle and 16 white diamond (he), the right option has five black circles and six white diamond (12), while the left option black circle number, but of the highest rates of options on the right side.

    Experimental results show that the number of these monkeys know compare ratios, they will choose the black circle options, high ratio of success is about three-quarters.Drucker said: "to our surprise, when we

    present a new combination of options, the monkeys were not seen before, they still can choose a higher proportion of the black circle options. Our results confirm the monkey knows the number ratio concept."

    At the same time, the study also shows that monkeys may have analogy analysis ability, human thinking is based on these abilities.Drucker points out, the next step we will test the new monkey understanding of the concept of proportional size, percentage, and scores, compared with children at the same time.

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