80 percent of people misunderstand the hydrating and moisturizing

By Diane Brooks,2015-11-10 07:36
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80 percent of people misunderstand the hydrating and moisturizing

    80% of people misunderstand the hydrating and


    We often put hydrating and moisturizing together, so many people think hydrating and moisturizing is the same concept, in fact this is a skin care.

    Will be held today for everyone to explain the difference between hydrating and moisturizing, both can do multiplication effect.

    A, hydrating and moisturizing is needs to clearly distinguish between two concepts

    Is like an empty bottle, filling water is pour water in the bottle, moisture is to add a lid, lock moisture, do not let it leak out.

    The same is true in the process of skin care, we need to do is filling water before moisturizing.

    Can use first hydrating toner for skin filling water, then use face cream, consolidate form the protective film on skin, so as to firmly lock in moisture.

    Second, on the ingredients they have what different?

    Common hydrating factor:

    The biopin ace, polyol, collagen, hyaluronic acid and natural moisturizing factor, amino acid, etc.

    For young dry skin filling water is more important than moisturizing.

    Young skin sebum membrane is more normal, but as the growth of the age, skin aging, skin membrane becomes weak, so why did the frost resistance is oil.

    Common moisturizing ingredients: including ceramide, all kinds of vegetable oil, mineral oil, synthetic ester, beeswax, etc.

    Usually contains a large amount of oil products are mostly moisturizing, such as lotions and creams.

    When choosing products, also can choose products according to the change of season, summer can reduce keep humidity, and winter with high oil content of the product.

    Third, different skin types have different needs

    Mixed partial oil muscle moisture goal: moist and refreshing

    Skin give oil too much because the link between corneous cell lipid were destroyed, corneous layer won't lock moisture, give the supernormal oil, appear oil dry phenomenon.

    Oil free choice, quality of a material is frivolous products to replenish skin's natural moisture, cause skin without burden.

    2. Dry skin moisturizing goal: to moisturize strong moisturizing

    Dry skin besides early need of hydration, and the subsequent strong moisturizing, at the same time to supply the skin with the appropriate grease.

    Choose hydrating ingredients are higher products, adequate nutrition skin texture is more can build a layer of protective film, effectively locks in moisture and continuously offer for skin repair.

    3. Sensitive muscle moisture goal: hydrating relieve aim

    Sensitive muscle is the most easy to let skin problems due to dry, dehydrated caused by sensitive, at this time will increase the hydrating and moisturizing work.

    Selection is given priority to with simple pursuit of products, to avoid alcohol, acid, salicylic acid, etc excitant formula of A products.

    Nurse daily attention to choose moisturizing repair with high degrees of products such as PG frost, have very good moisturizing effect not only, also let sensitive skin is relaxed and calm.

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