The Review of Inception

By April Ramirez,2015-11-09 22:01
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The Review of Inception

    The Review of Inception

    Nolan's every film for the surprise from memory fragments no stars but the box office, to the dark knight's wildly popular, and then to the inception, is to let people see the genius of the director.

    The hot topic of dream, forever

    This special academic learning psychology, called dream interpretation, the rough is everyone's dream has deep meaning, known as the unconscious is through dream can make people understand their own a way.And the main content of the film is also about the dream to make an issue of dream for that kind of easy insomnia, paranoid, mental tension and those who did the bad thing, is a very attractive topic, and this topic is the eternal are everyday people talk about a lot of, so not out of the shadows, has been too much publicity.In our work as well as usual, if found, the topic is the attention of many people, not publicity, there has been a fan.

    Advantage of human weaknesses

    After a hot topic, the film's biggest attraction and pleasure from peeping, everyone has their own dreams, and would like to know the dreams of others, the problem is that most people in addition to the most intimate person, usually we are not willing to tell what did his dream, and the film give enough audience to peep the best opportunity to someone else's dream.Dream is representative of the subconscious, also represents the person has no secret show in front of you, so to peep the dreams of others, may be better than others peeping bathing nude, more interesting.

    Love you to join me in death

    The besides around the dream of the film, one of the main shaft is about Leonard much among the subconscious feelings between he and his wife, because his wife li as an experiment to do research, and make him and his wife had been in edge of the world, and his wife into mental derangement, finally can't because the real world, and to choose to end in death.Lee, for he had made the wrong always feel very pain, so at the time of each task, always will be his wife, and stop him once again, this is also his subconscious feel indebted to punishment.This episode I believe for most of the female audience, is a good fantasy, can and lover together to the old, to the old.But now close to 40% divorce rate, small three, before the material, the idea can only belong to the fantasy, advertising has said "don't care everlasting, care once owned".However, it does make a lot of the audience got soul satisfaction.

    Clever unsurpassed timeline design

    The best part of the movie is that the time differences between each dream again, if there is no this difference, the film is nothing special, and every 20 times the speed of the time difference between heavy dream, let the film in an hour behind only do one thing, but as a result of a dream dream dream constantly switch, let the audience at this moment is still in a car was forced to go head no way, again into the crazy fight among hotel, and then into the snow against the castle, and then move into the Leonard, deep in the subconscious, these are all scenarios occur at the same time, the different is the time

    of each weight, that the time will let the audience feel very nervous, believe that many people will be seen at this moment the most investment.Have to say, this is the film design the most sophisticated place, is also the director of genius.

    The problem of fault

    Although this film is very wonderful, it is not yet a classic, because the whole story content is fairly simple and straightforward, as long as know the timeline can understand exciting part of the whole film, and the story there are still many loopholes, such as the same as the rich, why give up what have not seen saito?And the rich reality unexpectedly has no bodyguard, only in dreams.Mob as task still, this class is Leonard one more people in work, other characters and no special role, will lead to the theory of others is not important.Finally a fatal problem is that the film is not a deeper meaning, does not like dark goofy (shawshank) spirit of free will, avatar, environmental protection consciousness of culture.Only lead to feelings of guilt, dreams do vomiting journey.

    Anyway inception or worth watching movie, after all, the director of this shot is not in the past, and a large number of sophisticated design is blended in among them, and the film can in recent period of time we talking about the topic.So concluded, genius occurred in the dream, let us dream, don't know what is real, what is a dream.

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