These places to the oil price is going to fall to $20

By Mario Alexander,2015-11-09 13:16
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These places to the oil price is going to fall to $20

    These places to the oil price is going to fall to $20

    These places is going to fall in the oil price to $20

     Mexico a mixed crude oil over the past year and a half fell 73%, closed Friday at $27.74 a barrel, a new low since 2004.Venezuelan crude oil is experiencing a similar low.Iraq is at about $25 a barrel to Asian buyers to supply the most varieties of oil.Western Canadian crude oil (WCS) tumbled 75% this year, to $21.82, a new low seven years.Ecuador Oriente crude oil, Saudi Arabia crude oil Basrah heavy oil with Iraq at present have been below $30.Under this price, more than a third of the world's oil production is not economic, Canadian producers may be difficult to recover the costs.

    The implementation of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) registration next week $5 each for registration fees

    The U.S. government will start from next Monday (Dec. 21) implementation of the system of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) registration, registration fee of us $5 for every drone, the move comes as the coming Christmas shopping spree.In addition to the small toy plane, all unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to the federal aviation administration (FAA) for registration.In spite of the efforts by the FAA education public right use of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), but since this year, drones fly close to the traditional plane or into a no-fly zone accident still increased dramatically, prompting the U.S. government for uav registration system.According to industry experts have estimated that the number will be sold this year to 700000.

    The Wall Street journal

    China and the united Arab emirates set up a $10 billion strategic investment fund

    Chinese President xi jinping and the united Arab emirates ABU dhabi crown prince Mohammed

    China and the united Arab emirates (uae) on Monday signed an agreement, will work together to set up a $10 billion strategic investment fund, the united Arab emirates - joint investment cooperation fund in China.The fund will focus for direct equity investment, mainly in China and the united Arab emirates.The move is the Chinese government to strengthen relations with the Middle East countries, and built between east and west part of an effort to new trade channels.The fund will be used by ABU dhabi's jose Mubadala Development Company (Mubadala

    Development Company), the financial management, together with the state administration of foreign exchange between China and the united Arab emirates government will offer half of the money.

    Shell plans to cut 2800 jobs after acquisition of BG

    Royal Dutch shell, said on Monday it plans to complete the British gas (BG Group) after the acquisition of 2800 job cuts worldwide, equivalent to about 3% of the combined company employees.The job cuts will be announced in the shell after cutting 7500 jobs plan.Shell reiterated that is expected to be completed in 2016 as planned.The deal on Monday, China's ministry of commerce approved cleared the last major regulatory hurdles.


    The global financial &t China win the Ming an insurance

    Ma Yun and Ma Huateng at the launch ceremony of Zhong An insurance

    By H2 Ventures with KPMG (KPMG) joint top 100 global financial technology, according to a report released by the ant gold suits, tencent,China's ping an(35.21, 0.05, 0.14%) and established the Ann online property insurance co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "the Ming an insurance") in the financial innovation of science and technology to overcome many European and us companies, won the

    championship.The number of Chinese companies on the list by last year's only a flash silver singular technology co., LTD. (Beijing) increased to seven, boring installment fourth installment shopping platform.On the list, however, the dominant is still the company, including 40 based in America.In the listed company from pay the most, in the field of accounting for a quarter of the top.

    U.S. crude oil futures fell below $35

    The seventh consecutive trading day down Monday, crude oil futures, is the longest since the middle of last year continued to fall for a period of time, the excess supply of crude oil for the next few months the situation will deteriorate worries.The west Texas intermediate (WTI) crude oil futures fell 2.7%, to $34.67, its lowest since February 2009.

    The financial times

    Europe and the United States announced job cuts this year nearly 100000 of the banking industry

    Big Banks in Europe and the United States so far this year have announced job cuts to a total of nearly 100000 people.According to a financial times analysis of Europe and the United States 11 large Banks announced this year by more than 10% of the total number of employees in the number of layoffs.Since 2007 this round of layoffs did not see any signs of slowing, is expected in 2016 will continue.BNP paribas and Britain's barclays bank early next year is expected to announce thousands of job cuts.


    Draghi said is ready to strengthen QE

    The European central bank (ECB)President Mario draghi said on Monday that if inflation is not back to the ideal goal, the bank may further intensify its aggressive

monetary policy.Draghi said: "if the European central bank must increase use tools

to ensure complete the task of maintaining price stability, then it will do so."

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