These places to the oil price is going to fall to $20

By Mario Alexander,2015-11-09 13:16
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These places to the oil price is going to fall to $20

    These places to the oil price is going to fall to $20

    These places is going to fall in the oil price to $20

     Mexico a mixed crude oil over the past year and a half fell 73%, closed Friday at $27.74 a barrel, a new low since 2004.Venezuelan crude oil is experiencing a similar low.Iraq is at about $25 a barrel to Asian buyers to supply the most varieties of oil.Western Canadian crude oil (WCS) tumbled 75% this year, to $21.82, a new low seven years.Ecuador Oriente crude oil, Saudi Arabia crude oil Basrah heavy oil with Iraq at present have been below $30.Under this price, more than a third of the world's oil production is not economic, Canadian producers may be difficult to recover the costs.

    The implementation of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) registration next week $5 each for registration fees

    The U.S. government will start from next Monday (Dec. 21) implementation of the system of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) registration, registration fee of us $5 for every drone, the move comes as the coming Christmas shopping spree.In addition to the small toy plane, all unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to the federal aviation administration (FAA) for registration.In spite of the efforts by the FAA education public right use of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), but since this year, drones fly close to the traditional plane or into a no-fly zone accident still increased dramatically, prompting the U.S. government for uav registration system.According to industry experts have estimated that the number will be sold this year to 700000.

    The Wall Street journal

    China and the united Arab emirates set up a $10 billion strategic investment fund