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Some reviews

    "Some" reviews

    Wim wenders's "some" is the Shanghai international film festival is the most popular movies, added two, arranged in the largest screens, ticket can be snapped up early.Documentary can achieve such an art-house movie, and it is art, is borrowed from the current commercial 3 d's hottest stunt, to know for 3 d increased ticket prices, last year the eu region under the condition of moviegoers time reduce total box office still pull out to new highs.In technology, however, the stunt, abstract modern dance, a departure from the viewing habits of zero narrative, even the title refers to some almost,

    in the absence of

    the image in the


    this documentary

    art, still be the


    dazzling works of

    art in the new era,

    in a pile of

    dinosaur class stubborn master in European art films, wenders lucky first to find the pace of dancing art and technology, so as to stand out, in the 3 d tide blindly hold the art domain.I even want to take "some" wenders, its soul friends antonioni's "red desert" checked, if the latter is an artistic significance of the first color film, so the former may be carrying the first 3 d film art.

    3 d, will screen into the theater

    Cart fallen less thick mud, strange tone, a memorial was going on, believe men and women pacing to the power of the unknown.Sound field agitate up, falling woman holding a red silk scarf was thrown out from the crowd, with frightened eyes looked at as our audience, with a black robe with us the high priest standing on one side, as the

    girls on the other side of the sacrifice, them out one by one and one lucky get back in the team group, finally, a girl who is elected...This is stravinsky famous ballet "offering of spring", trying to modern abstract and enrichment of dense sound, to communicate the ancient pagan holy memorial ceremonies.I never really understand this century ago premiered caused a big stir masterpiece, until it feels dye-in-the-wood experience of "viewing".Yes, just viewing, wenders use today and modern 3 d technology, will some DE bao shi carefully explain the offering of spring from the theater, stereo and he to the audience at present, in the foreground were placed in the audience to the priest, to a just ripped the dancers from the rear to make sacrifices.

    Revolutionary music, hundred years ago in 36 years ago, met modern dance master some Porte revolutionary way of choreography, wu wuppertal Mr Version of "offering of spring" premiered in 1975, became the last film to date from the works of choreography in the traditional sense, marks the continuing drama means extreme and beyond the understanding of traditional dance the end point of the development process and the turning point, in a narrow sense of the German expressive dance is then with montage language of wuppertal concept instead.

    Some is the movie's some chosen three films muller cafe, offering "spring" and "full moon", and then cast the troupe performances, and taken some 1978 "communication field".Offering as the beginning of the film "spring", is also the basic is the 3 d camera as, the an audience of panoramic stared at the stage of the camera to capture the offerings of the spring by the performance should also include some of the audience under the stage, and wonders, late or go out convenient audience reality theaters, walk into (out of) the screen theater, the audience, to complete a across time and space.Wenders, of course, is more than a simple set up 3 d machine in the literature records, he let the photographers with machine also become a dancer, a capture details every body on the character and the facial expressions of the elves, want to know, modern dance rehearsal is not easily say "Cut" do it again for the performing arts, but need to take the same emotional energy flow of life, the reason why the black swan,

    cow force on the handheld photography is extremely strong participation and integrated into the stage.Camera, only do dance with stage actor's, to offering "spring" of the pagan tribute BeiZhuangGan, the sand like arena with his feet, came to the cinema audiences.

    Dance space, that make life so wild growth

    A chair overlay another chair, inverted on four legs in another a chair, a layer after layer, until the body standing in the height of the chair can't reach, dancers light spirit from these chairs should drill in the past, fell on the floor in the cafe partner there.Here is a lonely soul full of cafe muller, a panoramic view of men and women began a isn't there a language exchange party, collective and collective relaxation, but can't find a trace of warmth and consideration.The most stereoscopic photography experience Alain Derobe for wenders's some palm mirror in the world, and more than the offering of the spring into many steps closer to the lonely individuals in the cafe muller.Like a chair should have the fragile connection, cafes, interpersonal relationship is fragile, two male and female dancers became two neutral chairs, are busy like a third party together, woman's arm around man's neck, man hands hold up women's waist, "chair" sudden collapse, and again twisted up two of them men and women, and again collapse, repeated endlessly, until the stage dancer manual thoroughly exhausted, but life still didn't find the temperature.

    Of course, some of the dance world has a variety of meaning, more vulnerable about interpersonal relationship building is the self reading.Artists have cooperation with some before and after the two stage Rolf Borzik (died 1980) and Peter Pabst, already wuppertal udinese's Mr Create simple but let people sigh and wide space, convenient wenders operation."Spring offering" only a handful of dirt, "muller cafe" is several chair, "full moon" is a lump of rock and a bay water, "communication field" returning to a row of chairs.The first three are taken directly from wu wuppertal Mr Home theater, "full moon" on the stage a shallow bay for dancers broke the strongest vitality and the pain of back, refuse, jumped from a rock to struggle and splash in the water margin.I know very little about modern dance even once thought this extremely abstract art cannot leave the intense physical expression, but come wenders cast follow "communication field" section of the troupe performances, feel the body again outside face directly the life presented by sex, according to some, bao early some plays role arrangement, the communication field of characters have given uri wuppertal Mr, over the age of 14, 65-65 - year - old, young and other three groups.Nearly 30 years in collaboration with some fashion designers Marion Cito, let the old man and young in the same color of clothing, each sub-field sitting on a bench in the stage of a row of time-sharing, like flamenco dancers, a stand alone, to a broken or creative solo, or static or dynamic, young grew up and became the old man, old man looking back at the

    boy.Wenders on the stage of filming is not shout "Cut", but thanks to the medium of film can be Cut, the movie "some" in the "communication field" got the meaning clearer montage, a young red got curious waiting to see the world, such as he takes a seat has become pale all-seeing old man.# # p# page title e#

    Looking for the theme, some of your heart

    As is known to all, some in front of the wenders shooting began in June 2009 had died.It almost a quarter century of transboundary commitment (wenders 1985 known in the cafe muller know, I've always wanted to work after some) to talk and also make sure that "only on the screen to create a 3 d stereo space, to make me feel confident reproduce a some DE bao shi wu wuppertal dance theatre art" in the wenders, at that time.

    However this is it is not done on the death of Michael Jackson documentary?Wim wenders is not the same, in the absence of the protagonist, under the circumstances of the search for ozu done?Besides, the stage of some design and supervise the work has already been perfect and ready there, why not to come to party "looking for some"?So wenders back that he let the people most familiar themes - looking for.In "Paris, Texas" wandering in the desert and unexpectedly pick up back to the Travis family, "Berlin canopy" Dan mill, eager to family taste angel "until the end of the world" in the simple and vague Clare...Too many famous history of shadow image, is wenders, in order to find motif to create the classic;The late director ozu, fashion guru yohji yamamoto, Cuban music, old man, through Lisbon the engineer...All kinds of the artist's creation, has always been a wenders to cross media style of gazing at each other and cooperation and the documentary.Search for wenders, Havana Latin jazz, Portuguese fado folk songs, have become the ring from a small property such as lijiang, yangshuo resort's voice.So, in a small group of prominent some Porte, destined to also can because wenders search, and into public view.

    Because would build into a riddle, some wenders simply matter riddle's some dance scenes in the movie appear less as far as possible, he requires to decrypt, in addition to the uri wuppertal Mr Works of molding, and 33 troupe dancers all appearance, about some of your own mind, presentation is that the dance sculpture quiet beautiful face with a beautiful deep voice.In addition, for the 3 d effect and some spirit, wenders to location, factory workshop, suburban field, dangling light rail, glass house, and many other beautiful garden wuppertal city public space - and on the exterior, let the art director and dresser design of moving images.Troupe actors from the familiar to the familiar public space theatre, wenders, let them work with body continues about some decryption, also some type way, to their own dance moves to answer off the cuff with some had asked those questions, but here in wenders, problems become "your heart is some what?"

    Answer here, with Thom Hanreich music creators of modernity, Victorian garden to suit man again and again let the dump the woman in red, there are in the factory back muscular man with muscles of Asian girl again, over and over on the grass to put down the chair black girl, have a glass room in ace, esmeralda tune curled up into a ball of Indian descent man, have urban light rail car turned up on a long-eared man met to hold pillow killed the girl, crossroads float in the sky of lovers, against the setting sun on the hill travel fashion queue - fellini circus that disappeared in the depths of the sun.All this, what are some Porte, as part of the secret about the breathing, about life, about the dance, by her ACTS they tell you.

    As for, wenders still find some of what?A person's some what it is?As director of the art film, won't give you the answer.Take off glasses, however, with the Jun arihiro Miyake cold sing here and then walked out of the cinema, the stone, sand, chair on the stage, and wu wuppertal city or in the future or bizarre space, long and difficult to erase, because they are given the dancers warm ferment and vitality.So keep looking right get right, and follow some bao's whisper:

"Jump, jump, otherwise you will be lost."

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