Pulp fiction movie reviews

By Shane Morales,2015-11-08 11:08
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Pulp fiction movie reviews

    Pulp fiction movie reviews

    Before the impression as if someone said that this movie is a little difficult, after watching, get a conclusion: the story won't bring obscure...

    Film at first, a pair of men's and women's discussion of the bank robbery or rob restaurant, words are more than tea, tone words are interesting but expression, the entire movie is such, lines more desperately, but listen carefully to, almost no nonsense, was refers to each sentence, there will be corresponding plot, and even do not correspond to the plot, sounds very being, like Mr Teahouse storyteller prowess, god of god, little baggage one after another, make person to listen to bottom go to, so have to thank the DVD subtitling personnel, basically the original translation of the dialogue, let a person look very good - if there are any that no ethical subtitles workers, English listening and no complete and watch this film can only cry.

    Say movies, what about the men and women in the restaurant suddenly and violently robbed, started into the opening, the music (nice), thought this place make an impressionist, don't make another robbery into positive, didn't see the third section, and master the art of the loot the plot to continue, really seeing the beginning, I didn't think of that end, had to admire the director tell stories of capability, this capability is not only reflected in the circular section, also reflected in every scene, every group of lens, such

    as Bruce. Willy in listening to the boss lectured the half Yin Ming face, not put cool, light indicates he will finally achieve.

    Saw some reviews, basically to the consensus of the film is: the plot content itself is not important, give prize is definitely a director storytelling technique.Is really such, three sections of the plot of the film itself is nothing special to say, really is commonly used in some vulgar popular novels, but a good cook is can use the common material to make a table of good food, good director can also be used film language it's vulgar story fascinating, interesting.Have to praise as quentin, master is so.Lenovo to science fiction, often have a hard science and soft science, my point is: hard theory again, again magnificent weather, no good writing ability, technique of expression is a pile of waste, in the novel, the first is more interesting (wang yan)

    The actors also very classic.John travolta tower, I appreciate this actor, performance in the film is in place, a small plait, a proud flesh, of the du du rang rang, mixes a gang little son played incisively and vividly, as for the dance, because I know that is a lot of singing and dancing when he was young, is the absolute names, so no feel very surprise, but still feel very very very entertaining - especially in the face before his V that action.

    Uma Thurman, due to the more profound impression of "Kill Bill", think of her to play enchanting erosion gang eldest sister-in-law, a little stiff.Dancing but also is good,

    don't lose. John travolta tower, especially after woke up on the kidney hormone, others for her to say something, say something), a word "something", she rubs.She and John travolta walter tower to play is really a perfect fit, looking forward to see the Mafia in charge II

    Samuel Jackson, this ten thousand supporting large, I think he's acting in the film is the best, the past before killing a bible, don't think the gunman shot him is a sign that is stubborn, let a person feel he is really into a religion, and even to withdraw from river's lake, even influence the whole heart to rob the robbers of dining-room, see here, think John travolta walter tower stood beside him just like a supporting role...

    Play a gangster, black Ving Rhames, stout, voice like a subwoofer, by BT gay reproach, rescued after the play, the performance of supercilious, tough and calm attitude and dignity, let a person.It is said that the actor's acting is to send.

    And help to deal with the crisis of the majestic straight Mr Wolf, like call Harvey Keitel.

    In a word, not the actors performances, the film also won't look so great.

    Finally once again: "pulp fiction", also is able to bear or endure look of the novel.

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