Future Microsoft Windows 9 design is the key

By Anita White,2015-11-06 16:43
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Future Microsoft Windows 9 design is the key

    Future Microsoft Windows 9 design is the


    Microsoft Windows 9 (Microsoft) is going to be launched in April 2015, Microsoft Windows 9 is likely to determine the key to the fate of the science and technology leading the future, whether Microsoft to make up for the failure of Windows 8, or lost in a big mess, do you still depends on Windows 9.

    The Motley Fool site points out, Microsoft could provide Windows 8 2015 users Windows 9 free updates.Microsoft has launched now can be installed on Apple (Apple) iOS and Google Android device's Office in

    order to attract more users, but to get more users, Microsoft also have to deal with three big challenges.

    The first challenge is to create Windows 9 unique customer base.Consumers generally believe that Windows 7 is quite enough, see it as a replacement for Windows XP, unless the consumers to buy the computer itself is Windows 8, otherwise most of them still prefer Windows 7.In 2013, Microsoft had promotion price to encourage Windows XP, Vista, 7 users to upgrade to the Windows 8, but there is no good results.Net Market Share, the survey noted that Windows 8, 8.1 operating system Market accounted for 12.6% of total in the whole world, Windows 7 has accounted for 50%, Windows XP was 25%.

    In addition, because of PC sales stagnated, users by buying a new computer operating system upgrade opportunities and less likely.IDC predicts, points out that in 2014, the annual decline rate in global PC sales will amount to 6%, 2018 years ago will continue to fall, but the global tablet sales will grow 12%.Therefore, even if Microsoft provides a free upgrade to the Windows 9, it is possible to make the mistake of Windows 8.

    Tablet PC market growth actually can bring opportunities for Microsoft, but on past experience, Microsoft need to strengthen the research of the tablet market, is the second of Microsoft will face

    challenges.Before Microsoft first generation tablet operating system, Windows RT and Windows XP and 7 version of the software is not compatible, can only be downloaded from the Windows Store App, therefore, Windows RT work hard.

    The evolution of the Surface for Windows RT version, also did not get a high praise.Surface on the one hand, hope that through Modern/Metro UI design promote touch function, on the other hand, looking forward to become a productive equipment, show the Microsoft OS design swing, so Microsoft lost 1.2 billion.And there is potential for Windows 9 faces the problem of location is unknown.

    The third challenge is about One put forward by the Microsoft's new Windows concept.For a long time, Microsoft's operating system's built-in software no major changes, for each version of Windows, each enterprise, national hope, and Microsoft will continue to support their own operating system security updates.Google in terms of consistency (unity) bright eye, due to its later Microsoft operating system market, free from all bondage of previous feature, Google can easily through the cloud, integrate their smartphone, tablet, this ecosystem.

    One Microsoft Windows goal is to integrate and consistency are desirable, but according to analyst pointed out that users don't always want home computers and mobile devices using the same App

    environment, therefore, should be aimed at Microsoft Windows Phones, tablets, mixed tablet (lightning) design a kind of working environment;Notebook computers, desktop computers, using another, namely Windows 9 for both the demand of the customers, to create different OS version, to attract them.

    Microsoft must put down desktop computers and mobile market into a consistent dream, focus on the development of two kinds of unique operating system, will not end up Windows 8.

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