The impressive crisis stress and joy of the pseudo disaster movies

By Lynn Roberts,2015-11-05 15:03
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The impressive crisis stress and joy of the pseudo disaster movies

    The impressive crisis: stress and joy of the pseudo disaster movies

     If you don't have a girlfriend had enough and continuous work overtime of the boring life, don't be so silly to stay home and have some fun in you the most appropriate way, you know, life's biggest charm is carpe diem.Such as appropriate and which had ambiguous about girl to eat a kebab, such as wearing sexy swimsuit go swimming natatorium dry all kinds of things, such as invite a few friends over to gather together a special legislation folk songs, for example, to see the look the mountainous crisis actually relaxed and humorous "tc crisis".In the era of

    the full screen filled with material small and boring summer back to the earth, see a movie is not a comedy than a comedy, most propbably is also very good.

    Roland emmerich not filming the disaster film turned out to be so lovely and funny, this is more than he revealed in front of the mirror exchange meeting just shopping for a trip to the silk market but also interesting.Seen his work people know him in manufacturing has the amazing ability to terror and grief.From an alien invasion of earth "independence day" to "the day after tomorrow", "2012" natural punishment, a series of panic and give priority to in order to destroy earth, not only let the audience appreciate the shock of the disaster, and it is hard to imagine empty grief, let people to re-examine the life.The most of the time, Roland is painted on the screen a pessimistic future prospect, give the viewer on a layer of gray, then with a heavy silence walked out of the cinema.As if people are accustomed to such a director's style, calling him a master of disaster film seems to be.But Luo Lanyi Murray's not going to let themselves be so rigid definition of drop, he tried to tell people he is not only a good at making disaster director of fear, he also can make joy.The impressive crisis powerfully proves this point.

    Forget the bad adjustment BanPian name, remains crisis "in addition to the sense of Chinese characters created a pseudo disaster panic, no

    charm., indeed, the film itself is a story about a crisis, there is also a lot of shooting action, political struggle, have a father and daughter of friendship, but it is not the literal sense of the disaster piece, shoot-out, politics and family pills, from the point of theater laughed fruit, it's more like a comedy.The film did not disappoint most like disaster in the style of the audience, it good to do the disaster tension and humor to bring joy, let the film tension and joy.

    The film let the audience with the plot and plot development, let the audience into the story, for the characters, events, and nervous.This tension first from Roland emmerich's consistent before the disaster film performance skills though the form is not so good "the day after tomorrow" and "2012", but still in his strength.When you look at the Capitol dome was bombed, presidential plane was blown to pieces, the two lenses, is enough to make you worry and nervous.The second is the story of a rhythmic, crisis bit by bit, a little bit closer to the truth, the kind of nervous exciting as drama.Finally is the political ambitions of the formation of the pattern of world crisis some worry, what will the future of the world, depends on the hands of the supreme power of political figures, consider all blame of terror, because who also not sure the next President will be the next Hitler.

    In respect of comedy, is not in the traditional comedy definition to see the film.Because it had no "escaped" the obvious funny, also does

    not have the Thai stopping the growing burden, it's a comedy exists in the dialogue.This is not the same as quentin humor is that it not only simply rely on a series of sharp humor with a dirty word lines make jokes, but with special characters and some misalignment but kind of humorous dialogue form again.Considering revealed that the plot, not reveal too much in mob, there are a few paragraphs is worth the audience to feel very funny, is a main character kyle talk to her daughter in the process of driving, a President is change after Jordan sneakers to dirty his shoes scoundrels, malicious holds that there are the remains soaringly eloquent speech elegant White House tour guide guardian of cultural relics of the White House that, there are a lot of drama and scenarios of dialogue is very interesting, for viewing pleasure.The most joy, from President the character itself, no one who is, won't laugh for the President's humorous dialogue.Because most of the time you laughed out loud the reason could be: wow, the President also so funny!Ha ha ha!

    Director Roland emmerich, therefore, a great contribution in the film the other is good to shape the image of the President, one cannot help but like this handsome black President, composed, wisdom and easy, brave, humor humor and wit, guardian of peace, adhere to the principle, humble love...Almost all of the positive energy of vocabulary can be grafted to him, even when he has so few seem clumsy, injection after the rockets even lost rocket-propelled grenades, but these in addition to

    give the viewer a burst of laughter, is from the heart can't help admire and love.In male leading role and the little girl is like unceasingly, but in contrast, occupying a President is more like it.And this may be related to director President through a series of close to real life, you know, when you know that to the President's life is so rigorous busy and dangerous situation, it is difficult to not have his hero's respect.

    This is a disaster movie master works of the disaster, but in another way shows the roche tension and American humor, and thus proves a truth: often, trying to control you are not necessarily bring good effect, the more open space for people ridicule smear, even can bring more instead.At least in the tc crisis, Luo Lanyi Murray has good ACTS as the President's image consultant, let a person in a tense and joy for the President to form the new goodwill.

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