Hurricane rescue 3 tough father's bloody tender feelings

By Sean Bryant,2015-11-05 13:21
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Hurricane rescue 3 tough father's bloody tender feelings

    Hurricane rescue 3: tough father's bloody tender feelings

    With theHurricane rescue 3And released the same day ""Loss of solitary", although the theme is different, but the movie has a common tags: great father!Topic with deep artistic conception of suffering"Loss of solitary"Compared to if stand in front of the cinema ticket machine in fact, I prefer to see"Hurricane rescue 3", want to look at a 63 - year - old uncle, how to protect their children, not to pleaseThe plotBut strives for the pleasure of life in the process of cool.

    Skim the first two, if the"Hurricane rescue 3"Rewrite intoMartial artsThere is also no acosmia feeling it.A rival all-powerful wulin youth is hard to find, who is wife remarried others after this scenery, daughter

    always mustard heart bosom to him.As he wanted his wife and daughter to repair relations, to return tofamilyWarm, ready to retire, he somehow "was to kill his wife," officialdom also arrived on time, but government is in the heart in his fart, real revenge for his wife washed white still have to depend on themselves.

     Then lone heroes revenge to open, the rulers of the people he didn't put in eyes, on the way to find the truth, he will block the wind to flood water to soil, and the film begins with the elegance of the husband and father, on the other hand, is two people, kill people don't blink of an eye, every time all know that even if the earth destroyed after blasting, the martial-arts expert will stillalive.After all the way to find the truth, know the truth, he went to Russia's apartment, completely didn't get

    those bodyguards on eyes, all the way after the kill, just know originally cheated, this is unimportant, and continue to chase...

    Last year there were watchingLiam neeson"Air rescue", also be quite wonderful, especially on the plane in such a small space toilet on the fighting, very exciting!Want to know theactionThe nimble robustLiam neeson, in fact is 63 years old, play in the play are inspiring life.For the pure the yes movie, is like this don't slow, this moves when it's necessary to make moves, you have bitter tears.As for the story of what, as long as don't dog blood, they can justify.Such a standard"Hurricane rescue 3"Is completely qualified, turns on the plot, is pondering.There is kindness to be found and fragments, and racing, melee, explosion and other "hard"!

    This type of tough film, fighting is muscle, and support the skeleton and soul of film must be a tender feeling, just like meA favorite"Fast and furious" series, insidelove, brother and sister, brother is really touches us, no matter how vicious to bad to the enemy would play calculation, but the friend with family members, these tough guys are always gentle care, emotional.Liam neeson uncle the tough guy, in real life he seems to be always in the image of failure, failure of the father's husband, he looks elegant demeanor, but he is a workaholic and let others mad, so in theHurricane rescue 3", he in the face of bad police so wit brave, but when faced with a daughter, wife, that kind of helpless feeling letting a person love dearly.This episode in addition to his struggle to find the

    killer of his wife, but also to protect his own daughter.In the name of love between Scylla and Charybdis alone misadventure, bravery and do not break tenderness of tough hard to refuse.

    Plays mills daughter maria JiGe bud silk, is the darling of the Hollywood in recent years, in the twilight 4:The twilight"And so on, she and liam neeson continuation of three, nine years of" relationship "between father and daughter, let her in 3 point continuously, especially the toilet after meeting with his father, a police officer catch threat," she said to her, her bold expression the officers are crazy.And finally, his stepfather gun to her head, she didn't have the slightest fear aside, and uncle played the telepathy, grace to film a lot.Another brilliant is black Oscar winnerForest WhitakerOfficer, he's always there is a mysterious breath, cat and mouse game with mills, although have been playing, is still actively, two people in the process of clash that diamond cut diamond, xinxin pity, let a person feel very good!

    Overall, theHurricane rescue 3"Of the whole bridge design are subtle, movement splendid!Splicing and lively, rhythm feeling!Like the previous literature, also like the movie soundtrack, extremely rich sense of rhythm of the lens, a young liam neesonFloor of a buildingParkour, racing gunfight, unarmed combat, see more let a person have a boiling passion, a number of damaging condition of shock like huge losses caused by the stimulus, although very old, but tough guy bring visual impact is old.

    Tough guy no dew muscle, didn't also the bed play passion play, even a kiss just tasted quite restrained.Alone, a 63 - year - old liam neeson agile skill hold complete innings and three movies even must be there for a reason.Perfect leading role, supporting role not to be outdone, all kinds of dangerous scene and sentimental scenes, tough guy's bloody tender feelings let obsession forever!

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