Run Lola run reviews in front of the fate of human

By Mike Dunn,2015-11-05 03:52
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Run Lola run reviews in front of the fate of human

    "Run Lola run" reviews: in front of the fate of human

    Synopsis: manny for boss after completion of a drug deal with 100000 mark's purse to his girlfriend Laura, Laura, however, was robbed the purse, delayed the meeting time.He had to take the subway back to the car only a beggar.When the car suddenly appeared two policemen, manny instinctively go out of the car, left my wallet in the car compartment between panic, it is obvious that purse to beggars.When manny before it's time to meet with the boss pay money in only 20 minutes, at 12 noon Yu Shiman distress call the rollers, roller must get 100000 marks in 20 minutes, otherwise he will be killed by the boss.If Laura to arrive at the last minutes, manny is desperate, robbing a telephone booth across from the supermarket.

    Twenty minutes to get to 100000 mark!It's impossible!But Laura had no choice!

    Laura choice for help then a bank director's father, so Laura started to run!

    The movie actually occurs in this life and death within 20 minutes, 20 minutes what happened, if Laura can find father, father will help her, if she can get manny in time?If this film gave the audience only only some suspense, and finally give the answer one by one, also can yet be regarded as a intense suspense film, but the director was obviously is not here.Film is safe in that the director has broken the traditional

    narrative structure, narrative Angle and the limit of time and space, to the same event tells the story of three different kinds of story, the story is apparently bold, director to directing the film to the audience's view, the same story in different cases have different ending.

    More than a dozen in the animation film, montage, a large number of fast switching, throughout the loud rock music, Laura's red hair and run to the shaking screen creates an atmosphere of tension rapid enough to let a person suffocate.

    But the director whether to tell us?

    Carefully compared three kinds of circumstances, you will find these events as well as the selection of the roller roller meet produced mixed chain effect, influence the final ending.

    Critical an event is met Mr Mayer.Meyer's car is Laura's father went to the bank, in the first two cases, meyer delay your journey from crashes, didn't get to the bank on time.It is for this time, the roller was able to see his father.In the third case, meyer did not crash result away Laura father, Laura eventually won from the casino 100000 probability event, but also indirectly led to the car and the car meyer more serious car accident, hurt his father.

    To meet the ambulance is also a key event, the first case, the ambulance, Laura did not want to take an ambulance in case of glass also stopped the bus.And the second case, due to the interference of rollers, ambulance just hit the glass, and directly lead to driver for speeding time struck a manny.

    Actually, Laura to raise money in 20 minutes, father is the only one is directly related and Laura, produces the direct relationship between the people.Meyer, bicycle man, a beggar, ambulance drivers are supposed to be an outsider, but contact roller produced.These seemingly very accidental event, actually have reasons, which causes as a result, the result and the reason, the causal loop is leading to the inevitability of the

    event.The so-called inevitably produced in the accident, accident and are in the reason this is inevitably.

    Remembered a few years ago to see a TV news: zhengzhou traffic court of a senior cycling through the side of the road at a construction site, was suddenly a pole to hit in the head, died instantly.It made me begin to realize the fragility of life.When pole down, just someone pass by, and it hit in the head, and it hit the person rather than the man, how much more is graduating college students, this is a small probability event.If the experience of the event before the man was hit in the replay, will know exactly what events led to the inevitable.May be met an old classmate talk time and increasing the risk directly, perhaps to back to school early, copy the shortcut coincided with the time.There was too much maybe, maybe, maybe people have failed, however, he reluctantly.

    In the film is, ironically, Laura both had met a beggar, are in a hurry.And in the third case, Laura was with 92.7 mark won 100000 mark, and manny unexpectedly also chased the beggar came back to purse.So Laura desperately to get 100000 mark suddenly lost its meaning, Laura like a idiot, at a loss.Seems to be a director intentionally made a joke with the audience, only to find that in fact life impermanence, fate this shun, someone suddenly overnight success, someone suddenly

    overnight;Some buy lottery jackpot is the assembly for the first time, some for the first time to fly in a plane crash.Sometimes, the more you want to get more not, suddenly

    one day will come Sometimes all don't work, the more you afraid of what is to what, you are not afraid to live to also won't come.Beans was lost, kind of melon, kind beans get melons, the cycle of life is such confusion, to mere mortals or ecstasy or sadness, the so-called "not pleased by external gains, not saddened by personal losses" state and who can achieve?Director merciless to Yin yu man facing life and fate of small incompetence, let a person more disappointed and helpless.

    Reminiscent of the seven deadly SINS (gluttony, greed, sloth, lust, pride, envy and wrath -- is considered by the Catholic church is being taken of the seven deadly SINS) the final scene, brad Pitt plays the police finally because of the rage (killer because jealous wife killed the police) killed the killer, which on the killer (who claimed to be god punish humans) arrangement, killer because he had made of envy, want to borrow the hand of the police killed himself, and then the police also due to the sudden anger punished, killer for satan punishment seven deadly SINS of human task finished!See this, chilling, film has a strong religious form that people seem to be for his crimes be punished.People will investigate escapes their fate."Seven deadly SINS" of a Yin yu is about people's destiny, and the scurrying Laura is talking about people in the face of the fate of incompetence and small.

    Film is, after all, however, can choose a different outcome,Life is life, never know what will happen in the future, I suddenly understand why so many people dedicate his spirit to a religion, when people really started to think about, think about life and the world, its relationship with the universe when suddenly found that there are many problems that cannot be answered, cannot explain, fear was the result, and the so-called fear is a kind of sense of uncertainty of deep psychological response.Actually people at best is just a grain of fugitive dust in the universe, in the face of the power of the unknown, will become small.So many people started to believe in fate, believe in the power of the unknown, believe the spirit to god to protect pipe will be eternal rest in fear.Don't know if people were to when god created all things in the universe have a natural fear, and I couldn't find his patron, so human beings themselves in a virtual one

    omnipotent god, then create a religion, tell yourself god is with us, the fear will disappear.Pathetic human!

    Just an hour more than ten minutes of the film "scurrying Laura" like a ruthless reveals the human destiny's letters, let a person infinite ponder, awe!

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