Tiffany's breakfast aspects of fashion

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Tiffany's breakfast aspects of fashion

     "Tiffany's breakfast" aspects of fashion

     On October 2, 1960, New York on Sunday;At 5 o 'clock in the morning of the fifth avenue, the day before dawn, the sky side faint color did not disperse, the whole city is still asleep.Time is too early, the streets empty, a yellow cab stopped in front of the tiffany jewelry store, just end the excessive light blurred nightlife, Holly, Wright, (Holly Golightly, * note: "tiffany's breakfast" heroine) take the door, she is some tiredness, but a

    sparkling makeup look is still on his face.The night before she was dressed in a dress, a black skirt, neck wearing fake jewelry necklace, but face a sunglasses to cover already dazzling light.She sipped down the paper cups of coffee, carefully bite Danish bread, keyed NingMu tiffany's glass Windows in the world, try to drive away the spread of faint restless mood (mean reds).Holly's Wright, the self-styled "top nuts", rich men

    willingly took out 50 dollars to her dressing room.She laissez-faire,

    aggressive agitation, tried to escape the past, but memory scar shadow.Holly brown lived in a sandstone wall of the apartment (167) e 71th street in Manhattan, messy, telephone with throw into the luggage

    room furnishings, drinking champagne in the early morning, still

    cage-free a nameless cat.

    Graph: "Tiffany's Breakfast" shoot first, Audrey Hepburn wearing and the bright satin black dress

    "Tiffany's Breakfast" (Breakfast at Tiffany's, and "bling") has long been recognized as Audrey Hepburn (Audrey Hepburn, * note: British actress) is the most important career masterpiece.Movie, elegant clever givenchy gown, big tortoise-shell sunglasses, cream-colored waist coat, fresh chic honeycomb dish hair, and slender cigarette holder of the stomach - delicate free and natural abundance is never beaten fashion classic.In this social satire and bittersweet love story, Audrey Hepburn played a chase millionaire lost girl, in the materialistic reality, lost his own soul.Audrey Holly is regarded as the most cool "career role" - to some extent, can be said to be in the past when she made a subversive.This

    very modern film on October 17, 1961, on the west coast bollywood Chinese theatre, become the era change, the terminus of cultural transformation, from 1950 into the 1960 s, the United States will usher in a turbulent decade.

    Graph: the photographer Howell Conant val conan (Mr) within the tiffany jewelry store taken pictures

     In the history of American literature, Holly, Wright is one of the most contemporary popular literature image, the unprecedented

    attention of Audrey Hepburn performance under pressure.In the face of criticism, Audrey always silent, simple with a smile "I turn into a fashionable Holly Mr Wright - even if it is the only thing I can contribution to the silly art of gossip."Writer Truman Capote (Truman Capote, * note: "tiffany's breakfast" the author of the novel, he will be a novel adaptations, to sell for about $65000 to the Paramount pictures) is the default position, biased in their judgment "to express the attitude when the book sharp sharp, not hide, Holly, Wright, the character design is to be honest not deceives her character graceless harum-scarum, not Audrey Hepburn type. Marilyn Monroe (Marilyn Monroe, * note: American actress) is my first choice, I think she interpreted Holly will be very perfect. In the corner of the character of Holly without grinding polishing, though her character is rough and not perfect, but the body is swinging the hearts of relieving sentimental appeal - and Lillian happens to have. But the Paramount pictures audio-visual, give the role to the Audrey Hepburn."Fact, otherwise, the producer is in contact with Marilyn Monroe, a few days later, Monroe entrust their personal performance guide Paula Stella's (Paula Strasberg) leave no room for rebuffed.

    Onion parody: Truman capote;YouShangTu: reading novels "tiffany's breakfast" Audrey Hepburn

    Below: Truman capote to Audrey Hepburn's letterhead,

    It is interesting to note that the letter capote to Audrey will play Holly Mr Wright express the joy of your mood

    Audrey Hepburn complex subtle sheared, clear the fawn eyes, quiet with Marilyn Monroe bold and unabashed sex appeal is quite different, and for Holly, Wright, on the edge, Audrey's royal temperament is absolutely a bowl.But turn fiction, Holly in Truman capote was described as "thin slender profile, dressed in a black dress, standing on a black sandals, also wearing a string of pearls... bone thin type with pin instead let her have a van...... a pair of dark glasses over his eyes."- this is vivid portrayal of Audrey's version of Holly.

    Graph: the film met Paul Holly, wearing straight dress (photo: Mr Weill conan) in the novel,

    Holly, Wright's identity is a call girl, this has to do with the film image of Audrey Hepburn in the past not lofty group completely real, Paramount pictures for this press release, consciously, the definition of the fuzzy characters of and prostitutes, whitewash became "geeks" (kook).The word "geeks" cannot be clearly defined, George peja, (George Peppard, * note: "tiffany's breakfast" actor star) gives own understanding: "to drink scotch whisky mixed with coffee, so free and easy" geeks "means any girl can be."And producer Martin chola (Martin Jurow) published YiDeZhiJian "cat" geeks "can be seen as resist grew up."Finally, in the face of the interpretation of "geeks" doubt, "LIFE weekly" (LIFE) provides guidance: "Holly is a game of human spirit girl, although she has the secrets of the ignoble, but under the deduction of Audrey Hepburn and vivid image, character of pathological negative trend is all erased."

Graph: Holly in the beginning of the movie men dress shirt;

Upper: Edith head the design of the manuscript.Has said: Edith head's

    actual design manuscript by Grace praeger (Grace Sprague wrote. * note: Edith head's assistant), Pat bart (Pat Barto, * note: costume designer, Edith head's deputy), such as generation of painting

    In order to give Holly Wright, dynamic new look, begin from hairstyle is undoubtedly the most intuitive.Audrey Hepburn Alexander found her own stylist, Paris (Alexandre DE Paris, * note: formerly known as Louis Alexandre Raimon - Louis Alexander lehman), please him for the role of design innovation.Alexander is known as the "father" of stylist, fashion industry more think he launched the "Haute couture hair" (Haute Coiffure) creative concept.The duchess of Windsor (Wallis Simpson), Elizabeth Taylor (Elizabeth Taylor, * note: the movie "cleopatra" many wigs modelling is Alexander's masterpiece), opera queen Maria Callas (Maria Callas) and so on are all his faithful supporter.It is interesting to note that although Alexander for Audrey design don't innovative cellular formidable, but the level of the hair cutting and hair color highlights, but credit to Kenneth bateer (Kenneth Battelle. * note: the famous stylist, design a fluffy hair, Jacqueline Kennedy will drift into Marilyn Monroe's hair white gold), Kenneth with unique sensibilities to the beauty and colors, in Audrey basal hair color (brown) honey, use caramel color and gold double color highlights, let hair present flow line feeling, highlighted the Audrey beautiful neck line, ying ying and nuanced and shiny.Staff on the list, the two hair popular master no front, Audrey

    Hepburn set to maintain the hair is Neil Manley (Nellie Manley)."Tiffany's breakfast" new hairstyle opposite to Audrey Hepburn in the past the no-nonsense lady impression, is permeated with charismatic personality, Audrey I esteem, even after the finished film used for a long time in life.

    Graph: the honeycomb twist of Audrey Hepburn (to be continued)

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