The ten big secret of people don't get sick

By Lisa Carter,2015-11-04 00:54
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The ten big secret of people don't get sick

    The ten big secret of people don't get sick

    Why do some people often sick, and some people have a strong? Medical experts point out that health is not natural, as long as the master of ten tips, you can enhance immunity, far away from diseases.

     1. The good mouth off:

     Chicago public health consultant Joanna broussard, points out that serious brushing your teeth, use mouthwash, can enhance

    immunity.Poor oral hygiene can lead to periodontitis, which can lead to diabetes or heart disease, and therefore locked good oral health is the first step.

     2. There are a pair of clean hands:

     Wash your hands of truth are self-evident, but most people were not.M.d., Ph.D., sheila kass says, is popular in cold season, and a day to use soap to wash your hands.Use the correct way to wash your hands, can make the world's 1 billion people away from the cold, still can prevent other infectious disease.

     3. Eat the red apple:

     "An apple a day, doctors are out of work."Red apple, cabbage, and it contains a kind of natural antioxidants called quercetin, it can make people under pressure to enhance immunity.The Appalachian state university professor Dr David NPC in the study found that five consecutive weeks by red apple intake of quercetin, the risk of

respiratory disease will be reduced by 40%.

     4. Social interaction to wide:

     The United States, a psychology professor at Carnegie Mellon university Hilton Cohen said, when the people affected by the virus, some personality factors can have resistance to colds.Compared with introverts and extraverts colds are lower, this is because the social interaction can enhance the body's resistance.Social interactions more people less heart disease, longer service life.

     5. Every move:

     M.d., Ph.D., Anna Christie, said rupp, exercise can improve blood circulation, enhance resistance, even if has a bacteria invade the body, the body will kill them all off.

     6. Get enough sleep:

     "Sleep for eight hours a day, absolutely let you sick less often."Noth rupp said, touch the pillow and slept well, less likely to catch a cold.Sleep good, metabolic levels, can quickly restore immunity.

     7. The mood to be optimistic:

     Cohen's research shows that those happy, warm, calm, were less likely to suffer from infectious diseases.They surveyed 193 healthy people and found that mood optimistic person less cold symptoms, also have more resistant to the upper respiratory tract disease."This is a stable personality. People don't catch a cold is not because they are viruses that

day how happy."Cohen said.

     Don't overlook vitamin: 8.

     Global vitamin D deficiency.Noth rupp said, vitamin D is found in fish, eggs and milk, eat the food healthy.Lack of vitamin C also lowers immunity, people can absorb the nutrients from the citrus fruits.

     9. Good mentality - tablets:

     An idea appeared, the body will occur a series of biochemical reactions.A positive attitude will improve the level of nitric oxide, resulting in the balance, neurotransmitter immune system be improved.

     10. Breathing, learn to meditate:

     Meditation can make people nervous system is more calm and help to release the pressure, regulate sleep, strengthen the resistance.The university of Wisconsin with Harvard University researchers have found that meditation training flu antibodies produced by volunteers will be very strong.

     > smart water can treat nine kinds of disease

     Low 1 spot Early in the morning a cup of cold boiled water Many people have heard of the morning drink a glass of water is good for the body.Some drink salt water, some drink honey water, and people for whitening drink lemonade, exactly what is the best water to drink?The body after a night of metabolism, garbage outside need a strong role in the body to help discharge, cold boiled water without any

    sugar and nutrient is the best!If is sugar water or water that is put in the nutrients it needs time transformation, in the body can't play fast The rate of scour our body.So, in the morning a cup of plain boiled water is clear and detoxification nostrum.

     Low 2 cold drink more water than usual.

     Every time to catch a cold, you will hear the doctor nagging: "drink more water!"The doctor's advice for colds is the best

    prescription.Because when people catch a cold fever, the body out of the reaction of the self-protection function, and cooling of its own, then there will be sweating, shortness of breath and evaporation of moisture in skin metabolism to speed up the performance, then you need to supply a lot of water, the body will have the name is thirsty.Drink water not only prompted the sweat and urine, and is beneficial to the regulation of body temperature, bacteria and viruses in the body quickly drain off.

     Low 3 stomach pain Often drink some porridge

     People who have stomach trouble, or feel stomach uncomfortable, can drink porridge "water conservation" measures.Congee than the temperature of 60 ?, the temperature will produce a pasting, tender from porridge melt in your mouth, after is very easy to digest, is suitable for stomach upset people.Porridge contains a large number of moisture, but also can effectively lubricating bowel, the harmful material cleaning

    intestines and stomach, and took them out of the in vitro successfully.

     Low 4 constipation Big gulp of water

     The causes of constipation simply speaking there are two: one is the body have waste, lack of water, the second is the intestinal organs such as discharge power.The former need to find out the cause, daily drinking extra water.The latter need to drink water, exhaled swallow faster, so that water can reach the colon, as soon as possible to stimulate peristalsis, promoting defecation.Remember, don't drink nibbling chocolates, water flow speed is slow, water is easy to be absorbed in the stomach, produce urine.

     Low 5 nausea Vomiting in brine

     Disgusting condition is very complex.Sometimes it is a protective response to eat bad food, encountered such a situation, don't be afraid of vomiting, because dirt can let the body comfortable a lot.If feel particularly difficult to spit out, can take advantage of the weak brine is vomiting, prepare a cup of weak brine is at hand, drink a few mouth, prompting dirt spit out.After clean, can use salt water gargle, simply anti-inflammatory effect.In addition, for the treatment of severe vomiting after dehydration, also is very good supplement fluid, pale salt water can relieve patients a weak state.

     Low 6 obesity

     Drink some water after a meal half an hour Some people with this

    kind of nonsense, do not drink water can reduce weight!Now medical experts can clearly tell you: this is a mistake.Want to lighten the weight, and not drinking enough water, body fat can't metabolism, weight increase instead.Many chemical reactions in the body with water as medium.Digestive function, endocrine function of the body need water, the toxicity of those substances to rely on water to eliminate, appropriate water can avoid gastrointestinal dysfunction.You can have dinner after half an hour, drink some water, strengthen the digestive function of the body, helping you maintain figure.

     Low 7 insomnia

     Hot water massage effect is a potent sedative agent The body gradually into the dream state is a process of hypothermia.And appropriate environmental requirements of the human sleep, warm environment is indispensable.A hot bath before sleep as well as with hot bubble foot, can give a person warm external environment, make up the hypothermia discomfort, urging people to sleep.But it is worth mentioning that in water body has a unique massage effect, gentle and soft, moist effect is the best to calm agent.

     "Eight fidgety

     Drink a lot of mental state if associated with physiological function, there is a kind of material is a hub contact of the two, that is hormones.Simply speaking, the hormone is divided into two kinds: one

    kind of pleasure, a kind of pain.Endorphins produced in the brain known as the "happy hormone", and the adrenaline is often referred to as "hormone" in pain.When a person pain be agitated, epinephrine (adrenaline) starts pumping, but it like other poisons can also be out of the body, one way is to drink more water.If auxiliary physical labor, adrenaline with sweat.Or cry a, adrenaline also jointly with tears.

     Second-ranking nine heart disease

     A glass of water before sleep.If your heart is not good, can get into the habit of a glass of water before sleeping, it can prevent the easily occurred in the early morning, diseases such as angina and myocardial infarction.Myocardial infarction and other diseases are caused due to the high viscosity of blood.When people sleep, because of the sweat, body moisture loss, resulting in a decrease of the water in the blood, the blood viscosity will become very high.However, if before bedtime drink a cup of water, can reduce blood viscosity, reduce the risk of a heart attack.So before going to bed a cup of water, but a cup of the fire.

     > the most precious thing in the world are free of charge

     1. The sun, is free.Sentient beings, no one can leave sunshine can survive;However, since the childhood, the sun shines we are glorious, whom have ever enjoyed sunshine pay a penny for himself?

     2. Air, is free.A person as long as alive, we need a steady stream of air.So air is to give everyone.But historically, and who is the

indispensable thing to buy a single?

     3. Love, is free.That involuntary admiration, that deeply shelved thoughts, the deep feeling of thin, the caring and love, that soul meet expectations, it is our deepest feelings in life with the most solid to rely on.All this, all are free, but money can not buy.

     4. The family, it is free of charge.Each naked came I into this world, you are the parents meticulous care, it's unrequited love is a deep veins.But no parents to their children said: "you give me the money I didn't hurt you."Parents of the love, not because of your adult and depreciation, more will not weaken because their aging;As long as parents still live in this in this world, you always will get the love.

     5. Friendship, is free.The man who accompanies you when loneliness, the man who falls down to your arms;Sad when the good news is you rely on the shoulder of the man;Helpless when the man holding my hand to you;And he (she) whether these pay converted into cash, and then ask you for money?

     6. Dream, is free of charge.Extravagant life, prince, princess or naked bum, as long as willing to, can establish a dream of their life.This dream can be great, also can ordinary, can, can also be simple;Which can be profound, also can be shallow;Which can be great, can also be small.If you would only effort, you will be able to have.

     7. Faith is free.Each survivor, you always have a self belief.Faith is in

    the process of growing up a fight, difficult to overcome, whether I was a child, still grow up you, your attitude towards the things on which is maintained.As long as you think, will have its glory!

     There are a lot of, for example, hope, wishes, goals.All of this, it is free of charge.As long as you want, you can get them.And nature gives the spring drizzle, and bright moonlight, and brilliant splendor... how many moist heart of beautiful things in the world, are free...

     Therefore, we don't take the sky white clouds sigh!It is just and generous;Has given up all the most precious, freely given each and every one of us.

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