New EC2 Run the Command - remote instance of large-scale management

By Eleanor Watson,2015-11-03 04:29
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New EC2 Run the Command - remote instance of large-scale management

    New EC2 Run the Command - remote instance of

    large-scale management

    When you fell from a relatively static and homogeneous, with a small number of permanent and well-known server (or useAmazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)Term called the computing environment of instances) migrated to larger, more dynamic and heterogeneous environment, you may want to consider in a new way to manage and control these instances.

    New EC2 Run the Command

    This new feature will help you in a simple and safe way to manage your instance (no matter how much you have instances).This feature is designed to support a variety of different business scenarios, including software installation, run special scripts, orMicrosoft PowerShellCommand, to the Windows Update Settings, and so on.You can start yourAWS Management Console(the AWS management console),AWS CLI;AWS Tools for Windows

    PowerShell(applicable to Windows PowerShell AWS tools), andAWS SDKAccess to this feature.If you are now run PS1 script or single PowerShell commands to manage each Windows instance, now you can run on one or more instances the script or command.

    Communicate with many users in their management requirements, we have developed this feature.Below is the conversation after the formation of some themes:

    ; On the basis of consistent but special demand across instances implementing configuration changes

    ; Across multiple instances to realize reliable and consistent results

    ; To change the perpetrators and change the control permissions

    ; About the clear audit action by path

    ; Do not need to complete the remote desktop (RDP) access to complete the above requirements of

    the operation

    Command execution is safe, reliable, convenient, scalable.You can create your own command, useAWS IAMFor fine-grained control execute permissions.For example, you can specify management command can be controlled strictly by a group of trusted users to perform in the specific instance of the group.All the commandsAWS

    CloudTrailConcentration generates a log, to facilitate the audit.

    The advantage of the Run Command

    New the Run Command features designed to provide you with the following advantages:

    Control/safety - you can use IAM policies and rules to limit access to commands and examples.This allows you to reduce the number of instances of direct access to the user.

    Reliability - via the configuration changes to create a template for you, you can enhance the reliability of the system.This will enhance predictability and reduce configuration change over time at the same time, gives you more control.

    Visibility - because the Run Command support Command tracking and also realized with CloudTrail integration, so you will have greater visibility for configuration changes.

    Using simple - you can choose from a set of pre-defined commands, run, and then use the Console, CLI, or API to track their progress.

    Can be customized, you can create a custom Command, to Run the Command in line with the requirements of your organization.

    From EC2 Console to Run the Run Command

    Run the Command can Run across all of your Windows instance, use existing EC2Config agent on the instance.Open the Console, select Commands, review using the Run Command a prerequisite for:

    Click the Run a command, open the Run command the main page.You will see the run command given (if any) and run a command button:

    On the display on each line represents in an instance has been running a command.Click on the Run a command, start a new command:

    The Command menu document contains seven pre-defined commands and you for his own account custom orders:

    According to your use cases, and you want the changes to the target instance, select the appropriate documentation.Each document has a description and an explanation, to help you make the right choice.For common administrative tasks, use the AWS - RunPowerShellScript document.It will enable you to run any PowerShell command or call a pre-existing PowerShell scripts.

    Choose document, fill in the order (I use ipconfig command), choose your interested instance (you can according to the attribute or keyword filtering) :

    If you run the command or script will produce a large number of output on StdOut, you can specify a prefix S3 bucket and a key, the command output will be routed to the S3 bucket.If you specified, Run the Command will grab and shows the console output of the first 2500 characters.

    When you after everything is ready, click on the Run.The console will display a confirmation message:

    Return to the command history, query and find the results:

    Select the desired command, click the Output TAB:

    Then click the View the Output:

    In production using the Run Command you can the following these methods in your AWS environment using the Run Command:

    • agent and software to install and configure a third party.

    • manage local groups and users.

    , check the installed software or patches, act according to the results.

    • restart a Windows service or other services.

    • update timer task.

    Now available

    If you (northern Virginia), in the eastern part of the United States (Oregon), in the western United States or Europe (Ireland), today you can use the Run Command.Just open the Run Command Console or use the latestAWS Tools for Windows PowerShellorAWS CLI.There is no charge for this feature, you only need to pay for the AWS resources you consume.

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