Why do the Russians so like vodka

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Why do the Russians so like vodka

    Why do the Russians so like vodka?

    Russians for unconstrained brave and strong aggressive personality is our country public ridicule as "battle", of course, they're brave not only embodies in military and political, but also in daily life.As is known to all, the Russian good wine, especially in love Vodka (Vodka).Russia has also been popular such a few words: "can not delicious snacks, but not without enough vodka, can not a fool joke, but not without enough vodka, may not have a stunning woman, but not without enough vodka, vodka, the more the better!"

    1, the story of vodka, from Russia

    Vodka is Russia's traditional alcoholic beverages, about its origin has been debated, anyhow it at least more than 500 years of history.It is said that Russia's first batch of vodka is produced by a Taoist priest, in 1430 when the vodka was only referred to as "bread" wine.In

    the middle of the 19th century, when the government monopoly on vodka was abolished, after the Russian vodka is become the most frequently drink alcoholic beverages.Until the early 20th century, however, it is not formally termed as vodka.

    2, vodka, worthy of Russia's national drink

    Now, worthy vodka has become the Russian people in the heart of Chinese wine, how many russians enough sorrow, joy.Because of vodka, Russian military officers and soldiers ration, gorbachev's prohibition measures how many events are written into the history.All in all, vodka and Russia have become an integral whole.

    3, the brewing vodka and flavors on the palate

    Can take almost all of the fermentation raw material can be used to brew vodka, but most are using corn as raw material, through cooking, starch in raw materials for saccharification first, and then measure up to 96% of spirit distilled from wine, use charcoal after filtering, the impurity in the adsorption of spirit, with distilled water to dilute before bottling, the alcohol content is in commonly 40% above.Usually, vodka without aging can be sold.

    Vodka as crystal clear as water color, the fragrance of it is not strong, but subtle delicacy;It also does not have the taste of sweet and sour bitter, it is light and refreshing, is one of the most obvious, of course high alcohol flame of stimulation.

    4, the Russian vodka: winter cold, summer iced

    Are often more in northeast China, the Russian winter long and cold.And high purity vodka alcohol, entry to feelings of burning high alcohol content, russians often strong drink vodka to drive away cold in winter.

    Russian people almost don't drink vodka cocktails this add spices, even in the summer, the russians nor the rocks glass filled with ice.Because their traditional drinking method is to drink the iced vodka out from the refrigerator.It is worth noting that the glass is also the best cold at this moment.

    5, step by step, and learn to drink vodka in Russia

    (1) drink before raw eggs or cold dish

    Some russians habit to eat raw eggs before drinking, because they think raw eggs can reduce the damage of alcohol on the stomach, but some people are not promoting this kind of practice, but for some boiled potatoes or drink a spoonful of sunflower seed oil, etc.

    (2) choosing the appropriate cup

    Authentic Russian vodka cup, generally about 70 mL, capacity for two to three times that of ordinary shot glass.

    (3) a toast

    The russians used to pour all the glass on the table wine, and assign evenly before drinking.Drink before, of course, the russians also like toast and clink, but don't toast with empty cup.

    (4) drink off

    A stuffy in addition to the Chinese liquor, and Russian vodka.Someone once said: the Russian vodka, the process is not important, important is the result.Drink, then giggle, then 'criticisms, and then find someone "sober".

    6, vodka: Russian man's "first wife"

    In Russia, most men are madly in love with vodka, and even regard it as their "first wife", because almost all of the men had learned to vodka before getting married.Whether by day or night can see small groups of russians, hand staggered drinking vodka in the street or the park.Sometimes, even reluctant to give up sleep.

    7, how obsessed with Russian vodka?

    Despite Russia's population of less than 150 million, but still is the world's largest vodka consumption market, it is said that each of them drink 67 bottles in a year on average.In 2012, the Russian people to consume 1.37 billion liters of vodka.

    In history, the Russian government has spent a lot time to alcohol, is carried out before and after the first world war harsh overall limit drinkers' wager game, but six times in the history of monopoly on vodka and ban did not make it disappear.Even in extreme lack of food, are still able to resist the industrious and courageous determination to combat national wine, because they had brewed with precious food.Visible, the Russian vodka, is really crazy.

    8, what are the famous Russian vodka brand?

    Although places such as Sweden, Finland and Germany are the production of vodka, but Russia is the main producer.In 1818, the crown (Smirnoff) family founded the vodka liquor in Moscow, the production of vodka in quality, style, and is the global leader in sales.In 2014, the crown is the world's most popular brand of vodka.In addition, the Russian famous brand and a red card (Stolichnaya) and green card (Moskovskaya), etc.

    9, the Russian: we don't drink vodka, but the soul and spirit

    Russians kind drink, but not all are hard-drinking.As Russia's traditional alcoholic beverages, vodka has become the spiritual pillar.For centuries, have Russian vodka inside, become an indispensable part of Russian culture.Therefore, it is said, vodka is their soul and spirit.

    10, without vodka, there is no national battle

    History with the development of Russian vodka, also deeply affect the national character of Russia.From a certain extent, there is no vodka, no fighting people.Seeing the way of the russians when drinking vodka heroism strength: everyone is raised his glass, a drink, show off when the empty cup would cry out: "wow", and its combat national gas.

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