Japan, a world without the Muslim

By Aaron Flores,2015-11-02 11:28
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Japan, a world without the Muslim

    Japan, a world without the Muslim

     There are many countries in the world, especially in Europe, with the influx of Muslim immigrants, is now experiencing a significant cultural change.France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands is the example of immigrants from Muslim countries, as well as Muslim high fertility, affects every area of life.

     We are interested to know that there is a country in the world, whether official or public, treated with Muslim affairs is another way to completely, this country is Japan, the country to keep a low profile in all levels of Muslim affairs, politics, islamic countries political bosses almost never visit to Japan, the Japanese leaders visit Muslim countries are very rare, and Muslim countries relations based on oil and gas, because the Japanese are partly from Muslim countries to import, the official policy is not to come to Japan Muslim citizenship, cautious and even not give Muslim permanent residency.

     Japan's ban on persuading the public to adopt the orphan behavior of islamic areas, any Muslim is considered a defect foreign lobbying convert to Islam, a professor of Arabic at almost no agency, in a Koran are imported from Japan is difficult, muslims in Japan, usually foreign employees of the company, almost no mosque in Japan, the Japanese government's policy is to try my best to keep muslims in, even in the

    local foreign companies sent by physicists, engineers and managers is not exceptional also, Japanese society still want muslims pray on their own.

     Japanese companies are looking for foreign workers, will noted, do not need Muslim workers, any Muslim to enter Japan, even it is difficult to rent a house, as long as is a place where Muslim population, the surrounding neighbors will be upset, the establishment of Japan's ban on any islamic institutions almost impossible mosque construction such as islamic schools, on the wholeTokyo

     At present, only a prayer host.

     Compared with Europe, almost no Japanese care about Islam, if the woman married to a Muslim, she would be her social and family abandoned, Japan is not islamic law, the Japanese have slightly according to sharia law make halal food, but it is difficult to buy in the supermarket.

     Japanese treating method is also reflected in the number of muslims, in Japan's population of 127 million, only 10000 muslims, less than one percent, was converted into the Japanese few muslims, tens of thousands of migrant workers in Japan is Muslim, most come from Pakistan, as building the company's workers to enter Japan, then, due to a negative attitude to treat Muslim society, they are very low-key.

     There are several reasons this situation:

     First, Japan will all muslims as the fundamentalists, who isn't willing to give up is the conventional wisdom to accept the modern way of thinking and behavior, Islam is regarded as a strange religion in Japan, any intelligent people should avoid contact with.

     Second, most Japanese have no religious beliefs, but behavior is affected by elements of Shinto and Buddhism, hybrid integrated into national habit, in Japan, the concept of religion and nationalism, treat foreigners always have prejudice, and whether they are Chinese, Korean, Malaysia, Indonesia, the west is no exception.Some call it the "sense of nationalism to complete the form", also have called it a "racist", but seems both are not wrong.

     Third, Japan does not accept the concept of monotheism, also don't believe in god, the god of an abstract, their world view and the relationship between the material world deeper, no faith, no feelings.They also seem to be always put the Judaism and Islam as a category, Christianity in Japan don't be negative, it is obvious that the image of Jesus in Japan is more like the Buddha or Shinto.

     Japan, one of the most interesting thing is that, no matter how they treat Islam negativity, them don't feel guilty, they treat Muslim countries grievances, they treat their economic interests involved in oil and gas resources, and is good for Japan's Muslim countries maintain a friendly relationship, on the other side, the Japanese nationalists, think Islam is

    suitable for some countries but not suitable for Japan, therefore, muslims must go abroad.

     Because the Japanese treat foreigners most gentle temper, calm attitude kindly, treat foreigners and Japanese people tend to be polite and respect, in front of foreigners, the Japanese way of communication very noisy or coarse language words loudly, so foreigner pays homage to the Japanese, though they are racism and discrimination against muslims in immigration matters.Japanese officials asked the Japanese treat Muslim way this embarrassing questions, and usually did not answer, because he knew the answer things will make people more angry, he is not willing to give clear answer, he would laugh it off, if you have any pressure, he will ask plenty of time to ask for instructions superior instructions, but the answer is never given.

     Japan that there is scarcely a Muslim in this country, because the Japanese attitude toward Islam and muslims have drift in the state of every level of the crowd, just find someone from the street, or agencies, or senior officials, in Japan, compared with other countries, there is no "human rights" organizations to Muslim support against the government, in Japan, no Muslim can illegal immigrants to come here to earn a dime, few people have to give them legal support, let them for temporary or permanent residency, let alone citizenship.

     And help Japan away from Muslim immigrants, as the Japanese attitude towards the migrant workers, migrant workers in Japan is seen as a negative, because they are robbed of their jobs, Japanese bosses feel a responsibility to hire people in Japan, even if spend several times more expensive than foreigners.In Japan, the relationship between boss and staff more profound than the west, the boss and employees think both sides should responsible for each other, the boss think the life have responsibility to give employees, employees feel that it is the responsibility of work for the boss as a result, this kind of situation, let the sense of responsibility is very low acceptance of the foreign labor is very low.

     In fact, the public and the joining together of the official attitude towards the Muslim immigrants, makes Japan world erected an iron wall, muslims can't also didn't ability through already, the wall of iron makes the criticism of Japan's Muslim affairs world quiet down, because the whole world know, criticized Japan is meaningless, even if criticism will not let the Japanese of Muslim immigrants.

     Japan is to the world on an interesting lesson: national tradition and immigration access directly related, if people have strong clear national tradition and identity, will not let the unemployed people in other parts of the world into the country., if the people's national tradition and the

identity of the weak is fragile, so in the face of the invasion of foreign

culture is to force, eventually into the household.

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