Ii tencent 15 years alone - plagiarism can

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Ii tencent 15 years alone - plagiarism can

Ii: tencent 15 years alone? - plagiarism can

Any technology industry leading enterprises, the largest

competitiveness is necessarily innovation ability, once lost, this kind of ability, failure will be inevitable.Tencent versa.A lot of children's shoes to see here will probably send a sneer at: "tencent not only copy?"But was born a rebellious, no dad, no party's care, no Peking University tsinghua aquatic plants nourish companies, exactly how the magic to be worth billions of dollars in 15 years, as the size of the big four Banks, at the top of the global Internet semi-finals?Only by copying can be done?Let's put the clock back to 15 years ago, the road to look at tencent innovation.

1, QQ is how to defeat the ICQ?

Was born in 1996, ICQ, instantly popular in the world, by 1998, the software has a monopoly on China's instant-messaging market.Married in this year, ICQ, become the largest Internet group AOL the assets of the company, the rich gas, unshakable status.

Launched in 1999, QQ, only two employees, is the founder of ma and Zhang Zhidong, a humble abode in shenzhen houses, doing research and development for half a year time.

At that time QQ is still very rough, but Chinese interface makes QQ quickly caught the attention of the market.If so, just QQ can't succeed in the later, because this time has been on the market have created a group of the same type of communication software, PICQ, TICQ, GICQ, sina paging, yahoo instant messaging...

QQ with the following a series of innovative technology, rapidly in the same type software Deus ex --

All of the information stored in the client first, ICQ, once the user has to change the computer login, add friends disappear before, and QQ user data stored in the cloud, in any terminal can log on to chat.

Second, ICQ can only when friends online to chat.QQ first offline message function, stealth login function, can choose at will chat object, can have their own personalized avatars.

Third, ICQ instant messaging software from custom to businesses, and QQ through free service to consumers to seek commercial opportunities.

Can succeed, so to speak, QQ, is that he is the history of the Internet in China's first Internet thinking of enterprise, he and ICQ, the fundamental difference between the difference lies in the idea of the Internet and software.

, the idea of the Internet beat software, it is not of the most popular of today's idea?But in the 15 years ago, Mr Ma has grasped the significance.

The market is always smart, he has only to return to the user experience the best innovative products: by 2000, QQ has unify river's lake, become a king of the instant messaging market.

2, the QQ group is how to defeat the chat room?

S of the rise of the QQ online + sina news + email = chat rooms.Title the loudest has the chat room, such as sina, netease, blue galaxy's highest peak, netease chat room a room there are tens of thousands of people online at the same time.Hot network "a time intimate contact" of the story, is what happened in a chat room, how many people do online encounter "deep fragrance" dream.

All in the past.

The demise of the chat room, is that this user relationship is between strangers, too unstable, and the launch of innovation of QQ QQ group, you can view the chat logs, will be able to define friends name, will QQ from the early relationship between strangers, into a real user.

This time, the United States of AOL network group is a market capitalisation of $163 billion, standing on the peak, its AIM integrates the function of the ICQ instant messaging software, also introduced the function of the chat room, and has 20 million users.

AIM, however, the function of software and AOL chat room is separated, which makes the AOL chat rooms can only be strangers chat tool, and, using the two software services, or to charge: login AOL chat rooms, to pay a monthly charge of $19.95 a month.Now, this is really stupid, but at that time, the software for the king, is so natural.

And America's social networking site Myspace launched in 2003, Facebook launched only in 2004, later than the QQ group was born in 2002 in 1 to 2 years.Can say, the world's first commercially successful social network, not FACEBOOK, but tencent QQ group.

In August 2002 released a new version of QQ, the new function of QQ group, friends to phones, cameras binding, mobile phone address

book server stored in the cloud, mobile phones information of new friends in the category, brand, model and other information.These features to make the QQ quickly transformed into real social network platform, and QQ number has become the people's network id.

Show image, introduced 2003 years later, QQ QQ group photo album, QQ space, and other functions, the deepening to satisfy the user's potential social demand, makes its popularity has remained strong.

3, how QQTM beat MSN?

MSN1999 years opened instant messaging service, rely on Microsoft's abundant capital binding and WINDOWS operating system platform, by 2001 had defeated the AOL, become the world's largest instant messaging platform.

By 2003, MSN has 300 million users, became the first important in almost all of the market, only a difference: China.

This year, aspiring MSN started mass into the Chinese market, started with QQ.With free binding strategy, Grosvenor LTD handsome brand image, strong hotmail email address and MSN news website service, will soon be on business communications market occupies a piece of territory.

: tencent, at this time is on the line just launched QQ show, and haven't profit, lack of talent, in order to survive, she constantly financing: 40% of the shares sold to overseas investors, in return for $2 million salary, and domestic investors, no one is willing to buy.

In 2003, tencent launched enterprise edition QQTM, in front of MSN.Then through a series of technical innovation, perfect and meticulous user experience, bit by bit the heart of the high-end users:

UDP way faster transfer files, file breakpoint continuingly, file drag and drop the window directly, the Shared folder, screen shots, grouping friends, chat logs backup and quick query, message communication, video conference, network hard disk, soft keyboard password protection, personal business CARDS...

This series of technology innovation, it is QQ first, and MSN or follow up or not, suddenly one day, you found that white-collar workers work communication tools has been quietly changed back to QQ, and MSN has quietly become the focus of the bit player.

4, QQ game is how to beat together?

In 2003, community is one of the world's largest casual game platform, the founder of his UCDOS is UCDOS developers, China's software industry is the earliest technology and people.

The most glorious moment in community, he has 200 million registered users, 15 million active users, the highest number of online at the same time, 600000, in China, the United States, Japan and South Korea set up a server, so that the size of the seemingly is unshakable.

In 2003, introduced the first version QQ game, with three CARDS to upgrade, shikoku, military chess, chess game.Ucdos up to play for a moment, think not much, so decided to research and development center of gravity into the new project "community" in the new world, the original system is no longer updated.

Community married in 2004, as South Korea's largest online game NHN group subsidiary, a large number of south Korean online resources can be transplanted, whether products, money, or talent, is unmatched by tencent.And this time, enter the casual games market is more than a tencent, netease, shanda, jinshan bosses of independent research and development of the game.

But in that year, QQ game gradually, realized to the transcendence of the strong, the transcendental logic is:

A, many allied to large game market, leisure chess game is no longer updated, some bugs exist for A long time, lead to the loss of customers.

B, tencent quick update iteration, in a more elegant interface, more humanized operational details to win.

I, for example, first is interface.

Doudizhu version in 2005, QQ can customize user role image, the sidebar shows player history situation, background and relaxed.

Many allied role image definition to charge, otherwise it is a blank, background, ugly, advertising, the sidebar is irrelevant system messages, no beauty.

Then look at human operation.

Together looking for seat function to automatically charge, otherwise will be to find slowly, and sometimes we are trying to find the right location can not sit down, pop-up hinted that other members don't want to play with yourself (reason, many have too low level, there are too slow network...), is really speechless.

QQ, can automatically add a custom search sympathetic net friend, all of which are free.

It is these small innovation, defeated the community game on the details.

5, tencent games is how to beat the big?

South Korean online game legend, introduced in 2001, the grand, popular throughout the country, formally established the network game's business model.

In 2002, netease independent research and development of a Chinese Odyssey two successful, fantasy westward journey is very popular again in 2003, and has since become an independent research and development in the field of the boss.

2003 this year, tencent also began to enter the game market, but until 2007, there has been nothing as tencent's big game.

What is the reason?Tencent is not as, not only as a founder of shanda games model, are introduced in the next few years a large number of South Korea's masterpiece, almost all forays.

This had to let people rethink.

I think the key reason is that a big success, the first is the innovation of business model, but the product doesn't have any improvement, a large number of adopt, with the progress of domestic local research and development and the competition, any lack of product innovation ability of enterprises will be eliminated by the market.Grand so, the9 so, early in

the big market of tencent, even if he has a hot popular social networking platform.

In 2006, the Korean online game gun shooter on the market began to rise, "sudden attack" has a major share of the market.According to network evaluation thought, the game "real gun data, the human body physics aligning with CS, map design is very beautiful and good, and a map to each of the" sudden attack "has the very strong playability."The game also soon be introduced in the domestic market, but not how long is the scenery.

In the shooter game market, the dominant or CS this old game, his excellent operating experience, excellent balance, can not shake which literally into the game.

In 2007, tencent at very low price from South Korea a dirty little company bought the CF across the wire to the game.

Its developers primer Gate company is just a small company 33, has made the CF only one game, research and development strength is limited, after the launch in South Korea has been tepid, and even ceased operations in 2012, exit the market.

In fact this a year of tencent, has been through QQ show and board games to earn the first bucket of gold, not only to buy back the CF, also

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