The robot love

By Joe Holmes,2015-11-01 10:26
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The robot love

    The robot love

    If I am a wall, e is a trashman, I would like him to live and work in peace and contentment?I also want to be like him to be a useful person to society, work out every day back to home, watch TV, the baby picked up by air, the old bulb it from the top of the head and the surrounding.I don't have a life like that, on water, oxygen, food, and with blue, pliers, clip knock on licks abandoned parts, can run.

    The so-called alien, wall e alien place, it is as a foreign pollutants, people don't move, don't move, people are fat, fat man who like parasites, zhang mouth about anything move finger can dominate, the survival, mating, also don't have to work.700 years later, in 2010 human control by a machine in the future, will eventually be green, save.On earth would have no one, no one, so there is no damage, hundreds of millions of years earlier shed scar, by 700 since the licking good wound.

    Wall E rescued plants, but I do not know is that the earth recover green signal;It only know that's Eve brought directive (instruction);He hadn't thought of outstanding, but for love, but silly became a hero.

    I will behave if I am Eve, following orders?Not afraid of evil forces, also want to complete the task.Even if his injured, also want to try very hard to protect life.Beauty and courage, ability, even machines, a screw is big business achievement.I wish I could!And I most likely, it is will be being moved by Wall E - also want to open an umbrella for me, always follow behind my butt, see not I was injured, when everybody's most desperate and I climbed out of hope for everyone, for I was broken wheels and box body and head will not turn and run away, can't fly by points a gun when the fire with me on the space shuttle.

    Watching the Wall E, I want to know, I still social miaomiao?

    Well, if I were, I would have to germination, flowering, and time;If I am not, I will so a miaomiao, foster its germination, flowering, or, have the time.

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