Explore the space-time ripples The European launch LISA pathfinder to verify that the gravitational waves

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Explore the space-time ripples The European launch LISA pathfinder to verify that the gravitational waves

    Explore the space-time ripples The European launch

    LISA pathfinder to verify that the gravitational


    Time on December 3, 2015 in Paris, France at 5 4 points, the European space agency (esa) is used to verify the space of gravitational wave observation technology "LISA pathfinder probe" by a "vega" carrier rocket blasted off from the library of French Guiana space center lu.

    Gravitational wave is considered to be the "ripples" of the universe, dropped like a stone into the water ripples.Previously, however, scientists have never use ground observation equipment to confirm its existence.The launch of the spacecraft will open new doors for human exploration of space, but also helps to further verify the general theory of relativity.

    According to introducing, "LISA pathfinder test probe" is a small satellite, built by the European airbus defense and space company, the cost of more than 400 million euros.It is 3.1 meters tall, cross sectional diameter 2.4 meters, the quality is about 1.9

    tons.As planned, about 1 hour 45 minutes after liftoff, "LISA pathfinder" will be separated from the rocket, enter an elliptical orbit temporarily.

    The "European", said the probe will provide fuel for the propulsion system by itself in the middle of this month 6 times ignition, to raise its altitude of 45000 km, again after 6 weeks of "space", arrived in the sun and the earth wire extension "Lagrangian point", 1.5 million km distance from the surface of the earth.After entering the final orbit, the probe's propulsion system shall be abandoned in January 2016.After the "European" of the operation center in darmstadt, Germany control Settings and calibration, "LISA pathfinder" scientific exploration tour will be officially began in March, is expected to last for 180 days.

    "LISA pathfinder" with two internal quality for 2 kg gold platinum alloy cube.Scientists can laser through telescopes which two separate place objects in motion, the relative position to prove the existence of gravitational waves.

    The launch of the test in the early period of the detector is just the "European" gravitational wave exploration program task, for demonstration and validation related technologies.

    Gravitational wave detector is expected to directly find black holes

    According to foreign media reports, esa LISA pathfinder probe will verify that Einstein's general theory of relativity, help us to unravel the mysteries of the universe's deepest.LISA pathfinder is just a preliminary technical tests, the European space agency is trying to launch a probe again in 2034, to detect gravitational waves ripple, help us to understand the general theory of relativity.In according to the theory of gravity can be distorted space around, scientists think that the earth is running along a straight line, the spacetime surrounding due to gravity will distort, we see the earth seems to be moves around the sun.

    LISA pathfinder, paving the way for us, scientists think we could also see a black hole, such as around the black hole's event.The European space agency believes directly to detect gravitational waves and research will open in a new window, gravitational waves occurred in massive black holes, neutron stars and galaxies collide, Einstein predicted that they emit gravitational waves, but for us here is very weak, so we need to be more sensitive probe gravitational waves.

    The earth's gravitational wave antenna mainly comes from the reason of the laser interferometer, we enter the space environment is also use this principle to detect gravitational waves, its detection pen can reach more than million miles.Later ELISA task three satellites will decorate, it is expected to detect gravitational waves.

    Scientists say 11 years to detect gravitational waves found no evidence directly

    Albert Einstein proposed that the relativity of the gravitational wave concept for 100 years, but a study by Australia's commonwealth scientific and industrial research organization (CSIRO) parks telescope search performed for 11 years found no gravitational waves, the deep understanding of galaxies and black holes for mankind to bring deep doubts.

    Gravitational waves as the ripples of space and time, with a strong appeal, scientists believe that it can carry information, allow us to back in the form of the origin of the universe.Despite very strong circumstantial evidence for its existence, but gravitational waves up to now have not been directly detected.

    The CSIRO and the international radio astronomy research center of the rock, Dr Shannon, who led the research team said they lasted 11 years with high precision parks telescope to look for direct evidence of gravitational waves, but so far still nothing.

    Scientists had hoped that can be detected from the depths of the universe galaxies merge the sound of "rumble" gravitational wave background, "but we didn't hear anything."Shannon said, "this seems to be the most quiet place, we are looking for, at least for this type of wave."

    By merging galaxies complete growth process, each large galaxies are thought to have a supermassive black holes at its center position.When two galaxies, black holes attract together and form a dual track.Einstein's theory predicts dual track will form a death spiral, the ripples are gravitational waves, send out through the structure of the universe - the passage of time and space.Einstein's general theory of relativity only gravitational waves still hasn't been confirmed.

    Shannon's team by testing a series of "millisecond pulsar" looking for gravitational waves, through gravitational waves between the earth and millisecond pulsars can squash or stretch space.Since there is no find gravitational waves, the

    researchers suspect that a black hole merger too fast, circle time is very short.But no matter how to explain, means to detect gravitational waves will take many years.

    This domain expert at the university of Cambridge in England lindley mention, "said Dr. Landau, tower" if the detection of higher frequency may reap."Astronomers also will use the construction began in 2018 and high sensitive square kilometre array telescope to detect, from Sweeney, the members of the project at the university of vikram micro said: "the ground-based detectors are looking for other sources such as high-frequency gravitational waves of neutron stars."

    "Science" black hole, gravitational waves and dark matter all has the characteristics of fractal geometry

    Austrian media reported recently, by the United States, Britain, Italy and Austria international team of scientists, according to previous research and through the computer simulation, found that the black hole, gravitational waves and dark matter all has the characteristics of fractal geometry.Some experts believe that the discovery will lead to a deep understanding of astronomy and physics of many different fields.

    Fractal ripples in spacetime

    Of the existence of space inside a black hole is a kind of infinite density, high heat is infinite, infinitesimal volume of celestial bodies, all physical theorem in the black hole failure;It is by the quality of large enough stars in nuclear fusion fuel runs out, after the "death" gravitational collapse occurred.When the black hole "hiccups", "eat" means that an object be black hole, hole on consuming in-falling material "growth";When the black hole "eat" plenty of material, there will be a high speed

    plasma jet from a black hole edge of the great escape.Scientists using the theory of fluid dynamics and gravity related and after the super computer simulated concluded that "eating" in the process of growing black holes, will make its formation of fractal surface.

    Fractal gravitational waves produced two spinning black holes

    According to Einstein's 1915 theory of relativity, the great day warp around them space and time, like a bowling ball into a piece of rubber thin peel, lead to the path object, even light, also get along the curve path forward.When two extremely dense objects, such as black holes or neutron stars, they come in pairs around each other, the interaction between them will produce disturbance or ripple ripples in space-time structure, known as gravitational waves.When two black holes or neutron stars together would produce the most powerful gravitational waves, but this mysterious gravitational waves often show the fractal behavior.

    The fractal of dark matter flow surrounding earth

    Dark matter refers to those who do not launch any light in the universe and the electromagnetic radiation material, but there is still no direct observational evidence of it.Newton 1687 the law of universal gravitation like glue, the ordinary matter and dark matter "stick" together.Dark matter as "fine granularity" fluid, with our galaxy and track at the same pace.When dark matter flow through a planet, particles in the flow will be together, become a bunch of super thick filaments.The earth's gravity will make the dark matter particles gathered bending, become thin and dense "hair", and the mysterious dark matter flow often show the fractal behavior.

    The so-called fractal, a simple speak is refers to the system has "self-similarity" and "fractional dimension.In nature, has the characteristics of the fractal geometry object, such as globular clusters in the Milky Way, of mountains and rivers, floating clouds, leaves, cauliflower and so on.Is the concept of fractal by French American famous mathematician drawing, his broad, professor in 1975.Fractal geometry is not only in theory, but they are important in practical value.It has yielded fruitful results in many fields, has played an important role of science and technology development and social progress.

    Named after the word "black hole", a famous American physicist John wheeler professor once said, who are not familiar with fractal geometry in the future, who can't be called scientific literacy.The famous Chinese scholar professor Zhou Haizhong once pointed out: not only shows the beauty of mathematics, fractal geometry also reveals the essence of the world, thus changed the way people understand the mysteries of nature.Fractal geometry is truly describe the geometry of

    nature, the study of it has also greatly expand the frontiers of human cognition.Visible, fractal geometry has a very important scientific status.

    A black hole, gravitational waves and dark matter is the most mysterious natural phenomena in the universe.Why they have fractal geometry characteristics, its reason is still a mystery.But we believe that under the unremitting efforts of scientists, the mystery will eventually be crack.

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