Flock reviews Hitchcock type of disaster

By Dorothy Jackson,2015-10-26 21:42
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Flock reviews Hitchcock type of disaster

     "Flock" reviews: Hitchcock type of disaster

    First of all, from the plot, the flock of birds is not Hitchcock familiar crime drama, suspense of colour is very light.Speaking from the subject can be counted as disaster movies, of course Hitchcock is so different, so more accurate statement may be is: it is a Hitchcock type of disaster.Second, although the film is recognized as masterpieces, is


    representative works, but it's the theme of moral is controversial among critics.Is in front of the disaster extreme despair helpless and alternate hostile?Is excessive claim that the nature of human for natural launched a war of revenge in the most unexpected way?Metaphor is the postwar political crisis or the fear of the end of the world coming?

    Hitchcock was not the end of the world for the film to make a reasonable explanation, he even didn't want to explain!Panic in the film, the people constantly ask each other or to himself: "why birds attack us?"However, there is no answer.

    At the restaurant in the clearance between the two attacks, milene met an old conservative ornithologist, her explanation for "bird attack humans" event is: "birds won't attack humans."Here, we seem to see little Hitchcock attempt, he chose the most unusual and unexpected birds as focus of attack human warfare, it is certainly unexpected result Hitchcock liked his film.Hitchcock, on the other hand, also want to explain human profound fear for the end of the world: the destruction of the world may not be the atomic bomb, but seems to be the most gentle but birds.

    Biggest fear is fear itself, nervous, nowhere is fleeing.

    Hitchcock superb techniques and amazing special effects, of course, is one of the main factors in the success of the film, about the film review in this field has more than enough, I will no longer bother.I'd like to talk about the film on the characterization of success.

    Hitchcock is longer than suspenseful atmosphere, the story of ups and downs, turns, but the character of thin has been his one major aspect of being criticized.However, Hitchcock for characters in the film processing is exquisite and rich, my understanding is: moral character is to convey or implementation of an important way, to get attention.It was also because of this, the characters becomes rich stereo up, this is relatively rare in the Hitchcock film I have ever seen.

    Milene for town is an outsider, the outsider identity has double connotations.On the one hand, she is the first of the whole incident Angle, the audience is followed her into a town and mitch.On the other hand she met mitch in pet birds store and pissing match is by throughout the event.She took the arrival of two parrots, "bird attack humans" event happened then.Her coming and have a no logic connection between

    events.Logically we of course couldn't says milene attack led to the birds, there is a subtle contact in fact.This brought her trouble, is also an impetus to the growth of the

    milene character (she is endowed with a danger of responsibility, although a crisis situation is not caused by her).

    From a crisis in the future, to the beginnings to the involved in the incident, to take responsibility, until the final crisis ends.Milene not only shoulder the important responsibility led the audience perspective, and itself has completed the transformation of character and growth.Enjoy practical jokes from a spoiled, do nothing, the rich girl grow up to become a willing to take responsibility, willing to listen and understand.The impetus to the growth of the main is a crisis event oppression, Hitchcock and truffaut, mentioned in the conversation contrived to own a: the film began in the pet shop, mitch help them catch the canary to flee, and put it into the cage, he laughed and said to milene, "milene, I really want to put you into your golden cage".And later, a seagull attack in a small town, there was a play is milene locked in surrounded by glass box in a blue funk, Hitchcock says he tries to put milene behaved had been shut in the cage bird, of course it was not a gold cage, but a sense of cage.

    Hitchcock talking to this period, the main like how "people in front, the bird in the cage" to "man in the cage, the bird in front of the shift.My understanding is that this situation is milene a obvious contrast, she encountered the severe test, the results of milene character growth., of course, this kind of growth as a result, the final was completely defeated in birds in the attic in attack, it is because we have witnessed the growth process of milene, she finally the total collapse will only be so dramatic, of course, you can see the design as the result of Hitchcock battle of wits with the audience, let you see her growth, also let you see her in a flash was completely routed the)

    Hitchcock's exquisite performance, to milene character growth in limited comments I see less mentioned.I personally feel the profound meaning, to play a lot of things, if it is the first half to milene headstrong naughty character description is for rich people, delay the time, with the audience (attack) hope to see a flock of birds.During the second half milan your growth is the human in the disaster, in the end of the world

    comes a performance: in addition to strong, you have no choice but to say (if more disgusting words).

    Relative to the growth of milene, mitch mother is another manifestation of human face of disaster, fear, anxiety, helpless, loneliness (don't trust anyone, such as appearance reprimand mitch said: "if your father, will not be like this").I personally don't tend to mitch mother to mitch, to milene, attitude to mitch ex-girlfriend understood as a simple Russian di theopompus complex.Her husband's death makes her feel unprecedented fear and loneliness, this fear and helpless state of mind is the town residents knew some) when facing disaster, dependence on the son is the only power, she can support this kind of condition saw the farmer on the farm birds peck blind eyes and kill scenes, reached a peak.Bird strikes caused panic and even made her lose the reliance of son, milene timely growth at this time gives mitch mother state change, two people a dialogue in mitch mother's bedroom is this movie is very important to a play, can be said to be milene actively support her extreme fear of mental state.Result is milene spirit after the defeat, she also can strong to escape.

    In my opinion, Hitchcock successfully built my personal viewing history most terror and despair of the most intriguing the end of the world.This, of course, thanks to his excellent film skills and talent to create ideas, this is also the key to the film is still impressive.This review article, however, has more than enough, I hope I can find, talk about something of, talk is very shallow, remains to be seen better articles.

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