Why I against the British to leave the eu

By Herbert Peters,2015-10-25 05:28
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Why I against the British to leave the eu

    Why I against the British to leave the eu?

    Decide whether in the UK in the European Union (EU) key vote draws near, there is no doubt that the vote will have a far-reaching influence on future generations.Although some people may be reluctant to get involved in the dispute, but I think, silent unbearable will let us price.

    Whatever the problem is seen as a economic problems (core is the British what can I get to stay in the European Union), or a deeper problem (how in an increasingly uncertain world security and strength), the event more compelling than ever. Britain has long and Europe all the best possible deal.Britain can enter the European single market (which is almost half the British export destination), is not subject to as a heavy burden of eurozone member states.

    Earlier this month, nearly 200 countries gathered in order to reach an agreement in the fight against climate change in the process of how best to protect the future of the planet.As with many such agreement, the agreement is far from perfect, but it illustrates at the core of the debate of Europe: through cooperation, countries can achieve far more than solo achievement.

    Manufacturing capacity has been formed gradually in the UK as a springboard into the European single market, multinational management not willing publicly to say so, because they don't want to get involved in a disagreement over his client's political debate.But when I secretly asked them, they would be happy to acknowledge their ideas.

    "From the European Union" (Leave) movement is trying to persuade the British public, outside the single market safer than be part of that.This view has its own market, because the British government wanted to leave people to insist on the most favourable agreement and would not compromise to

    Europe.Use of these restrictions, "from the European Union" movement intentionally mislead the public.

    My personal experience greatly influenced their pro-eu stance in the UK a referendum.The nazis to Hungary in 1944 years to my life left an enduring memory.For the family if my father did not get the false identity, I will very slim chance to survive. I learned from my father's main experience is: rather than pretend to be invisible, rather than face the cruel reality.As the survivors of world war ii, I moved to England in 1947 (also) under the guidance of his father.It was at the London School of Economics (London School of Economics), I read Carl Pope (Karl

    Popper) of the Open Society and Its Enemies (Open Society and Its Enemies).I witnessed all the way as an open society incarnation of the European Union was born, and become the eu's lifelong supporter.

    It doesn't mean I'm a blind eye to the eu's weaknesses and flaws.On the contrary, I fully acknowledge their

    existence.Europe can't for their own safety smug, the British can't.

    Underestimate (Vladimir Putin) under President Vladimir Putin of Russia's ambition and intention will be made historic strategic mistake.European leaders may understand the seriousness of the threat, but so far, their response is more chaotic, rather than a coherent.They must understand that before solving the problem of energy dependence on Russia will tend not to use their own oil power threat to eastern and Western Europe.

    Today, the European Union have been attacked on multiple fronts.If Britain is determined to leave, the eu will fight for its own survival.We these people who have strong feelings for the European Union has a responsibility to a voice, more confidently claim: fight alone than from the European Union, Britain will remain in the eu stronger, safer, more affluent.

    The European Union are not perfect, but it is stronger than a European dominated by Mr Putin's Russia.Europe's imperfect is precisely the reason why we must try to improve it. The British public has not had me in wartime experiences, but I'm a real anglophile ", "I believe the British historical memory is enough to make them holding the same position with me.I found reading the British media encouraging in this respect: the British media seems to be fully aware of the dangers from Russia.I strongly support Britain in the eu, not only for economic reasons, but more is for political reasons.

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