Big 007 broken awning crisis review renew bond saga

By Willie Ross,2015-10-24 18:42
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Big 007 broken awning crisis review renew bond saga

    "Big 007 broken awning crisis" review: renew bond saga

     Speaking of movies, we can freely and said pointed out, such as "transformers" twilight "007," many blockbusters, "harry potter" movies, of course, is no exception, are to foreign, we also often asked why the domestic movie companies do bad movies.Domestic film industry people too eager, often in the first film received high praise and the box office, in the second word of mouth too overdraw the first film in the film, churning out, results are all too clear.Of course in this also for the domestic film series of failed to do too much comment.Since when it comes to movies, also shall not be referred to the "007" series.

    Speaking of 007 films, this has been taken so far 23 agents theme movie."007" series of films has a history of 40 years, a total of more than 20 movies.Why is "007" series has been so popular?Is worth all the movie practitioners to thinking.

    As long as the film and film actor bond, just like all the Hollywood spy movie, extraordinary ability to bond with men generally don't have and charm, removing the appearance of men, is about is his skill, but it will be to return to the performance ability of star, no matter how brave hero script has finally through deductive starring passed to us.In fact, so far, has taken 20 several sequels of 007 series deserved to be included in the hit film, its success is not only a script to force, but a different director, actors, the persistence of the dying hero.Directed by the family ethics play is good at the 007 film director, emotional class director, people hear of such a director to shoot the action drama is full of challenges.As bond in 007, it want to once again return to the screen and be liked, certainly is also a problem.This series of concern, may be unnecessary.

    The thread of the movie is mi6 lost important documents, the global list of undercover M16 firewall was dark and M16 was remote control explosion, and these actions are caused by former subordinates a mutiny, bond to solve.

    The film mainly narrates the origin and background of 007.007 is from a call Skyfall manor, lost his parents in his childhood, that night he

    hiding from his parents' death in shelters and manor in the remote location, his parents should be die of burglary, or revenge.Two days later, he went out of the sanctuary, and then by M found that develop into 007.Skyfall is the starting point of his, and his psychological barriers, almost led to the end of his career.

    Is different from the past is the 007, bond is just a ordinary people, partner was shot in nearly died, he was not pass, fail the marksmanship psychological disorders with childhood, he has no high-tech weapons and to reverse the situation, more no special function of sports car, however, surprise film we saw a deep bond.

    Perhaps this is someone said Sam mendes, the 007 made into a literary piece.Passion, in the bright in the dark conspiracy, cold light the pathetique, warm color of madness, the picture is symmetrical, selection of perspective...Lens using rich expression of emotion and the film visual aesthetic feeling.If not action movie fans, will also be in imperceptible in immersed in the movie of "beauty" affectionate expression.

    But the 007 could be called British taste the most strong,

    007.Whether the whole article is kept by districts of London, is also home to the country search for Bond film finally returned to Scotland, as well as the old home stay cute British fat big ye, let a person feel the full-bodied amorous feelings of the English.Than ever before at tropical eastern

    Europe, the Middle East and so on all sorts of barren land...This is really let a person find the scenery pleasing to both the calm style.

    007 movies to attract the attention of the global movie reviews, again not just because of its focus, but 007 continue to adapt to the trend of the world;Following elements of the most popular, received welcome new bond is taken for granted, to continue its legend.May be we often say ground.

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