The future of wearable devices All arranged from top to toe

By Vivian Hunter,2015-10-24 07:45
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The future of wearable devices All arranged from top to toe

    The future of wearable devices All arranged

    from top to toe

    Wearable devices the subject of science fiction film, from the past to the current gradually integrated into the consumer life, used in the human body each part of the wearable device can say it's all arranged from head to foot, whether in Google or Google Glass LG combined with listening to music and monitoring the heart smart headphones, or even to walk can analyze running situation of intelligent socks, are typical wearable devices used in the instance of the human body.

    According to reports, TechRadar website is given priority to with health concept of wearable devices, most often begins from the wrist.Its functions include can calculate consume more calories, walk, or walking distance, and even help user record sleep habits, and to provide data to help users to make a chart for comparison, and production trends to assess whether to modify the exercise habit.

    Emphasis on light weight of the Nike sports bracelet FuelBand SE and Fitbit three representative works which is the Force and the Jawbone Up.Measured The heartbeat of The Basis Health Tracker Watch faults is a size too big.LG Electronics (LG Electronics) launched Lifeband Touch, in addition to health function, also have call function, become smart bracelet with smart watches products.

    Emphasis on super battery life of Garmin Vivofit with double display screen of the Razer Nabu and example.Except by intelligent bracelet fitness, but also provide the time and notice telephone, SMS, E-mail and social networks information of smart watch, is stark example of application on your wrist wearable devices, such as Pebble Steel with Sony Smartwatch 2 and Samsung Electronics, Samsung Electronics's Galaxy Gear, etc. All have similar function.

    Rumours that Apple (Apple) iWatch is combined with the iPhone 5 s will launch Healthbook application functions.In addition, in addition to

    Google, HTC (HTC) also hinted at Christmas in 2014 launched smart watches.Therefore, the future smart watches to replace mobile phone after view the message function, can reduce the modern science and technology and excessive reliance on.

    Since 2002, Nokia mobile phone (Nokia) in HDW - 1 bluetooth headset, although related development seem to be going after a period of time, but into the life of the product launch, such as the smart headphones Jarvis Intel (Intel), emphasized than Siri is powerful.LG HRM Earphone and The Dash wireless headset, can listen to music not only, also can track The heartbeat.

    Intelligent glasses of Google Glass more off, but it may be banned with conditions such as too avant-garde, can let constantly delayed time to market.Google and combination of lenses and detect blood sugar smart contact lenses, is dedicated to the benefit of people with diabetes.

    Now even the feet as a wearable device application.Heapsylon launch Sensoria socks, through the pressure sensor and the accelerator, can station or the posture of walking and running, but the price is not cheap to $999.

    German Runsafer will detect technology combined with sports shoes, correct motion, avoid sports injury.Standing in intelligent Withings scale

    Smart Body Analyzer, in addition to immediately know the weight, also can know, Body fat rate and heart and provide charts and data.

    Used in the human body each part of the wearable devices, can produce the hen took the chicken after the giant investment effect, makes the related products, has intelligent shoes patents apple, it may be the first person to cross out the first step.And guide the, known in the world of today's wearable devices as early as monochrome screen of nokia mobile phones, in 15 years is high emphasis on HD pictures of smart phones, wearable devices still wireless broad future development possibilities.

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