The movie this killer is not too cold, for love

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The movie this killer is not too cold, for love

    The movie this killer is not too cold, for love

Rooting for love

    - "this killer is not too cold" character is analysed

    Did meet, used to love, once lit up each other's life, let us remember that good, that touched, is this life, but also lived!

    "The killer is not too cold," about a kill in invisible career killer Leon pay for love, the story of the life of life.Police and Stan to tracking stolen goods name swept matilda, twelve matilda is off the hook for

    shopping.When she saw a bloodbath homes brimming with tears for the Leon's door.Matilda vengeance for brother please Leon cultivate himself

    as a professional killer, get along unconsciously they grew up in the process of love, when they are prepared to go above happiness life, Leon has to die in the raid of Stan.


    Killer, LengJun, alert, wearing sunglasses, wearing a black coat.When Tony smoked uncomfortable to talk about with him, but he is very calm, drank the milk, concise answer "line."Maybe he never knew a simple "yes" will mean the end of a life., "he said," more professional killer, the action will be more close to the target, the knife is the last weapon."He did, to no shadow knife stuck in the Jones's neck, to no trace left in silence.

    Whether to stay in a hotel or go home, he will be cautious about view, quick close the door, pull the curtain.Then slowly take off the coat, when to take off your coat to surprise, rob, pliers, grenades, all this evil is wrapped in a black coat.

    He is lonely lonely, he hated the curt indifference of society, so free time he will go to the movies, watch some nostalgic movies, watching movies in all happiness of life, he will smile, but she doesn't like life now, that will back home after careful pruning orchids, ironing, drink milk an extremely deeply loves the life of ordinary people he is pursuing.But fate doomed he can't like normal, he took his black sunglasses to sleep with

    one eye on the couch, and held the gun's hand all the time, to remind himself of his identity, he drink milk, and constantly exercise make oneself become strong.But all this when matilda has changed, after he is no longer as before a person shopping.He play games with matilda, live together, work together finally.Her crazy to kill some people who have nothing to do with him but do not want the matilda to revenge, because he knows everything changed after killed, he didn't want to make matilda and he even have to sleep with one eye open.

    They have guild regulations, not kill women and children, but the bloodthirsty officers Stan is desperate to kill, in this cold society, his value than even a killer.He didn't want to get her in life, just want to protect her, and to save her broke into the police station and open grab killed officer, he from don't care about money, but for the sake of matilda to find Tony to discuss about the money, told him "if I have an accident please give money to matilda".He is the love of her, though never speak of but into action.

    Leon under the matilda persuasion, finally willing to bed.That night he slept soundly, lightly snoring like a baby.But when the arrival of good when misfortune falls.

    When Stan with police surrounded them after all, he was no matter how many snipers outside, no matter what changes have taken place

    outside, his first to fly in the past, hold down the basin on the window sill orchids, because he said he liked the potted flower, flower is his best friend forever is shining like he had no root, and the basin of the bright not root of orchids like his past, had to accompany him all worthy of his life to keep.And then he crazy hit a wall for matilda, he wanted her alive, a line of life and death, she hold the matilda, said to her "believe me, we took the money, we can come away with me, has been to happy days. You won't lose my matilda, I had just tasted the joy of life I like peace of mind of sleep in a bed, have their own root, we no longer lonely, I love you, matilda."He wanted her alive, peace, because it was his now also deserves his life to keep.The last TAB game over him and Stan's life.

    Leon is lucky, have a people who love each other before they die, wandering life had the root;Leon is, unfortunately, come to him that all good before he could catch the has gone forever.


    Her parents divorced, she hated now family, aversion to abuse her stepmother all day, hated her sister the whole day trying to lose weight, but she loves her brother, that always cuddle mother snuggled up beside her brother.She like all problem girl smoking, swearing, and playing truant.

    Once at home she stood in the corridor after being beaten ask Leon "life always so hard, or just childhood" Leon silence, and then answer her "always".This sentence was fulfilled, in her later life has been so difficult, we look out actually she is very concerned about Leon, know that he always bought two boxes of milk.But is precisely these two carton of milk let matilda escaped the Stan to annihilate the sinking his family.In the home from the supermarket to buy things, this a few short minutes, maybe she won't think of the change in the home, maybe she won't think of how bloodthirsty Stan just in her home staged a passionate scene to kill.But when I saw covered in blood fell on the ground's father, she was very calm, brimming with tears the doorbell rang Leon family, no matter how much her inner struggle, no matter how much face filled with tears, she calm request he opened the door and didn't cry out loud.When Leon to open the door of that moment, a beam of sunlight in her body, that is a beam of light from the heaven, as if to open the door to save her from the dark.Just take a toy pig to make her laugh just gave her a cup of milk just to help cover the quilt, 12 years old matilda took Leon fingers said to him, "you're so good to me."

    She fell in love with Leon, she would like to use the life to bet on her love, she is full of bullets in the gun pointed at his head and he play his favorite game, "if I win, you this life with me, if I lose, you as before you buy anything."She knew would surely win, she knew that Leon would not

    let her die, because Leon also love her, love to unstoppable like air, when Stan with all police officers to hunt, he protected her, desperate to find she can live, he wanted her to hold her peace of mind to say to want to run away together, to have been happy days together...

    Matilda was lucky, she finally after suffered hardships childhood had good care of her to him;Matilda is unfortunately, all the good of the sudden it has already become the recall, this belongs to the two of them of happiness, can Leon from now on no longer participate in!


    He is a listening to Beethoven's music like the person who let the storm come more violent, a federal police against doping survival.His drug trafficking, a walk in the United States federal building officials don't know don't kill women and children so that what even illiterate killer.He was beat in the drum, the murder as enjoy similar to complete, he irritable, with the average person not to say a few words will raise my hand to shout days turn round and then walk, he is self-centered, for the sake of a killer, he is willing to use all of the police, he is nervous, and even abnormal, he is crazy, even the inhuman.A villain of the police, assembled all the humanity of lust, greed, bossy tyranny.A walk in the United States federal shrouded in American society, how will the men of the lower!

    That carry the small pill boxes containing before each Stan kill to eat the doping, that by doping the survival of the people, every time before the murder, he will put the medicine in the ear gently shook his listening to the sound of the inside, enjoy the calm before the storm, he put the whole capsule on kaka card in the mouth bite, the expression on her face twisted up quickly, twisted expression is the heart of distorted, don't put other people's life in his eyes as general settlement.When he saw with a gun to his delivery matilda, he took out the little PCS again, he took out the silver handgun from me to slip matilda young and fear in the face, he was abnormal mind show incisively and vividly.Carry white pill boxes like embedded in an explosives on his body, and he like's a dynamite in the federal building, one day will be your everything myself Fried without a trace.

    Director luc is inherent with a French romantic director, he let Leon from Italy to the turmoil in New York City to complete his memory of the same of the dark city, he put the complex relationship gives romantic characters, he used the sea and the forest to restore Leon is also his own original character.

    Matilda the Leon love orchids grown in the fields of the basin, through the matilda's head, a leafy tree towering trees, green, vigorous, Leon had the root from then on, the basin of orchids bloom in the sun

like a life, look up at the sky, the sun have you have me, from now on we

are no longer lonely...

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