Science and technology have etiquette teach you how to improve the image of the office

By Marie Murray,2015-10-24 04:42
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Science and technology have etiquette teach you how to improve the image of the office

    Science and technology have etiquette teach you how to improve the image of the office

    As more and more technology application in the office of the modern workplace has begun to attach importance to the attention

    etiquette for using these technologies.According to the financial and financial human resource service company Robert Half survey indicates that more than three-quarters of the human resources manager said, do not take the science and technology in the office etiquette affect individual career prospects.

    Will share eight Suggestions below, remind everybody to pay attention to these can do little etiquette and leave in the office for their good image:

    1. No any pulling in charging equipment

    Can take mobile device at any time convenient to, of course, if the socket is not in the office, will often encounter others are charged in the case of equipment, at this time, remember don't pull out, you must first asked the owner of the equipment.The charge of the equipment, may be about to come in handy in the important meeting, if your demand is not so urgent, the action of pulling obviously cause others trouble, so it is better to comply with the first order.

    2. After leaving the office seat don't wearing headphones

    Wear headphones at work, let the music noise isolation from the outside world, may help to concentrate, to work more efficiently.But when you leave the seat, please remember to take headphones, even very want to continue to maintain this focus on feeling, also do not

    recommend to do so in a public area, because it appears that a subtle antisocial, also can let a person feel very rude.

    3. Do not use other people's computer

    It's easy to think of all the equipment in the office is the company's, so everyone has the right to use the fair right, but this does not include other location on the computer.Even if just very quickly look at a certain information, also should use other people's computer, because the computer have the privacy of others, without the consent of use is likely to be regarded as infringement of rights.

    4. Don't forget to add items

    If use a piece of paper, finally, please remember to add paper box;If you drink the last cup of coffee, please remember to flush a pot;Use of electronic equipment before the return, please remember full of battery,If the public equipment out of the question, please remember to look for a person to repair and don't ignore it.Don't think the people are all very busy in the office, who is won't notice the final user.

    5. Keep your cell phone mute

    Even if the company has no regulation cannot meet the personal phone calls during office hours, or it is strongly recommended that don't make the phone sound.If not often have private calls during office hours, one thousand occurred in some important people just passed him, or

    out of the cell phone beside, pleasant ringing again can let colleagues are troubled.

    6. Use fewer laptop in the meeting

    A pen electric meeting is a very common thing, but in others report, or try to avoid to surf the web, email, or real-time communication activities.Although didn't see the screen would think that work is to keep a record in meeting content, but does not focus on reporter, always let a person feel not too polite.

    7. Don't be a real-time communication of harassment

    Real-time communication is a useful tool, but should pay attention to the timing of the use and content.In addition to don't others have status display for busy ShiChuanXin, best only to talk about simple short with real-time communication.If you want to discuss the issue is long and complicated, recommend better discuss face to face or by telephone meeting.

    Computer screen 8. Don't touch others

    Although in comparison with the other, it is harmless, but it is easy to be annoying others.People are likely to explain things or ask you to pointed at the screen, and leave a mark on the screen.For some people, it is not like your table machine, laptop or screen of all kinds of equipment is dirty, so try to avoid to touch any of the screen.

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