Dating sites at dusk, model a single breakthrough for offline business

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Dating sites at dusk, model a single breakthrough for offline business

Dating sites at dusk: model a single

    breakthrough for offline business

    For domestic traditional several dating sites have to face is gradually vanish into the industry mainstream view of the fact that, in after years of development, still deep in the overall size is less than 1.5 billion niche markets, the decay of the PC business, the rise of mobile Internet to jiayuan, baihe, cherish nets such as dating industry leader collective of growing danger.

    And expanding industrial chain, involved in the wedding market, and many other efforts have failed to bite, the dating sites is the strategic center of gravity to mobile and offline market, but for now, the form is still not optimistic, decline in short-term or in the future will be difficult

    to reverse, face like a recruitment website to Internet evening industry risk.

    Under the market environment change on the growth of the crisis

    Alexa Internet traffic monitoring institutions, according to data of jiayuan traffic rank nearly three months in 1000, compared to last year about 500 decline;Emphasises the system dating of baihe recent ranking in 2600, compared with earlier this year has fallen by more than 700;And in a professional matchmaker service mode is given priority to the precious net of today's global ranking in 4400, compared with early traffic ranking fell by more than 900.

    In fact, with the aging of the population, China is in marriage age population is shrinking.Jiayuan the number of active users and present a year-on-year decline trend, in the first quarter of 2013, jiayuan monthly active users for an average of 5.19 million, and the same period in 2012 this figure for 5.43 million.

    In terms of access to new users, in addition to industry internal competition, dating sites also faces from QQ space, renren and kaixin, weibo, such as the impact of social media platforms, and users of false information is difficult to control in matching degree is not high and the marriage fraud emerge in endlessly, it is difficult to establish a common sense of trust has become Chinese dating sites inherent ills - you know, foreign charge dating website Match, the success of eHarmony, is based

    on the high matching degree between the user, and well manage the authenticity and the security of user information.

    Dating website business model in recent years, on the other hand, there is no great innovation and breakthrough.

    Baihe CEO tian holds to tecent science and technology, said the target user group, user access to the high cost, short life cycle is a dating website facing the challenge, if you want to get more income, can develop more of service charge to registered members.

    At present domestic members depend mainly on the online dating site and value-added services, and offline activities, and high-end konkatsu three profit model.Which accounts for most of the online membership fees.In the first quarter of 2013, jiayuan online service net revenue of 100.2 million yuan, accounting for 89.8% of the total net revenue.

    Domestic dating website business model, however, have difficulties in PC end, average monthly paying users growth also more and more slow, jiayuan nearly two years will remain at around 1.2 million, the average revenue per customer in the first quarter of this year than last year is no growth in the fourth quarter, which seriously affect the dating website to further improve the profitability.

    Otherwise the personage inside course of study says, the dating sites for about 80% of subscribers are registered within a year of new users, as

    the market saturation, new users also means growth started to the revenue growth will face challenges.

    However, dating sites are still couldn't find a better profit model.

    Jiayuan CEO Wu Linguang said in an interview with tencent technology, jiayuan is also trying to bidding, gift giving, such as model, but for dating sites, hinder the communication is still the most effective business model, better able to create the brand, and provide a platform to maintain order, and help users to better identify information.

    The dating website tried to marriage as the introduction into the wedding consulting, extend the industry chain downstream up also have little effect, such as jiayuan investment "various magpie net" and were closed.Marriage is a matter of fact, The United States in 2010 enterprise information The Knot into China launched "netting" love, development has been tepid.

    In a foreign country, is becoming a trend dating website free of charge.Plenty Of Fish is one Of the biggest free dating sites, all Of the revenue from Google ads click, it is the world's largest charge dating website Match set up eight years late, but it only took six years To flow more than the latter, in 2009, the Match was launched its own free dating sites Down To Earth.

    And at present, the domestic each big dating sites still is given priority to with membership fee business income, jiayuan online services

    in the first quarter of this year on revenue of 100.2 million yuan, occupying the proportion of net revenue as much as 89.8%.

    In the face of such situation, not on the dating sites, dating sites have "money"?Dating sites in the future will be how to develop?

    Network CEO Shi Qingnian think love, relationship between the speed of the mobile Internet dating sites of life and death.In tencent technology interview found that major dating sites also have O2O mode as the export strategy in the future.

    The collective into mobile terminal

    Currently, jiayuan mobile end users of the century better margin ratio of 40%, and on the mobile end after 85 people accounted for two-thirds, from the mobile traffic is more than 20%.

    Jiayuan in July 2011, introduced a mobile client, and the PC charge it stamp patterns onto the mobile terminal.Main SMS charges by operators.Wu Linguang revealed in the first quarter earnings, mobile business income in recent months has accounted for the proportion of total revenue more than 20%.

    Tian holds also disclosed to tencent technology, mobile end users access to low cost than PC, baihe has achieved a profit on the mobile end user growth is close to 1 million per month, mobile traffic has more than 50% of the whole.

    Wu Linguang said, PC and mobile terminal users overlap ratio is only 15%, two platforms users access to information contact ratio is very small, mobile terminal of the meaning of jiayuan.

    The century better edge there are two brands, love sincerely and absolute 100.Love really launch at the end of last year, in March this year reached 200000 users.Love really target population is aged 25 to 35 years old, the stronger demand for dating users;Last year's acquisition of dating website "absolute 100 dating net", after reconstruction will be released in the fourth quarter of this year, after transforming the absolute 100 lock target population after 85, the two brands in the future will focus on power mobile terminal.

    In addition, each big dating sites are mobile terminal to try a new business model.

    Baihe CEO tian holds to tencent said science and technology, in addition to the original pattern on the mobile end replication and optimization, has launched a called "meet" the application of the strict request to implement the user registration information and WeChat, Momo product differentiation, and through cooperation and offline services places to implement into consumption.

    Jiayuan in the third quarter will launch similar mobile applications "date", the software will have a lot of cooperation of catering businesses

    online, in date, boys and girls can choose meeting spot, through software and catering fee in advance, jiayuan get into.

    "Cross-border application intended to gradually put the company product line to continue testing service to users, liked two strangers from meet to marry the middle there is a long time, I hope slowly lay the chain."Wu Linguang said.

    However, this kind of mobile application how to open the market, obtain the difficulties faced by more users is dating website directly.Wu Linguang admits, and date the application is a kind of O2O model, business model is on the second step, the most important is to see whether the user is willing to use this software.

    After all, in the era of mobile Internet and dating sites face more harsh environment.Weibo, WeChat, Momo restricts the social concept products such as dating sites share expansion, even took the original belong to their market share.Network CEO Shi Qingnian think love, in the face of these free dating App, dating sites, relying on the disadvantages of the business model of communication service charge increasingly obvious, this may also be dating sites PC customer flow erosion is an important factor.

    Date, for example, foreign mobile application Tinder since its launch in October last year, the user has evaluated the 7 billion times friends information, successfully matching the 100 million date, the average

    daily date matching for 1.5 million times, the number is growing.A few photos, a few interests can make a pleasant date, this simple model to Tinder to spread through trend.

    Offline expansion into new revenue sources

    In the face of a variety of pressure, in addition to the power of mobile terminal, baihe, cherish nets also increased the tilt and expansion of offline business.

    Cherish net model, in fact, genetically more offline, with more than 2000 people matchmaker team, took a one-to-one matchmaker service mode, and jiayuan the search platform, baihe USES is the psychological patterns.

    Cherish network CEO li had said in an interview with tencent technology, compared to century company, lily, cherish and business model are the main differences of the two is more unique, precious net is the traditional dating agency model, combined with the technology platform of the Internet.

    Baihe has been redefined. Tian holds as O2O way modern service enterprises to provide professional relationship advice, is to explore the offline VIP service center in takes the form of partnership and establish stores in the major cities.Baihe registered user base, with the offline channel online consulting services provided by the line joining stores matchmaker, and from the final pump more than 30% service charge.

    Tian holds to tencent technology disclosed that before the end of 2010 in baihe grope opened three offline store, to grow up to 30, late last year and as of now the country has had a 60 offline VIP service center.The join dating service in the form of entity shop, has 1500 matchmaker, and lily only provides more than 20 operations management personnel, the human cost is very low.

    It is understood that in 2012, baihe 30 join offline store income of more than 300 million, by calculation, baihe divided into more than 100 million from last year.Tian holds, said the future of baihe aims to open 300 offline store across the country.

    However, once established the brand in local offline napa stores, the future may then don't rely on baihe registered users to look for the customers., tian holds to tencent's science and technology, said could be obtained by improving league offline store on the growth of premium, but the problem is, if the store has grown up no longer choose to join in baihe to develop their business, baihe whether sustainable income from offline in the future?

    In addition, baihe also faced with the other two problems, first of all these entities shop itself also retain its business, it is difficult to accurately identify the new user is from baihe drainage, need to establish a perfect mechanism to prevent the collusion offline napa stores user cheating, to escape from the baihe high into;Second, baihe users to get

recommendation offline store service, every year to pay the cost of more

than 10000 on average, it also restricts the growing scale of the

corresponding user group.

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