Winter skin care from six points for attention

By Megan Spencer,2015-10-22 23:50
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Winter skin care from six points for attention

    Winter skin care from six points for attention

    Enter winter, as temperatures drop, gradually reduce the body's metabolism ability, skin will reduce the secretion of sweat glands, skin glands and lose more moisture and tighten dry.Important because winter skin care.If you don't pay attention to maintenance, the use of the stimulation of cold and heat will make you more beautiful former days become dim skin coarse, lack of elasticity, wrinkles.Correct skin care guidelines are:

    1, filling water in the body, drink plenty of water, winter skin care to avoid dehydration caused by dry skin.Water quantity of 6 cups per day to 8 cups, can also drink fruit juice, mineral water, tea, etc.

    2, in vitro hydrating: bathing can keep skin moist;Steam fume can reduce the moisture.Winter skin wash a face, and to take a bath when the water temperature is too high, and selects the degreasing ability is weak, moisturizing ability strong products.Dry skin person should prepare a protect wet protect skin to taste, PG cream can act as a day cream can also be used as a late frost, before sleeping, apply a thick layer of, have the effect of the

    repairing and moisturizing.As far as possible need not or less scrub with Gel type cleanser.Severe dry, rough, can also prepare a bottle of high concentrations of moisturizing essence and a high moisture Mask, use 1-2 times a week, for deep moisturizing the skin.

    3, regulate mood: people's mental state, psychological change is controlled by the brain cortex and ACTS on the cutaneous nerve fibers, if the mood is depressed, depression, or nervous, fear, depression for a long time, can cause the skin blood circulation, nutrition supply, make the skin white, yellow, black, wrinkles deepen and premature aging.Winter skin care, therefore, should pay attention to regulate mood and exercise more at ordinary times, have a healthy mind and body, to have a healthy skin.

    4, enough sleep: exposed outside during the day and nights need compensatory and enough nutrition and repair the damage cells, the second day of the skin can be bright, smooth and delicate.And nutrition and repair of the skin at 10 a.m. to 4 o 'clock in the morning.Therefore, winter skin care to ensure that the 6 hours a day to eight hours of sleep.

    5, strengthen nutrition: winter skin regulation performance is poor, should eat more contain vitamin fresh vegetables, fruits and eggs, eat less animal protein, is good for the skin's metabolism.Should also eat more at ordinary times ziyin runfei, such as sesame, honey, onion, garlic etc excitant food less as far as possible.In addition, good to the skin, also must eat some minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, etc., these minerals can eliminate fatigue, help digestion, accelerate the activity of enzyme, promote the blood circulation, thus is advantageous to the beauty salon.Winter skin human daily intake must be 300-400 mg of magnesium, magnesium and mainly exist in the grain food, so the excessive pursuit of "eat less food to eat," but also not conducive to the health of the skin.

    6, massage facial skin: the persistence of the winter skin care every 3 minutes hands massage facial skin, muscle, (preferably with oil or cream medium) slowly along the facial muscles, blood vessels, from inside to outside massage, promote facial blood circulation,

make facial cells secrete more colloid and oily, protect the skin.(with the exception of oily

acne skin), and then there is control the indoor temperature and increasing humidity.

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