Shunji iwai all about LILY reviews who is my LILY CHOU CHOU

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Shunji iwai all about LILY reviews who is my LILY CHOU CHOU

    Shunji iwai all about LILY reviews: who is my LILY


    A quiet village of some life.Their pure have sorrow which are incompatible with their age.The friendship between them, affection and love, like the perishable flowering, came and went.With virtual reality, escape also could not escape the fate of reincarnation.People with seven soul, lost will never don't come back.And met blue cat, in two world, in the music of lily, in transparent in the etheric, the end of the music is eternal death.I think this is our youth, but saw can't fade grey.When wheat from green to yellow, and then from yellow to green, when the new season comes, everything is back to once upon a time, a male one to defend what remains intact?

    About death

    In the film there are three important death: strangers tourists on the island, jin tian and final star field.

    The death of the tourists provides reason for star wild mutation.The end of life is so simple, so alive represent?Is to continue to pain?If do, in September of that year, everything?

    Blue cat's death.And killed the cat, a surprise, and unexpected ending.And bear too much suffering in reality, those from the stars, from the life.He thought that in the virtual space to give him comfort for the people who in reality can comfort themselves.When he saw the stars with a symbol of the blue cat apple, his world, begin to collapse.He picked up the knife, maybe the plan to for a long time, they threw away the past, against the crowd, insert another oneself body, one belongs to the body of the dream.Stars fall, invisible scarlet blood, only the sound spreading in the etheric.

    Jin tian and the role of the story I like best.The girl in the face of kite unbridled smile, the girl in the river water washing the soul, the carefully observe the male said to him, "you protect me" along with all the girl, the girl will money is being crushed, which chock throat has been lifted up back down with her hands girl, she crashed on a sunny day, things are scattered all over the floor.Some people say that he don't like most in the movie is the death of the jin tian, if only they were dead most of Japan.It is a heart abnormal condition crazy people.When the cherry blossoms fall, life is no reason to exist, not as good as dead.But really the case?Rock well want to tell us just like this?I think that death is just a kind of escape, a weak performance.The perfection of out the dead person alive.But, when lily weeks of music sounded, cry, tore heart crack lung of shout, just shout out, life is still to continue, don't drown.

    About the music:

    Lin wu history of music and film perfect unifies in together, as if in the song of lily, what you did see.Is the etheric?The film also extensive use of Chopin and Debussy's works, but I know very little about classical music, can't distinguish what is Chopin what is Debussy.Ignorance of music may influence my understanding of the film, I have no alternative.Like lily's music as well as the "butterflies", through the notes of the soul.A sadness mingled in lily's voice, like the avalanche of chi to to you, what is the color of the etheric?

    About the director

    Shunji iwai, one of my favorite Japanese director, a director can be found in the lens and pure sky.Just from "love letter" to "April", from "dream traveler" to "butterfly" to today's "all about lily, still pure didn't cut over the grey is getting heavier and heavier.In his world, and he has a black wings, but wet wings can not fly into the sky.

    Repair: about Ethernet:

    The prediction of the ancient Greek philosopher a medium.After the 17th century, to explain the spread of light, and the electromagnetic and gravitational phenomena and put forward again.They think the etheric diffuses in the universe, there and everywhere.Do with Ethernet frame of reference, Max d electromagnetic theory was established.Today, it seems, it is a special kind of frame of reference, Michael Johnson experiments show that there is no such special frame of reference, namely announced that the universe does not exist between the etheric.In modern times, kang youwei, tan sitong and sun yat-sen of the nouns used as philosophy.Kang youwei "ether" and "benevolence" "to the heart of the people".Tan sitong Ethernet specifies the characteristics of many substances and made a psychiatric explanation, the "benevolence", "universal love" compassion "as the role of Ethernet.Sun yat-sen, the etheric is matter of principle, there is no spiritual nature.

    About translation:

    In the movie, there are two common name "ancient" and "more than".Afterwards just know is translation problems, is the ancient lennon, and more than, I guess it was Debussy.

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