Internet financial on what makes traditional financial no choice

By Florence Barnes,2015-10-22 14:19
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Internet financial on what makes traditional financial no choice

    Internet financial on what makes traditional

    financial no choice?

    Author: new media pundits/cutting wood

    In 2015 deloitte technology fast 50 "awards ceremony, China has a mobile financial master elder brother jiufu with nearly three years, said the business growth successfully jiebai, 34th, become the first domestic enterprise for the list of P2P.Jiufu founder and CEO acesun invited to the ceremony and the "CEO roundtable dialogue:" business strategy and innovation on the BBS to share jiufu mobile financial innovation, he think jiufu success in addition to product innovation, strategic transformation, don't forget your fans.

    Speaking of "fans", reminds me of the common man is star side surrounded by many fans.Speaking of "fans" economy, will think of at

    the beginning of the rise of millet rolled up a young, happy and interesting.But when it comes to P2P fans economy, most people tend to have no idea.Because of a network platform to some extent, the loan is a loan or investment tool, which is very difficult to talk about the "fans" this two word.

    P2P is the full name of "Peer to Peer", refers to the relationship between the partners, and partners, in lending or invest in P2P platform, some kind of perspective illustrates a relationship - partners, reciprocity, trust.That is to say, a cold P2P is very difficult to gather real users, gather up the fans.Only let users trust platform, willing to do friends, and platform to attract users, do big platform.

    Play P2P fans of the economy, in addition to using the technology to achieve a new mode of financial business, more requires the P2P platform has a strong ability to operate, through various means to let users are willing to stay on the platform, and platform grows together.Perhaps only in this way can make the traditional financial as shivers.

    Platform: image platform made individuals

    The current spread of Internet environment determines the media must be an "individual" first, the image of a man's attitude, at the time of communication with other investors, everyone in an equal status.Since

    the media shows individual image, is to express the concept of the brand or product or spirit.

    And why the user's attention?Mostly you this individual image of the temperament of P2P industry professional, humor, sincere, let others feel interesting, fun and useful., of course, can also be supplemented by a certain awards incentives, but for brand communication, large amount of reward is of little use.

    In this architecture, the brand image is transformed into a personality is distinct individuals.And the individual personality must carry the brand wants to convey the idea, and the role of the media feature requirements must be fun and friendly.So finally we may give the character's personality is: positive energy, small kind, love the Internet finance, humor eldest brother.

    Now, Internet financial platform jiufu, wu empty finance official takes the personality of the individual course.The sun wukong's head of double plus "Internet financial master elder brother", directly make a P2P platform in user "lived".The image of sun wukong and master elder brother itself is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, again, when combined with Internet financial instantly become synonymous with the dependable and reliable investment.

    Cross-border entertainment: make investment into a life

    For most Chinese, the investment is actually something more confused.P2P platform to attract users to investment, financing, actually needs a process of education market.In front of the platform's image in the education market, cross-border entertainment industry is also the education market.

    The entertainment industry as part of the big media, always has a subtle influence on the user.Every strength strong P2P platform is a cross-border entertainment is as part of the platform strategy.Each major P2P platform are in operation this point of view in the entertainment related to explore.

    With industry leader Liu Jin for example, Liu Jin had previously announced its total platform strategy, and three rather cross-border cooperation project: have huge users the same delivery service "hungry", good at social marketing "durex", also has being developed "kung fu panda," 3 "Oriental dreamworks".Which jointly "hungry" is to take advantage of "hungry" volume expand user groups.Hair "kung fu panda," 3 "Oriental dreamworks" and "durex" with the purpose of good at social marketing a perspective to the concept of the P2P this strange do more fun, more interesting.

    Entertainment as a marketing tool, and bring a lot of fans at the same time, also benefit for the brand to achieve maximum exposure.Jiufu too, the practice of crossover in the entertainment industry is also

    frequently.Named jay concert;Hao to send 1 billion financial principal backed Xu Zheng film "port town";Live with che net on the movie ticket to cooperate;And hunan satellite TV's popular entertainment "where dad" cross-border cooperation.This is a series of practice to Internet banking and P2P subtly made known to the user, to enhance conversion rate.

    The economy is not only to purchase power fans, but also influence

    In the past two years, began to appear frequently in each big BBS "economic community", everybody very understand is small micro enterprise with it is to have a way of a sword, and large enterprises have is to have to bless the smooth development of the dharma.In fact from the star's fans, to the more specific product fans, fans of the economy, has been in multiple industries take root and bear fruit.Especially the handset makers fans economy play a new height, but in the field of Internet financial formal fans economy oriented operating enterprises, could not jiufu mobile financial.

    Leader is to promote the development of domestic Internet financial balance, but the first to eat crab was nine Internet financial fans economic wealth.In 2015 deloitte high-tech high-growth China CEO roundtable dialogue on 50 awards, jiufu CEO acesun says, "the wu is empty of financial management in a year have 7 million subscribers, the total turnover reached 7 billion. In the same industry, the size of about

    1000 people to 2000 people can do it".In fact, jiufu wukong financial operation number only dozens of people.

    Fan is not only a marketing, from product point of view, the wu is empty finance as the best sword, but the fighting skill is poor, but difficult to manage.Only truly understand the way of operating, luxury, power is larger.Although many companies have been declared

    "customer-oriented", but the objective factors led to the user of the product life cycle in a passive state for a long time.Jiufu is capable of that, allows users to actively participate in the product, not just launching products.In the wu is empty at the beginning of the creation, jiufu found it hard to both traditional financial liquidity and high yield.But users money, there are a lot of uncertainty to the high demand for liquidity, it is hard to do.So the wu is empty, according to fans of the demand for wealth management products monthly pass up with take profits, let difficult money is no longer difficult.

    From the enterprise level, to build successful fans economy, first of all must be clear what kind of fans in the position.It also happened to confirm the jiufu wukong financial CEO Li Zhijun puts it: "the fans don't brand."The economy is not only to purchase power fans, but also influence.Only real solve the pain points of the user, in the field of Internet financial expansion speed of development and rise.


    Both image from the platform, and crossover marketing, basically only when your customers become users, users become fans, fans into friends, is what is community.A decentralized close-loop, let everyone is your Internet the participants of the financial system, virtually everyone feel to earn the money in the fun, also solved the difficulty of the enterprise.Involved in corporate giving users more affordable, users, in turn, is the cornerstone of the most powerful enterprises.

    Internet financial future is to create a community of their own to do, to do a good job in financial products based on the community's positioning, through decentralization, everyone is participants to have fans all over the world.

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