The king and his mysterious kingdom

By Jack Willis,2015-10-22 09:43
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The king and his mysterious kingdom

     The king and his mysterious kingdom

    On January 23, king abdullah of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh buried an ordinary cemetery, the cemetery simpler and civilians no

    difference.Think that year, the Saudi king faisal died, also is such simple, western journalists for their photographs annotation text is: the great ordinary!

    Cemetery don't tell the whole story, because the sunni Islam argues that Jane was buried oppose extravagance.Abdullah, a 90 - year - old perhaps is great, life also enjoy splendor, but he did extraordinary: a 70 - year - old was crown prince, a 81 - year - old took the king, and behind the scenes in high-risk age control the mysterious kingdom, experience many crisis, also seized the opportunity to greatly improve the influence and status of the country, become a respected, power of contemporary Arab monarch.

    The king of thermos bottle type low-key steady reform

    In February 2005, at the invitation of Saudi Arabia's king fahd, I went to the first mecca, Islam with international media such as CNN and BBC team, interviewed 3 million person-times of pilgrimage. This is Saudi Arabia fully open to international media pilgrimage earlier attempts.

    Near the end, the then crown prince abdullah in mecca palace, met waiting for the hajj and media, head of the delegation, 120 table and every table a bake complete sheep luxurious banquet, made me see the power of the Arabian empire and generosity.Abdullah stood for a long time before the feast, receiving thousands of party individually handshake greetings and regards, calm and humble, unsmiling, but not arrogant.Later understand that our these so-called king fahd guest, is invited by abdullah, because after fahd took office, domestic and foreign affairs has been developed from the "regent" hold to 10 years.Died six months after fahd, abdullah of succession, and specify the first and second crown prince.However, the two - year - old prince was successively before he died, visible, abdullah abdullah, the body good, aura.

    SiCai abdullah has $20 billion, and two servants "holy land" and oil voice endowment of world-class, but and mubarak, Mr Qaddafi, saddam hussein and arafat compared with the dazzling star, he apparently unassuming, rarely talk about, even with the measure of separate talks also talk about language.King of restraint inside collect, also give moderate temperament to Saudi domestic and foreign affairs, try to avoid the media focus.

    Abdullah is not conservative, he is wearing a T-shirt golf pictures had been reported, has because of having an interview with a female reporter and pose for critics.However, abdullah carefully in advancing reform, efforts to maintain balance between the secularists and fundamentalist, finesse reform and stability, the relationship between openness and hold fast, and moderately expand the rights of women and minorities.He is more praise abroad, compression royal family expenses, away from the notorious power corruption, be maintain the reputation and the Kings of the national sincere affection.

    Master of deal with the crisis Kingship camp pilot

    At the turn of the century of Saudi Arabia by domestically, behind the front abdullah is an excellent, disadvantages, attack, retreat, relaxation and turn crisis into opportunities for many times, become one of the few by halves Arab leaders, well-governed not only, and become a torrent of Arab royalty national pilot.

    In 2001, replacing stroke fahd agent five years later, palace abdullah suffered his first major crisis, launched a "9 ? 11" terrorist attacks, 19

    hijackers molecules could have 14 saudis, shock and anger in the fact that the American government, sand's relations also at risk.Abdullah, however, is cool, the use of sand to form strategic trust for many years, in a timely manner to endorse us counter-terrorism, the success from the

    United States as inferior, even in the premise of later refused to take part in the war in Iraq, and maintain the sand au.But with the implementation of the "big Middle East plan" democracy, abdullah increasingly away with the United States, and repeatedly denounced the United States.

    Tunisia in 2011 incident sparked the Arab upheavals, abdullah situation, use opportunely, who first fleeing Tunisian President zine el-abidine Ben ali, then lift the friend hosni mubarak, at on the phone for U.S. President barack Obama is angry roar, and ultimately backed the military seized power from the Muslim brotherhood.Has been humiliated, abdullah abdullah, Libyan leader muammar gaddafi has paid a heavy price, subversive by the Saudi dominated international intervention, died miserably.Yemeni President ali abdullah saleh in the Saudi strength and pressure forced to decentralization, Saudi resulting from its own backyard.Syria for refusing to offer abdullah, reluctant to give up alliances with Iran, and then become the cleaning object in Saudi Arabia, trigger chaos continues today.

    For of the gravity of the crisis, under the leadership of abdullah shows more than any other more keen judgment, and his first $150 billion fiscal, ensure internal stability, control the eastern riots, and dominate the gulf cooperation council coalition troops oftaliban bahrain riots, deterring Iran power expansion.Subsequently, abdullah has also

    invited two kingdoms Morocco and Jordan to join the gulf cooperation council, form the bulk of "eight king group".In addition, because of strength, abdullah abdullah, governance and benefit from the income accumulation of high oil prices, Saudi Arabia, not affected by the economic crisis in the us and Europe not only bolster their strength, become the only Arab members of the G20, won an unprecedented position.Abdullah launched late last year, oil price, directly to the United States declared war on the shale gas revolution, spirit, strength of malicious, directly to oil-producing countries such as Russia, Iran and venezuela shot in the fall on the ground, after the oil crisis of 1973 imparted to the world again "one thousand jins weight pressure".

    East to strategic leader Good relationship in the sand

    Chinese is the most reason to salute to the lost the king of Saudi Arabia.Abdullah "Saudi Arabia in the future in China" loud slogans, new China the following his first visit to the lock, open the Arab economic and trade strategy "look east", "see China in a new era of", leading the new tide in the Middle East countries attach importance to relations with China.Abdullah and President hu jintao during each have two visits, the visible and the heads of state of relations between the two countries closer.Promote China in Saudi diplomatic strategy in the separation, embodies the abdullah unique strategic vision and Bohemian style.

    The wenchuan earthquake in 2008, Saudi generously donated $50 million and $10 million in goods and materials, the follow up $50 million domestically and drive the united Arab emirates (uae).Saudi Arabia strong support of the Shanghai world expo in 2010, spent 1 billion yuan, the construction is the best, is also the most popular "hanging gardens" Saudi pavilion, Saudi hot controversy in China.Continuous double sand in abdullah, driven by economic and trade, trade accounts for almost half total bilateral trade, China became a Saudi Arabia's biggest oil buyer, Saudi become important petroleum security in China.

    Although abdullah himself had Syrian crisis for China there is no lack of position, but did not change its friendly stance towards China.Prince abdullah appointed salman's visit to China last year, is the highest reception, established bilateral strategic partnership.Announced even said, China sold to Saudi Arabia the advanced dongfeng 21

    medium-range missiles, continuation of the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1988 before they have reached a special military

    cooperation.Saudi Arabia as the only other country to get China's dongfeng missile, is enough to prove that the bilateral relationship is unusual.Can be expected, the successor abdullah to lay the good assets will be continue to value appreciation in his hand.

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