Review the movie intolerance tolerance - the cradle of love and kindness

By Jeffrey Ferguson,2015-10-22 09:00
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Review the movie intolerance tolerance - the cradle of love and kindness

Review: the movie intolerance tolerance - the

    cradle of love and kindness

    I believe that tolerance is the human eternal theme.Though van loon has pointed out that it is not calmly and human coexistence.I prefer to stubbornly believe that it's just time to form rather than subject essentially defined.The first thing to quote the definition of "tolerance".Although hedrick William van loon in the story of human liberation as the following statement: "the language is one of the most deceptive human invention, and all definitions are doomed with arbitrary."He will have to cite the British encyclopedia volume 26 different definitions of "tolerance" on page 1052: "tolerance (from Latin tolerare, namely tolerance), to allow freedom of action or judgement to other people, patiently and without prejudice to tolerate different from their own or the generally acceptable way or opinions."Van loon text is rigorous, there is no lack of again humor.Then he said, "can also have other definitions, but is concerned, the purpose of this book, I will let myself to accept the guidance of" the British encyclopedia "this passage."[1] in ancient times there is no difference and the individuality of human being submerged by the generality of the original survival overriding, of course, there is no tolerance or not.Because they do not exist alien, there would be no tolerance of the object.Struggle until the coming of personality caused by

    tolerance to [2].Imprisoned for western, conscripted the Texas and put to death, Socrates is the beginning of the fight, so to speak.After the time of ancient Greece, the struggle for tolerance and Christianity are closely intertwined.The Crusades, Bruno punished, this is an example of a known.Under the background of a long time, fight for tolerance means that their interpretation of the bible is unique;Reformation is to allow people to communicate with god in their own way.Religious reform as the prelude to the Renaissance.Since modern times, with the diversity of belief, the voice of the Renaissance advocate individual character all over the world;Philosophy on humanism, voluntarism, psychology especially Floyd's psychoanalysis theory of generation and development, more make humans following the trend of modern society at the same time, demands an unprecedented protruding of make public individual character, the problem of tolerance and corresponding generalization to all spheres of society.And humans in this doctrine, after god, humanistic three times, the understanding of the theme of tolerance has been deep, but in its prospects, is just stay on the above understanding, the development of human society production mode determines the tolerance is beyond redemption.

    Van loon's "tolerance", says the for thousands of years of human hard history of the struggle for tolerance, and Griffith film on the human eternal theme to give a unique interpretation with perfect artistic imagination.No wonder godard claimed that "the movie begins with Griffith"!Despite David w. Griffith on movie technology pioneering contribution to the movie business not to talk with him, because it is not

    the aim of this article), and affect the film viewing is closely related to the interest and understanding of the film editing skills such as parallel montage, cross montage, comparative montage, metaphor montage lens montage even such professional questions also best to those special critic (this is not my interested direction), I only the movie explained about the tolerance of the subject, published some of my personal superficial opinion.To this end, roughly introduced the main storyline, when the primary and necessary.

    By four different era, different regions of the story.- the first emphasizes the universality of it to illustrate problems and representative, from different aspects to interpret "the human from intolerant to mutual tolerance" this topic.

    The first story is the core of the film story happened in modern times, the mother and act was a famous misjudged cases according to the American.In 1914 the United States a town master owner James's sister, Mary's foundation, organize a group of female Puritan transformation of moral

    bioinformatics department foolish workers, they are not allowed to drink workers, they jump "rogue" folk is prohibited.James decided to deduct ten percent of all the workers wages to transform their, cause the workers went on strike;Large number of unemployed workers.Among them the protagonist of the story "beloved", "young man" and "alone".Guy because can't find a job is forced to "mean musketeers" do extortion of nasty things.But in with his beloved female reunited after two people love each other and planning to get married, he decided to lifting a decent man life.Musketeers try to theft will he framed and jailed.Her husband pending trial, beloved girl next child.Female pilgrims excuse her unable to rear and stole the

    child.Musketeers covet woman I love, and for a pretence answer help her find the child.At night, he attempted to sneak into the bride's side I love her violence, coincided with the young man to release back to self-destructiveness came.At this point, as a result of being unemployed to becoming a musketeers mistress alone female is hiding in the outside, witness the blatant musketeers, she shot pistol musketeers and thrown into the room and then run away.The police rushed into the house took the young man shot and killed the musketeers, hence it away.Evidence, the young man convicted of murder, was sentenced to be hanged.The second story is the Christ, drawn from the bible in three segments: 1. The changed water into wine.Jesus to place to caleb took were invited to a big wedding banquet.Drinking wine is a drink, Jesus will stone pot of water into the wine.2. The punishment whore.Sworn enemies of Jesus the pharisees brought a prostitute before Jesus let him send a sin, Jesus said: "among you who is without

    sin, cast stone to her first."The pharisees had to throw in the towel.3. The "passion".In 27 years, betrayed Jesus, in a stormy night was crucified on the cross.The third story "st. Taylor m section massacre" in France.In 1572 France during the religious wars, huguenot church and Catholic mass conflicts often occur.Protestant "brown eyes" and his family came to Paris, she with the spa, toure love each other and prepare for the wedding.The queen mother Catherine DE MeiDiJi excuse huguenots nim massacre in Catholic, ordered the king Charles ix retaliation.St. Taylor on August 24 meters day's night, a religious massacre began.Soldiers searching kill huguenots, rape;A panic over the city.Du, desperate to save his fiancee, has found brown eyes female were tortured and killed.He picked up the grief to her body lashing out at the atrocities, soldiers killed by chaos to rob.The fourth story is "the fall of Babylon.In 539 BC, the enlightened king, Bonny tucci and Wang Zibo sand under the governance of the babylonians lived a luxurious life.Palace poet fell in love with a smart beautiful girl "mountain", the mountain of stubborn girl never from, then be sent to the marriage market sale, XingYu Wang Zibo sand and for clearance and how to "freedom to marry or not marry".Mountain girl had affection on the handsome prince.Prince to a cult of the pagan goddess of love and her idols to square, make Chinese people converted to the pagan goddess.In the palace of the high priest was afraid his position threatened, hence colluded with court poets Cyrus king of Persia, while the babylonians binge drank no guard opened the gate to greet the Persian army.Court poets in mount entwine girl accidentally leaked the news.Mountain girl resolutely tidings drive towards the town, but the

    stories of belshazzar don't believe in beauty means the surprising news.The Persian army then poured into the city slaughter.Mountain girl to kill, but life coming to the battlefield.Belshazzar unpopularity, stabbed to death beloved wife, commit suicide, and die.Ancient civilizations Babylon has ceased to exist.......The first story continues: alone female conscience found finally to beloved girl to tell the truth.To save the young man must get the governor to pardon, but the governor just go by train.They take the car immediately after the train.The young man at this time has been to gallows.Car finally to catch the train, be careful daughter holding a pardon to the execution ground, noose had put on her husband's neck...The couple finally reunited with their children.

    Van loon intolerance of the signifier is divided into individual intolerant of intolerance and official: "personal intolerance can only limit for most of the citizens free nations don't mind, shall not be surpassed. Official intolerance does not, however, it can power. It besides our own strength, does not accept any authority. The official intolerance once a tantrum at random, can kill innocent people..."Thus, a kind of personal intolerance is a personal judgment, opinions and behaviors, or it can be a sign of personality, in the range of the law, as long as it doesn't infringe others freedom, it will have the right to exist;Intolerance of the official is "collective groups such as the state, society, religion" and "personal" on the logic of the asymmetry of the contradictions.In fact, this kind of intolerance in fundamentally denied the possibility of a

    personal choice of tolerance or not.The collective and the individual is two completely different qualitative category, although there are complementary to each other is a connection between them.Working backward from the past historical category, the official tolerance is important to individual tolerance.God era (western medieval feudal era, China in this column) in the political absolutism, moral concept of asceticism, on the other side of the values are from the official intolerance category.So Einstein points out that dream: "the most important tolerance is tolerance of individual country and society."[3] Griffith's intolerance to illustrate is the first category religious intolerance for the individual and society.

    Four stories of parallel development, cross cutting, in addition to the first story, the other three story ended in tragedy.It was interesting to Griffith stained the first filter in the film to create a special atmosphere of skills;Zhang in "hero" for each different theme lens shading the movie art technique, it is to this piece of reference?Get to the point, the occurrence of four stories are related to religion, the story of Christ is the source of the general starting point or theme: "made" water wine show Jesus benefit mankind;"Punishment whore" preach Jesus spirit of tolerance, and condemned the pharisees intolerance;"Good Friday" is a metaphor for the human Jesus crucifixion because of intolerance.St. Taylor m section of killing the story by the 16th century religious reform movement in the religious persecution to condemn the intolerance between the followers of Jesus.The fall of Babylon condemned intolerance extreme

    form of war and the displacement behavior of religious belief, the phenomenon of intolerance is a former Christian civilization society.Obviously, the first story is the star of the film, the mother and act it outside without a column is formed by religious intolerance, causing workers went on strike, leading to the happening of the tragedy.Female puritans, James, brother and sister, musketeers were persecutors.But the film theme sublimation in the young man after he was wrongly.The young man was framed by musketeers to stealing to clarify, illustrate the law attaches great importance to the evidence, the official tolerance shall be under the legal system to protect people's side, is one of great progress than the innocent.Alone the female conscience clarify the facts show that as a single person in the society the tolerant spirit of progress.Film's end, Griffith through imaginative images from his utopian ideal: further depicts the future, good and evil duel lead to world war ii, New York was bombarded, large Numbers of people were thrown into prison.Subsequently, an angel appeared, light destroy prison, freed prisoners.The last of the tyrant collapsed in the world.Prison into a meadow flowers, children play there with joy.Subtitle: love will bring eternal peace.- we feel how great are his Griffith's naive fantasy is that although he picked killing place in Asia and Europe and tolerant society to the United States (America is indeed a war-torn European is millennium) chauvinism thought has its limitations, though at the time of the United States is not tolerant (for black, Indian and Chinese immigrants ethnic persecution), although the film was in business failure (a great failure), although it obscure and even some of his content and form in today

    appear naive and David w. Griffith is a dazzling star in the history of the cinema in the world, and the intolerance for human liberation envisions a beautiful and exciting future.

    Griffith against hatred and intolerance, praise of love and kindness.Film with "of the cradle and mother images throughout, and matches by the American poet walt Whitman's poem:" like yesterday, today cycling. Rocking the cradle, bring the same passion for humans, the same superiorly happy joyful."Four stories on the technique of structure and also to show the development of human history: continuous years may wrinkle the endless cradle mother's picture is always full of kindness and love, deep meaningful, presages a only love, tolerance, to bring peace and good this eternal topic, also is the stage at the end of the film for.

    The history of intolerance brought huge disaster to human beings.Religious persecution, political tyranny, and worship of heroes and leaders lead to all sorts of horrible tragedy.Check, intolerance stems from a deep-rooted fear and self-preservation human natural exclusive and individual as a social animal.Van loon thought that fear is group members that somehow alien threaten their survival ego to protect consciousness, social intolerance is a kind of instinct self-defense it to maintain its own security.Its so so, because the human is still too young, because so far the survival of people was completely dominated by the terrorist.They are not robust to enjoy a colorful and way of being.Only when a person feel belong to the exclusive group of form by peers, and members of this group are sexual immorality in the same as their beliefs, prejudices, fears,

hopes and ideals, the talented person truly be

    happy.Appellation and beliefs often comes from the happiness of the following kinds: god's voters (relative to the pagan), ethnic (only) and outstanding class origins (relative to the landlord during the cultural revolution, the petty bourgeoisie), the gentleman (relative to the rabble), city (relative to the peasant, outsiders), communism, faith consistent even dink (single), homosexuality and so on and so on.Individuals with a firm faith firmly grasp the the source of happiness, such as stay lived the loop is, in order to avoid this outcome, it would add to the group of intolerance for its own security, at the tragedy.The intolerance of the pharisees, queen MeiDiJi, acted in collusion with the persians and the high priest, in an attempt to transform the "ignorance" Mary workers and female puritans as such.Thus, if a man of intolerance occupies the important position in the group, is a group of disaster;Fascism, leader of worship, the cultural revolution, cult, terrorism...Also there will be a most nucleus of intolerance.

    Ancient Greek philosopher profumo tangle, said: "man is the measure of all things."It when one of the earliest western plain humanism ideology, in a sense, humanism ideological trend of the era of pre-qin scholars of China (" care for the elderly, and people of the old ", "work" and "universal love not attack", "people your jun light", etc.), but it is only some of the original simple superficial understanding.Since the Renaissance, has experienced a long god socialist era, emphasis on individual, highlight the personality of humanism ideological trend of the wave height."God is dead", people's

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