002581 wanchang science and technology

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002581 wanchang science and technology

002581 wanchang ? science and technology

    A, the fundamentals

    Consider buying 2.9 billion pku LuWanChang technology even 8 harden

    After the seven days before harden, in early trading today, wanchang ? technology harden again, 35.71 yuan, up 10.01%.

    Wanchang ? technology news on August 21, announcement, the

    company intends to adopt the way of issuing shares to buy three anonymous group, shenzhen and other 20 the dealing party jointly held in xiamen north road of the biological engineering co., LTD. 100% stake, after completion, Pan Aihua, xiao-min Yang, Luo Deshun, zhao lotus to control by anonymous group about 26.38% of the shares of listed companies, and replace the company's largest shareholders and actual controllers bao-lin gao as a new practical control companies, the road will become a wholly owned subsidiary company of Peking University.

    According to the announcement, the north road of a 100% stake in forecasts for 2.933 billion yuan, the primary negotiation by the parties to determine, the property of the transaction price is about 2.933 billion yuan.As of April 30, 2014, north road of the book with a net worth of $662.3802 million, estimates increment rate of about 342.8%.Share issue price of 15.51 yuan/share.

    Data shows, north road, was founded in 1998, the department of cytokines drugs, antivirus, and other biological medicine research and development, production and sales of advantage enterprises, leading products for the injectable mouse nerve growth factor "complex" and "interferon" genetic engineering interferon, and ongoing other nerve injury repair, polypeptide drugs research and development.

    North road 2012, 2013 respectively achieve revenue 287.5258 million yuan, 401.0679 million yuan (unaudited), the growth rate of 64%, 39% respectively.Unaudited two recent accounting year after deducting non-recurring gains and losses of the net profit of 5514.57 ten thousand yuan respectively, 8846.03 ten thousand yuan.Preliminary forecast according to the road of the management of Peking University, Peking University road 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, is expected to realize the merger of the diameter after deducting non-recurring gains and losses net profit attributable to parent company owners were not less than 162.9514 million yuan, 230.0527 million yuan, 305.4792 million yuan, 368.9993 million yuan.(source: Oriental wealth network)

    North road, driving the development of biomedical headquarters economy

    March 25, 2014 08:41 sources:

    Settled in xiamen in 1998, north road of the biological engineering co., LTD. Has been important engine to promote the development of

    biological medicine industry in xiamen.As xiamen torch hi-tech zone "area many garden" the only one of the biological industry as the theme of the core zone and the industry-university-institute cooperation model, in 2013, north road of the sales income over 400 million yuan, profit tax of 175 million yuan.

    At the end of last year, the north of the road of nerve growth factor to the new production line through the national new GMP certification in 2010.The total area of about 3000 square meters, total investment of hundreds of millions of yuan production line, annual production of more than 10 million, is now the world's largest pipelining, special nerve growth factor production line.

    Shoulder the mission of biological pharmaceutical enterprises in fujian province, in 2014, north road will focus to drive the biological medicine based on economic development.

    On February 28th, the governor su shulin, in the research, said the north road to want north road to planning, bigger and stronger industry, developing headquarters economy, left more and better project in xiamen, and then lead to the development of hercynian biological medicine industry.

    To fully develop

    Create profit tax of 175 million last year

    Cifit, 1998, as the north anonymous biopharmaceutical in biological engineering group six major industry group core enterprise, the north road to the identity of the first contract project in xiamen, become xiamen torch hi-tech zone "area many garden" the only with a theme of biological industry in the core of the park.From now on, "a park enterprise, an enterprise's main one product" the unique development model, made the north road of "China's most beautiful garden pharmaceutical factory" reputation.

    For the north road, however, is behind the reputation of the enterprise more than ten years of unremitting efforts and don't insist on.North road, told reporters, head of biomedicine is a long development cycle industry, they are now the main products of grace by the main components of the compound, nerve growth factor (NGF plays) originally discovered in 1951, after half a century, however, in October 2002, nerve growth factor via workshop producing frozen powder injection production certification, obtained GMP certification, north road of the research and development of products, the answer came out finally, become the world's first nerve growth factor, and so far only a Nobel Prize by the Chinese people take the lead in industrialization.

    With such technical support, coupled with the continuous innovation of the enterprise itself, the north road not only realize the depth development of nerve growth factor, also in biosimilars, innovative drug

    made some achievements.Survey data in 2013, according to the market size of 9.3 million branch of the nerve growth factor, in the nearly 10 times than in 2007, and the well by the complex as the first brand of nerve growth factor, the market share is likely to be more than 50%.In addition,Company also plans to 2020, the global annual sales of the top ten cytokines, peptide and monoclonal antibody drug, a total of 30 biosimilars gradually to market.The 30 varieties, about 80% of the market, biological medicine all over the world combined sales of more than $80 billion in 2010.

    "At present, the market of nerve growth factor has annual sales of more than 1 billion yuan, as China's pharmaceutical market 'blockbuster'."Peking University officials said.

    In 2009, completed corporate restructuring north road to enter the stage of rapid development, since then, maintained a more than 50% growth every year, in 2013, the company business income is 417 million yuan, up 46%;Realize the profit tax of 175 million yuan, up 52% from a year earlier.According to the national ministry of industry and information technology published "Chinese medical statistical yearbook" in 2012, with the main business index total assets, main business revenue and profit targets, related parameters of the company in fujian province's first biological pharmaceutical enterprise.

    A new challenge

    The proposed five biological medicine production base

    In December 2013, the north of the road of nerve growth factor to the new production line of a new GMP certification through the national 2010 largest annual output can reach 10 million, the new production line means that the road of development of Peking University will improve.

    "After the new production line putting-in-service proactively, our annual output value is expected to be from the original 600 million yuan, up to 2 billion yuan."Peking University, said an official with the path of the current of the world's largest pipelining, special nerve growth factor production line will also be enterprise construction five of the world's largest production base of biological medicine goal one step further.

    According to introducing, the north road is around "1 billion project" and "five of the world's largest biomedical base" the road to the development planning and construction of Peking University, including the world's largest production base of nerve growth factor and FMD vaccine production base was established in xiamen and Beijing respectively;The world's biggest insulin and interferon production base is in jiangsu changzhou and tianjin construction;Insulin project will achieve production in 2014;The world's largest antibody drug production base, is planning to cooperate with hefei government construction.

    In the north road, chairman of Pan Aihua view, in the 21st century is a century, biological life science will become the leading disciplines,

    biological economy will become a pillar industry, human will into the biological economy times.

    Antibody drug of the world's largest production base, for example, Beijing university biological economy demonstration area in 2014 is expected to biological medicine industrial park construction, the project total investment 10 billion yuan, will be the ten antibody drug research and development.After all projects completed and put into operation can realize the output value 50 billion yuan, profit tax of 10 billion yuan, to become the world's biggest antibody drug production base.At that time, will gradually introduce people with a vaccine, interferon and modern Chinese medicine industry.

    According to the planning and development model, by 2020, through the "five of the world's largest biomedical base" and 30 generics production of mergers and acquisitions, the north road to realize the market value of billions, to become the world's most complete biological product of the enterprise.

    Comprehensive layout

    Build the biological medicine "silicon valley"

    In fujian province, the eleventh five-year plan, "efforts to training biomedical industry become a strategic industry in our province", "set up in fuzhou, xiamen and biological medicine professional incubator", xiamen "11th five-year plan" the development of science and technology

    special planning the biological pharmaceutical industry as one of the three largest emerging industry key support development.Xiamen biotechnology and new medicine industry base in the construction of "national biological industry base" for the development goals, based on regional biological medicine industry base, based on the biological medicine "preclinical research, achievements, and large-scale production industry chain, in accordance with the" incubator, experimental base, industrial park "three hierarchical planning and advancing step by step, continue to grow stronger biological medicine industry in xiamen.

    North road, then, will play a leading role, how to promote the development of the industry?

    In Pan Aihua's words, "the north road is Beijing university 'use of a product launch a market, the use of a market development, the use of an enterprise to create a base, an enterprise with a base to promote a' development of Chinese biotechnology industry thought".So, next, companies want to reorganize the north garden, DNA landmark building, through the influence of the north road leading enterprises and technical strength to attract high-quality talent and investment projects, developing headquarters economy, at the same time, with the help of park land and policy advantages, introduce the project to hatch, and lead to the development of xiamen and biological medicine industry in fujian

    province, the construction of xiamen into the world's "silicon valley" of biological medicine.

    In May 2012, north road and torch high-tech zone administrative committee jointly signed the "development of xiamen sea and the life sciences industry strategic cooperation framework agreement, the two sides will set up in" Beijing university biological garden "the world's first biological economy incubators, and will be" Beijing university biological garden "into the world famous biomedical base.

    Incubator Pan Aihua think, want to build biological economy, first of all to establish the "highway" of new drug research and

    development.Based on this, the north anonymous group started the "beach pick up gold engineering", and the world famous venture investment funds and other investment institutions, but to give up the project from they talked about in the screening of "golden project".And through the integration of the resources, the industrialization of new drug research and development all over the world with valuable results for China use, using China before clinical trials of drug research and clinical trials unique resource advantages, set up the "highway" of new drug research and development, realize the new drug research and development of new ideas, new patterns and new standards.

    In the north of the road of planning blueprint, the company to will achieve 1.2 billion yuan of sales revenue in 2015, creating 300 million

    yuan of sales profit, realize the value of 15 billion yuan, as China biological medicine leading enterprises;By 2030, the road to the north by building a effective new drug research and development system, can realize the trillions of market value, to become the world's leading enterprises in the biological medicine.


    Comments: please friends see the scarlet letter part, if so, what brother judgment than younger sister's shares, will rise to the same height as Everest

    In the history of the best combination of "optimal",

    wanchang ? increase how much?

    Recently, the high quality of wanchang ? road combination with

    Peking University of science and technology company attracted the attention of the capital market, the stock price for seven consecutive word up plate.Subsequent can still up?What the open board?Open plate after what is up?

    First, the follow-up is sure to rise.The reason is:

    1, suspended for four months, the small and medium-sized plate index rose more than 10%, there were at least one or two just to catch up plate (plate small high quality);

    2, good quality.Asset-liability ratio is 6%, high accumulation fund (expansion force), high operating margin (40%), high operating net

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