Toxic haze attack again!The haze of small common sense must be known

By Alicia Snyder,2015-10-21 11:24
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Toxic haze attack again!The haze of small common sense must be known

    Toxic haze attack again!The haze of small common sense

    must be known

    Haze large array, "foggy city" people know what to wear masks

    But this is far from enough to eyes what is dew.So, here are some practical small haze prevention knowledge, by adjusting the resist fog daily life every little detail.

    ? dressed up with tips

    Mask + cap + long dress.

    Fog day wearing a mask is the basic common sense, in addition to wearing a mask we can also put on his hat, wear a bit longer.Wear a hat can reduce a large number of adsorption of contaminants, hair long coat, effectively reduce the human body and harmful air contact area.

    It is worth noting: currently, which can prevent haze mask is very much, but what he really has the haze effect was little.Have been tested through the experiment of general market mask haze, recommendations are as follows: when choosing masks as far as possible choose the "anti particles masks enforced standard" mask, such as gb GB2626-2006 / NIOSH/oubiao EN149 American standard;At the same time try to choose and face joint with high degrees of masks.

    Mask can play a dust-proof and bacteria effect, but don't hope all of the haze to it.

    ? within a physical haze

    Prevent mist haze and eyebrow in the United States are very pay attention to skin care maintenance, in addition to the external resistance bacteria dust, enhance physical quality is the key to resist disease.

    Haze weather, the first can eat turnip, lily, pig has clear lung detoxification efficacy of food, such as blood, and with a diet of methods to build up the body immunity of fog;Second, fog day also should smoke less, drink more water, accelerate the metabolism of the body, discharge toxins in the body.

    ? outdoor activities to slightly

    Go out to catch up with the fog haze during day, girls don't stay in foreign families for long time, as far as possible to stay quiet breathing, small step for a quick walk to arrive at the destination.With nose breathing at the same time to avoid a gulp, let nose hair and mucus from harmful particles in the nasal cavity, prevent them from direct tonsils.

    Many girls in the fog haze days may feel nose is uncomfortable, this is normal phenomenon, gently blow blow your nose can appropriate relief.But if the throat is not feeling well, can pay attention to regulation under our breath way.

    ? indoor protection have a coup

    From outdoor to indoor "smoke", the first thing to do is wash her hands and face wash residues in the nasal cavity fog particles.

    Even if the fog is extremely serious, at noon time also need window will open to sew a little, let air flow change, avoid indoor oxygen breath.Closed doors and Windows easy cause indoor oxygen breath for a long time, high co2 concentration can be harmful to human body.

    Try to go to bed early at night, because sleep can slow breathing, reduce the intake of harmful particles.

    60 years ago, the world's most famous travelling to London, because of the fog in 4 days more than 4000 people died, cause respiratory disease, more than 5000 people.Fog particles on the adsorption of heavy metals, pathogenic bacteria much more special, inhaled lung prone to various diseases.Friends, it is very urgent to prepare haze prevention measures.

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