Why don't the American middle class buy luxuries

By Maria Thomas,2015-10-20 16:28
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Why don't the American middle class buy luxuries

    Why don't the American middle class buy


    A us authority statistics show that in 2013, the Chinese luxury consumption amount is about 380 billion yuan in 2014, up 9% from a year earlier, in the NBA, the world's biggest luxury buyer.In front of the Chinese to be generous, why americans not keen on luxury goods?Settled in Los Angeles Chinese Fan Qi after a period of deep observation, gave his answer.

    (1) and class

    Living across the street, Cameron is a typical American middle class.Male host Anthony is a middle managers of financial institutions, wife meryl is a primary school teacher, among the upper middle income.But every time I saw the couple, both found the dress and ordinary people.

    At the end of 2008, I to have a New Year's eve party community.This is my first time to attend a formal social events, so I rented for $300 a old prada dress, hope it can help ChengCheng scenes.

    I want to meryl will on this occasion your hidden deep "power".But that night, she only wore a blue lake, CK dress, let me surprise.And meryl's explanation is, choose CK in her middle class status.

    Meryl with an image of the metaphor: pheasant not because your back for a few colourful becomes the peacock feathers.Actually, not that americans don't like high-end brands, but most of the consumers of luxury goods only limit in the fixed population, such as enterprise jinling, fashion people professional athletes, entertainers, and so on.

    Americans have no notion of "face", people won't because of vanity and spend a few months salary to buy a pair of shoes, LV (Louis vuitton).So not only adults, young people are completely won't hit swollen face depth.

    Once met meryl son mark in the supermarket, see he is carefully selected Levis, Levi's jeans at a discount.I asked him why not go to store to buy just listed on the main new, I'm impressed with mark's answer:

    "What my parents aren't rich, even if I put on the new style of Levis, also become" rich second generation ". Besides, after l8 years old and I want to make money to feed themselves, then there is no more money to buy the name brand, so now it is quite good."

    Looking at a face of indifferently and content of mark, I began to love dearly had rented prada dress that the $300 investment, saving face really can kill people.

    (2) personality and taste

    Slowly, I found that americans have of big luxury brands are not so cold there is another reason, that is able to buy so many brands in the United States, people's choice is very wide.

    One year before Christmas, and colleagues Jenny go to

    macy's.Because early hear Jane inherited a large fortune from her grandparents, her usual consumption level is also different from ordinary workers, so was curious about what she would buy the husband and son a gift.She soon picked two men scarf.

    I once took to glance down on the price, dear, it's not cheap, and near the counter Burberry (Burberry) par.I asked Jenny, "now that prices are about the same, how to don't buy your husband that Burberry plaid scarf?"

    Jenny with puzzled eyes looking at me, took out the scarf, from to the style of design and color, from design to quality of a material, say the right things.

    Finally, she ask me: "about price, price is not the same, if for you, which would you choose? The ah, of course, is with good quality. Why should I pay for the auction big-name advertising?"A few other words I was speechless, americans pay attention to the reality, don't play virtual, that I learned.

    Big actually, americans do not want to use for packing also has a deeper reason, that is their individual from the moment of birth to see above all else, like personality, do STH unconventional or unorthodox, themselves, the smaller the better, choose the several so-called big, obviously does not help them achieve this goal.

    In June 2012, the husband of a securities company to hold a charity party, I was invited.

    Because I heard that a famous "stock god" buffett and Bill Gates in the guest list.In the evening, I used two close the opportunity to look closely at the two clothes, "starring" found both buffett and gates are chosen niche brand.

    I held the husband colleague Mrs. Sophie, asked her what was buffett and gates dress brand, the results of the senior editor of a fashion magazine was also confused about, can't find the source.However, Sophie have also made a very reasonable analysis and interpretation:

    Characters, such as warren buffett and gates do not need to use a zegna to identified, they are all keen to philanthropy to the low-key man, if it is really wore zegna, but seem superficial vulgar.

    (3) individuals and families

    The deeper American life, the more I think their money values are different.Compared with the gold of Chinese luxury goods to and from myself and the people are more willing to put money into infrastructure maintain the feeling of family and family.

    Tiffany is I often go to the fitness club yoga coach, daily life she always dress very casual parity in and out, so when she told me to go to see a Denver broncos game, she had bought the family everyone starts at $400 a set of standard football suits, I didn't closed mouth half a day.

    I asked, "tiffany is don't want to use the money to add some new clothes and shoes high quality?"

    She blinked his a pair of big blue eyes smiled and said: "compared to dress up myself, I am more willing to spend money to do something for my family."Viewpoint of a lot of people think that americans love is weak, the concept of family is not too strong, in fact, americans are attached great importance to contact feelings with his family.

    Later I found that even a limited income, frugality to

    lower-middle-class americans, also won't accumulate money used to buy yourself a big order, but to add, update, bulk goods in the home.

    Once, to make our home fixed hourly workers Lucy leave with me and said she bought home a double open the door of the refrigerator, and I asked her what brand of freezer, Lucy a face proudly replied: "Kenmore (Mr)."This brand of refrigerator is not cheap.

    "For me, can let husband after go drink cold beer, good for school children to eat delicious ice cream, this is the most happiness thing under the sun."Looking at Lucy that guileless simple and honest smile, I make up my mind: in a few days also to his family in a super nice big refrigerator.

    What is the true happiness?Some people devoting money big to wear in the body, whereas americans live a life they want, with money for the family and family seeks profit, which is more valuable?What's your answer?

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