Google Android 5.1

By Danny Webb,2015-10-20 12:24
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Google Android 5.1

    Google Android 5.1

    In the android ecosystem, the handset makers are hoping to become a Google (weibo) "godson" or "son", so as to get the android upgrade "special attention".In MOTOROLA mobility to the lenovo group, China's President, and "Android One 'alliance vendor, as Google Android real" son ".According to the number of foreign media reports, Google has to some Android One push Android 5.1, the new system for the first time outside, I know there is version 5.1.

    The main manufacturers, is known to all, the android camp is currently busy for mobile push Google late last year launched the

    android 5.0 (and according to this version to a custom ROM package or UI), and Google began to push the news of the android 5.1 parts manufacturers, a startling.

    According to the science and technology news site CNET reports, Google Android, according to One official website Android 5.0 has emerged a new upgrade.

    Google did not blatantly announced Android version 5.1, but in the official website, Google said: "an Android One, based on the latest version of the Android - Lollipop 5.1 fast flowing smartphone."

    On the web, Google android 5.1 system are introduced a number of improvements, including promoted twice on certain performance index, smart phone's battery life will improve, another new set function, can monitor the user's mobile network data usage.

    Similarly, the technology of other media also disclosed the birth of the android version 5.1.

    According to the United States on Wednesday technology news website "Android Pit", in Indonesia market launch some Android One smartphone, the outside world saw an Android 5.0 after the latest update.

    Industry sources said, according to Google plans, android 5.1 system will be ready and push the end of February.The latest information update Google Android One website, and time to match the upgrade.

    However, whether the android version 5.1 was born, Google is not willing to confirm or deny this issue to the science and technology media.

    Android 5.0 a quite important in the history of android development version, including the introduction of new design language, aesthetic of the user interface to achieve the "corners", upgrade the effect also won the broad masses of the android fans agree, many users commented that the new system show "originally Google also has such a good user interface design ability".

    After release, the android 5.0 compatibility problems appeared in the many mobile devices.The Nexus in the own brand mobile devices, Google changed the multiple problems, and introduced the android 5.0.1 and android 5.0.2 two new version.

    According to the android news website reported, android 5.1 the new added a number of functions, but the biggest change is to support the "silent", banning cell phones ring and vibration.

    It is reported that android 5.1 features include the following contents:

    - disappeared in the android 5.0 system, to increase the silent mode

    - on the stability of the android system overall ascension

    - memory management improvement

    - suddenly closed for some mobile phone application software, modified

    - battery management function has the improvement

    - when using the wi-fi network, for the excessive access problem of network equipment

    - changed the wireless connection problems

    - Google voice assistant "OKGoogle part function problem for modification

    Part of the problem to modify - notification function

    - specific voice problems of mobile devices, has been modified

    -- "MaterialDesign palette of the problems in the design language has been modified.

    For Android One plan, when Google first push Android 5.1 system, arrived just in time.

    Android is One Google for developing countries to launch Android smartphones plan, Google is responsible for the overall design scheme of mobile phone and all operating system and application software update push, Android One league hardware vendor is responsible for the Android mobile phone manufacturing and sales.

    Before, Google has been working and multiple vendors in India to start selling Android One phone.According to Indian media, however, the Android One mobile phone hardware configuration is too low, the price cannot and pouring into China on a large number of competing brands.At present, China's millet glory, huawei, lenovo, MOTOROLA, asustek in competing for the Indian market, introduced a very competitive, the price is $100 android phones.In addition, Indian local brands also exist a lot of cost-effective android mobile phones.

    The analysis thinks, Google Android One plan cannot compete with China "cost-effective corps", Google or joint manufacturers to further improve the hardware configuration, reduce prices, either on the system function and software with exclusive advantage.

    According to the report, Google has Android One phone stretches from India to more Asian countries, at the end of last year, Android mobile phone has entered the camps in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other countries.

    For Google, through the exclusive "contracted" mobile phone software system, can avoid the embarrassment of their encounter in the Chinese market - almost all of the android mobile phone manufacturer in China, in the process of android custom modify delete the Google software and services, into the store their digital content and software.Google profits by the android system is one of the important channels be blocked.

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