How to increase their charm women

By Clara Pierce,2015-10-19 22:28
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How to increase their charm women

    How to increase their charm women

    The secret of how to increase their charm woman, I hope you know that no matter how our natural appearance, age, every woman has the potential to become more beautiful and moving, never give up to myself.

    First say how to improve the physical charm:

    1 find suits own color and outfit.The color of the clothes of a person's overall impression is huge.To wear clothes for decades, can from his own feeling and evaluation of others come to the conclusion that the most suitable for their own color, know which color to avoid.Young when can try some more style, digging their own potential, and gradually find out the most suitable for their own.Accidental transform style is very good, but must know which is best for yourself.It is good to also do not think that famous brand, famous brand is to a certain age, class and style design, if you are not suitable for not only the temperament of the not to come out to wear, and appear nondescript.Man will find each other with brand and running-in.I have a feeling for their style of simple method, is to look for and their appearance, temperament is like star, or you want to become a star, to imitate her costume and grade, this won't guarantee success, everyone but sometimes groped can save you a lot of energy.

    2 to learn make-up.

    Unless you are young, or clear water gives lotus, no makeup is very beautiful, otherwise you must learn some basic skills.Women's skin aging fast, as we age, the skin is flabby, pores increases, facial expression dark heavy, spots increase, what all don't do it, face will become very not spirit even very fierce.Appropriate put on a bit of makeup can let you find the original own, women should get respect.Makeup and wear clothes also need to constantly fumble and try, so I said to learn.There are several love beautiful girlfriends together to share their experiences in cosmetics and, will save you a lot of money, get a lot of advice.

    3 master dress of magic

    Want to know their own strengths and weaknesses, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses.This Japanese women around me is really enough.Take photos when a friend is always behind the others and open a distance, I think she is shy at first, afterwards just know she secretly using distance method, on the picture she had chubby face and everybody face size differ.Distance method in girls like headshot and also play a magic in the mobile phone self-time, find the best Angle, anyone can make far more beautiful than my photos.There are a lot of magic can make people more beautiful.Such as the popular Japanese relaxation before sox can cover slightly thick ankles, garment place just reached coxal top coat can cover big butt, short neck a lot of people

    wear v-neck becomes slender, shoulder width can on the strapless dress in a dark little shawl, a short and fat can wear long vest in coat can improve the effect of running and so on.Like the color and style of not necessarily is suitable for yourself, don't feel like to watch others wear good-looking also good-looking, slowly to figure out the most suitable for their own clothes.

    4 don't spend money and effort only on clothing and cosmetics

    If let me give a static grade woman, face, hair, body, clothes for 25 points each, will you still accounts for only a quarter of the part for spell on a percentage of power?It is no matter how beautiful clothes to wear some woman also can not meet the desired effect, and some women just wear a T-shirt and a beautiful secret.Give your energy and financial balance, don't forget to give hair and a part of the body.

    May do good to the skin

    The skin the best of times, ferial how you treat your skin, how is it back to you.Instead of the expensive to protect skin to taste it, it would be better to use existing in hand to protect skin to spend a little time to have a good every day in the skin of a lot of water, a massage for yourself, don't be lazy in daily care.As long as the stick, you will be paid for.

    The beauty of 6 healthy without exercise with the diet

    Young when tightening slender limbs, straight posture is born.But everyone indisposition would gradually accumulates in everyday life, slowly change your appearance and attitude, even more serious consequences.Proper exercise will not only eliminate the proud flesh, correct posture, but also enhance immunity, prevent the effect of many diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.Doesn't insist on doing sports and full exercise of the physical distance between women will pull more and more far.Not during pregnancy have children, easy to get fat I will own weight of constitution for about 13 years, there is the effect of sport and diet.

    Rich nutrition and a balanced diet is very important to people of all ages.For women, is good for skin nutrition supplements is

    indispensable.Such as the shape of skin collagen after 30 years of age will be reduced sharply, not appropriate complement skin and elasticity of the hair will be reduced.And enhance resistance and has whitening effect of vitamin C, prevent the aging of vitamin E, etc., need to be positive from the diet or nutritional supplement.There are plenty of good nutrition to the skin, such as grape polyphenol, tannins in red wine, and so on also should actively added.To master some basic knowledge of nutrition, eat the in the mind to myself to do, eating food with today shape tomorrow's skin.

    Besides, how to improve the intrinsic charm:

    1 to improve grade

    Living in a high overall aesthetic consciousness of environment will make you naturally improve grade.By studying fashion magazine, can go to the streets to see the beauty of the dress to make their edification, but don't see clothes buy clothes only to improve the taste, more want to go to natural edify and extracted from art.Different styles in the world the beauty of nature, in the same way.Nature is the source of human aesthetic, many artists inspiration comes from nature, the Japanese delicate aesthetic and season are inseparable.Beautiful paintings and excellent buildings, decorate household, love good food but don't do version, put in the outside to eat good things into their own spiritual nutrition rather than fat, but without money wisdom to improve your grade.

    2 those career choice.

    Many actresses in the not so good when I started out, but then more and more beautiful, like a jewel emits light.This is because of her professional forced her to burnish his ceaselessly, the pursuit of better forever.We can't do stars, but some high-profile professional such as a platform of teachers, and all sorts of people salesman, OL to big

    companies and guest services, personnel, etc., have more prompt burnish its own power.ITeachers in China for two years after graduation, in Japan there are more than four years, work under the attention of many students every day.I take a bath before going to work, do one's hair, with a variety of clothes, flowers and delicate makeup, let oneself always have a place to have a bright spot to attract the attention of students.Every time I keep smiling to the student, remind yourself that belly in her shoulders relax, requires a finger point don't forget to remind myself that the day when you cut nails good nail polish.Teaching level is very important, but your foreign language again good, is still a face of stiff example bad mouthing, head type affectation, even wear clothes give students a lecture, you think they would have a vision of a foreign language from the heart, willing to and you the same efforts, finally live a life like you?A teacher only attractive, students will love you, and they will fall in love with what you teach and study very hard.In fact the same is true in other industries.

    3 beautiful posture and action

    To this point, my husband and I have a consensus in China have a plenty of figure and appearance are good beauty, but we have not seen a posture beauty.As long as the move, the behavior and attitude of a woman can affect her charm.Such as fork legs sitting position, fan cool

    on hot days with skirt, with like the toilet next crouching, smile to show all the gum, chew while talking to people unscrupulous, when using chopsticks, the bowl apart from elbows at the dinner table, and so on is very ugly.In principle, a woman should not closed points, such as sitting with legs can't points, elbows will droop as far as possible not to open, shoulders natural subsidence, lower jaw slightly closed.Such not only looks more beautiful posture, also have to tighten the effect of the muscle.I at ordinary times of elegant move around women especially have a good impression, but also to remind yourself constantly improved.

    4 sound beauty

    Many people have a Japanese woman speaks good impression, but why not say Japanese men speak good to listen?Because men and women not only of the Japanese language and tone is slightly different, and Japanese women pay more attention to their voice, the voice of a lot of people are specially made, especially on the phone and

    hospitality.When people can't see you, your voice is the only standard he play brownie points for you.Some woman figure and appearance is very beautiful, but a mouth will give a muddy taste and vulgar, let people stay at a respectful distance from sb.Are many types of voice are attractive, in

    general slightly uplift, euphemism, let others feel happy and have a spirit of female voice heard more attractive.

    Five women always need love

    Woman after getting married, also need to be in love, the love not is cheating on her husband.Women in love the female hormone secretion will increase, which makes woman skin condition is good, attractive, emitting light.Just married, my husband and I often have students guess bride you.But can kyushu man told his wife what sweet words, let alone has more than ten years all live together, who are not busy every day?But my husband on a business trip after you come back often bring me a small gift, a bracelet, a necklace, a skirt or something.Actually, I am very picky, what others to buy me a little in my mind.But the husband's gift is different, even if I don't like but still feel very happy, because he still treat me as a woman, want to choose a gift for me.I would also like to do all my life let a man for his gift of woman.

    A has reached 60 years to forget a friend is a relatively rare in Japan, the whirlwind of female leadership.But before one to a husband, she immediately back to the little girl, say buy things now and husband together, have a favorite deliberately seek a husband to buy expensive clothes yet.

     Heterosexual eyes and compliments to improve the charm of a woman is also very important.Woman positive information from the opposite sex to get the love feeling, so as to promote the female hormone secretion.Don't despise men, scold them, in fact, a man of honest use their eyes to their impression of you, s much more believable than lying.Easy to accept other people's praise and attention from the opposite sex, and took it as a vitamin promote themselves more beautiful and happy.

    6 has its own specialty

    Either on the one hand, singing, dancing, playing the piano, movement, language, mathematics, writing, cooking, decorating, receive, parenting, write, and so on and so on, most mediocre it doesn't matter, but one must take to specialty.In need of action or to help others, which makes you gain confidence.Both in personal life and work, able to attract others admire make others feel man is attractive.Imagine a looks very ordinary woman, but can write beautiful words, or she write not beautiful, but can be usedComputer design elegant format, with beautiful words, or she is not very good at computer, but can be drawn by our own hands a little illustration to go with her to write content.Charm at such a time flash light.

    7 character and charm

    Character occupy a large proportion in the feminine glamour shape, and character will also affect the appearance.Cheerful woman around is always full of sunshine, also gathered more and more popular, attractive than people in the negative.Can find others strengths sincere compliment others women attractive.Do not envy woman heart generous, sincere good.Envy woman eyes are green, to see the distortion, will lose the right judgment.Love is women's nature, not missing nosy women everywhere.But attractive women are often speak less and listen more of that category.Listening is a respect for others and care, not the length of any dispute, provide valuable opinions only when needed.

    Brain is not clever woman through careful preparation beforehand to make up my own shortcomings, as to be able to do a good job and obtain the goodwill of others.Beauty of a woman is always

    prepared.Attractive woman don't always curtilage at home, she travelled through growth stories, establish a broad view of the world, through communicating with people to understand and accept other people's different.Always don't trust, will not be easily swayed mind of your own.Attractive woman know how to harmony with people around you, she is willing to share with others, when a person can't handle would humbly seek the help of the people around you;She is able to forgive the mistakes of others, their failed can also climb up again.While women are the biggest charm of personality is concern and love, for others.

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