A person's back in time - Benjamin button reviews

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A person's back in time - Benjamin button reviews

    A person's back in time - "Benjamin button" reviews

    An old man speak out before death, a diary is carrying a ordinary legend.

    David fincher to take advantage of the deep, dark lenses in suspense, which showed the plot exposed human nature.In "Benjamin button", but he turned into fantasy for the film, with a rejuvenation of amazing stories to tell time staggered human sentiment changes in temperature.The hero Benjamin was father abandoned for born a man face, kind of black women queenie adopted him, when the people around us is getting old but he is young, slowly with a heart that doesn't go with face feeling into everything in his life.Tasted the bloody war, in youth and Daisy going through a long lost love, obliged to leave after our daughter was born, eventually turned into a baby back to the old Daisy arms quietly close your eyes.

    Because we often think nothing of the passage of time, and will only be devoid of preparation before losing.The leaves fall, photo will be yellow, lover's hands grew rough, years of bland so filar silk change occurred in each person's side, we used to go with the flow.The film through Benjamin run counter to the person's life will change these small infinite amplification, contrast is to let the space time acceleration, like every single moment with the ticking bell echoed in the heart.

    Everyone wants to own the most perfect one side without reservation to present to others, in their most beautiful time is to meet the right person, can in the most proud of

    the years have the wayward thoughts.When meets body zi handsome features, Benjamin and Daisy's love there is no doubt that is the most beautiful in the film but also the saddest period of, two people like phase parallel trains to their future and hear the voice of each other at a distance, when mutual crisscross broke out in the strong vibration and resonance, but after a brief encounter helpless separation.Daisy do not leave the beautiful appearance, but Benjamin in young slowly, two people's lives have been cruel stretched, two years from each other in the mixed with love, responsibility, and regret.

    When all the experience and memories is "the past", thought and evaluation can only be engraved on the tombstone and infiltration into the soil.When the other people in the eyes of ordinary or great is no longer important, I just want to return to the arms of love, come see myself through her eyes quietly, to the body, only she read my life the last moment of silence.

    Wonders of happen to Benjamin back in time to let a person sadness at the end, director of the hero's compassion may conceal his experienced by warm, but the plot by inside and outside sending out to the call of the beautiful past and retain, although most beautiful things cannot be eternal, but from the heart of loyalty wish could be forever.Just like in the film the pointer DaoZou clock, it seemed to recover it quietly in the past, all repair is not perfect, let the soldiers in the war to home back to their parents,

let the helpless to leave lover bosom, turn back the hands of all the sad ending always at

the beginning of a beautiful story.

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