The Microsoft Windows 9 - how to develop the next generation system

By Judy Simmons,2015-10-18 16:15
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The Microsoft Windows 9 - how to develop the next generation system

    The Microsoft Windows 9 - how to develop

    the next generation system

    Currently on the various Windows 8.1 Update 1 leaked screenshots and new features have been widely circulated in the Internet, seems Microsoft hopes through frequent updates to weaken consumer dissatisfaction with Windows 8 system.Previously, Windows 8 in 15 months sales reached 200 million, this is not a bad result, so why Microsoft to frequently update this version?

    Apparently, the development strategy of Microsoft, is a transformation by a system platform company for equipment and services company.But, in fact, Windows is still very important, because it is a Microsoft extension services and hardware of the most effective

    means.Not just sales system itself, integrated Windows bing search, OneDrive cloud services, Office is Microsoft's main profit project, so for the current Microsoft to say, Windows is still the root of all.

    So, if Windows 8.1 update 1 launched in April this year, Windows Phone 8.1 release in years, Microsoft Windows system for the future construction direction be?

    A more "mobile" Windows

    Apparently, Microsoft hopes to also must be in the mobile space, can at least keep the market share from Google Android and apple's iOS continues to erode.Microsoft seems determined to RT (Metro home screen) and integrate the Windows Phone platform, change fragmentation (there is no one company with two completely different mobile platforms).RT platform of mobile Apps and Windows Phone individually, and have not reached the best level, the user is not, also increased the developer of the software development is difficult.

    At the same time, the Windows mobile system after integration, not only can perfect adaptation smartphones and, also is likely to be integrated into One platform, enhance its application performance.

    We also see that the upcoming X USES highly customized Android system, in addition to Google's core built-in Microsoft application,

    perhaps this is Microsoft at some stage will use a mobile strategy.Using compatible with Android form, make Windows equipment is more easy to use, such as the asus Transformer Book price, is an example of a more successful.

    Anyway, Windows mobile transformation is a long way to

    go.Microsoft needs to launch more and more clear mobile platform, reduce the number of users and developers, confusion, at the same time to optimize the development environment, attract more software vendors to join, to build a platform for users love, full of commercial prospects.

    Windows will eventually be free?

    Last year, apple released the OS X giant, completely free and open and free for new hardware iWork series software, won a great success, also let Microsoft once again.But Microsoft has also made a compromise, a Windows software upgrade from not as fast as Windows 8.1, added many new features;And the future of Windows 8.1 update 1 is provided free of charge.Obviously, mobile platform update mechanism is having an effect on a desktop system, lead to Microsoft needs to respond more quickly to the market.

    , of course, in the short term may not be a huge change, still not free Windows 9 no accident, but the fierce competition in the mobile platform will let Microsoft considered more (Android is completely free, RT and Windows Phone is not).

    To sum up, for Microsoft, the transformation must be pain and long, we are looking forward to the new CEO Satya Nadella can bring more new change for Microsoft, revitalize the old technology company more vitality.

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