Billions of dollars of myth Present explosive growth in India's electricity

By Harold Richardson,2015-10-17 13:55
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Billions of dollars of myth Present explosive growth in India's electricity

    Billions of dollars of myth Present explosive growth in

    India's electricity

    As mobileThe InternetRise and start-ups, Indian electricity show explosive growth, according to a forecast to reach $100 billion.Vc break into India, local electricity is still faced with poor infrastructure, technology innovation, such as limited is the scale of billions of dollars of so-called dream or reality, remains to be proved.

    "Billions of dollars the myth"

    Reporter in nearly a year to India, bomb through word of mouth and media friends, slowly also spelled all the Indian electricity puzzles.inChinaMature development of electrical business platform has a corresponding India version, just in the initial stage of development. Cleartrip and Make My Trip is the Indian version of go, Zomato is equivalent to the Indian version of the public comments, it to jingdong, and Indian version Snapdeal on taobao, pay treasure to Paytm and drops a taxi Ola...

    Snapdeal was originally a electricity monopoly discount coupons, founder of kunar. Baal and rohit. Class sal acknowledged that China four years ago when inspired by alibaba website, only transformation to do online retail.

    Everything happened so naturally.Reporters last year in the domestic watch friends to show off in India by using a mobile phone to buy the

    tickets, just arrived at the beginning of India is in the hotel by electric business platform website "Quikr - Quikr" television advertising cycle brainwashed.Now go on mumbai highway, looked up to

    seeamazonAdvertising, who claimed to be India's largest shopping sites. In India, the electricity became a phenomenon, app became popular, and even the yuan activity sometimes develop exclusive app, it had to blame the rapid spread of smartphones.

    Since 2013, the number of smartphone users in India rapidly rising, is expected to reach 168 million this year.By 2020, this number will rise to 750 million.New users surge in IndiaThe mobile InternetRapid growth, a large number of startups trying to copy the successful experience of China, the United States and other countries, in the Indian city of bangalore cluster growth of science and technology.

    The financial times in August papers describe Indian start-ups and boom of investment, said bangalore is experiencing a "second rise".According to the report, the word "subversion" quickly became the bangalore those fashion technology entrepreneurs talk about content."The number of venture capital firms, investment scale, the development of things of gold wind speed... each aspect is subversion."

    India's largest e-commerce sites it in May this yearfinancingLater, valuations have reached $15.5 billion.itexecutivesRhetoric, India can alsoproduce electricity company of $100 billion.

    Except it Snapdeal, company, Quikr OlaCabs and Paytm electric business platform, India, and valuations are more than 1 billion dollars. Goldman sachs reported in October, in fiscal year 2020 Indian dealer market scale will reach $103 billion.In may this year, Goldman sachs is expected in 2020 India electric dealer market scale is only $81 billion.Just a few months,dataRevised upwards of 27%, the main reason is bullish on the electronic retail market development prospects, changed from $47 billion to $69 billion.

    Goldman sachs analysts said: "in this area (electronic retail) thanks to increased more than expected, the higher the use of the Internet and mobile phone penetration, electronic purse, the last kilometer logistics investment, continuous discounts and better decisions."

    Earlier than Goldman, PWC has issued a report in September, think of India's electricity industry in the next five years or a compound annual growth rate of 35%, the scale is expected to top $100 billion. Different from other countries, mobile phones and other mobile terminal is India's electricity depends on the development of the main platform.A statement it said: "India gradually from a" mobile first "national development into 'only mobile country. Currently, we are 70% to 75% of the traffic from mobile applications.

    India's traditional festival diwali promotion this year, it did not even offer any discounts for desktop users.Consumers can onlydownloadIt's

    shopping application, can enjoy preferential.What's more, it's fashion portal Myntra even shut down the computer and mobile site, consumers can shopping through its mobile application.

    "" lunch box" and motorcycle Sally"

    In India's electricity boom of is not infected.Reporters recently login it, suddenly found all the books distribution free, then one's fingers itch order a book.After the success of the online payment, found that the goods time after 15 days.Previously, the reporter through it to buy 4 book arrival time is 7 days respectively, 8 days, 8 days and 34 days. Behind the waiting time is India's electricity traders have to face the embarrassment.On the one hand, India has a large number of IT professionals, the Internet industry history, take up a lot of western companies are outsourcing services, technical threshold relatively few start-ups face.On the other hand, India's poor infrastructure level, low level of road, driving vehicles mixed urban traffic congestion is serious, hindered the interaction of online and offline.

    For ordinary order, delivery time, it sites listed in the purchase is made, imports, orders and other 11 kinds of situations.Cases, the simplest is available in the standard delivery service coverage area, consumers have to wait for 2 to 6 working days can receive online shopping goods, the rest are to wait for 1 to 2 weeks.

    In order to improve the user experience, it introduced the same day and

    day of special service, which cover the ten cities such as mumbai, Delhi, bangalore, each additional pay 140 rupees (about 14 yuan), which covers over 60 cities, each additional pay 90 rupees (about 9 yuan). Speed up the delivery of one way is to cooperate with local logistics network.It has to start with the more than one hundred years of history in mumbai lunch box shipping service and navarre (dabbawala) cooperation.Al-dabbagh navarre meaning "lunch box", these people by using bicycle or urban rail, responsible for will be equipped with a freshly prepared lunch box lunch from an office worker (mainly suburban) home to their work place, and the empty container back.Despite its delivery method is more primitive, but wins in high delivery efficiency, error rate is said to be control in 6000000.

    As it's rivals in India, amazon also do in Rome as Rome does, with motorcycle delivery.Amazon pioneered "convenient distribution" (Easy Ship) services.Courier can take the goods from the seller in accordance with the order directly, so cut delivery time and cost, and reduce the demand for storage space.

    Amazon India transportation director Samuel. Thomas said: "' convenient distribution would reduce the overall transportation cost at least half."The company is now training sellers using the distribution services, currently has 30000 stores, more than 75% of the total.

    For users, make up their own short board, in the development of India's

    electricity have a large number of investment in infrastructure construction, especially the warehousing and logistics links. It recently announced in trent Gunnar open its biggest bond warehouse.In addition, it also plans to spend $500 million in the next four to five years to expand warehouse network in India.

    "This $500 million is used for warehouse construction, more investment to the entire logistics system, will be more than billions of dollars, this is long-term plan in the next five to six years."It co-founder and chief operating officer, benjy. Sal said.

    It plans to build a 80 to 100 the logistics network of distribution center, covering every Indian states, more than half will be located in the second and third tier cities.

    Snapdeal this fiscal year will invest $150 million to $200 million to expand the range distribution and also bought a part of the logistics company GoJavasstock.At present, Snapdeal there are 63 distribution centers throughout the country, amazon has 21, and is expanding its warehouse network.

    "The money game worry"

    The Indian government welcome start-up boom, said this proved that India's entrepreneurial spirit.India's prime minister, Mr Modi attaches great importance to Internet start-ups, think this is the best way to provide jobs to the young, ordered the papers for entrepreneurial


    In September, Mr Modi to visit silicon valley, called for investors pay attention to India's booming business ecosystem, bangalore, hyderabad and mumbai is becoming famous technology center.

    India data tracking service Venture Intelligence, according to data from the vc institutions will have about $4.54 billion into Indian start-ups.Many famous investors also investment in IndiaThe electronic commerceCompany, with the old technology such as sequoia capital, AccelPartners investment institutions for the Indian market. Now get investment Indian start-ups originality is not strong, more like foreign electricity enterprise replication, but their similar at least has been fully tested in foreign countries.Most start-ups in India, there is no profit return, but based on the future earnings expectations, investors expect the Indian market for growth.

    However, the massive influx of money to India's electricity into the bitter fight very early stage.Under the giant set the rules of the game, electric field demand for funds is quite high.Many small electricity was forced to shut or transformation, in the field of fashion, electronic products such as electric business, new entrants are uncompetitive.In the capital support, the domestic electricity by steep price discounts in order to gain market share, which further hindered the enterprise profit. Entrepreneurial boom surges, hot technology talents, pay

    quicklyrose.India's recruitment website HackerEarth co-founder sachin gupta said that in 2012 a new salary of less than $25000 into the software developers, now a salary of more than $45000.

    Large Indian start-ups have tried to recruit talent from the United States and other countries.Snapdeal appointed former yahoo executives, anand chandra crane as the chief product officer.It has recruited former Google executives nita. SONY.

    Because of its high operating pressure, some of the famous Indian electricity active adjustment recently.Restaurant search site TinyOwl Zomato, take-out service website, and real estate web site, has announced job cuts.

    Bullish on India's electricity investors believe that India is similar to a few years ago in China, and China's growth has proved that investment can gain full return.A large number of investors has been successful in China turned to investment in India market, investors, the person who missed the Chinese market and grasping the opportunity to participate in the Indian market.

    However, compared with China, India's economy relatively small, can not completely copy China's development road.The Indian government reform plans encounter many setbacks, doing business in India still faces complicated tax system and the examination and approval.The country's electricity potential is profound, but it is not infinite, as to whether their

business out of its own core competitiveness, to put the foam filled, it

remains to be proved.

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