Draw the wonderful for the iot wireless world

By Ricardo Harris,2015-10-17 02:48
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Draw the wonderful for the iot wireless world

    Draw the wonderful for the iot wireless


    As the Internet of things terminal "capillary level" technology, the wireless connection technology is responsible for any items connected to the Internet, information exchange and communication, in order to realize intelligent identification, location, tracking and monitoring and management.A few days ago, two of the most representative of short distance wireless technology: wi-fi and Bluetooth, with low power version appeared in succession, intended to break into iot market totaled $14.4 trillion.

    Low power consumption bluetooth application growth is amazing

    "By low power consumption to transmit a cloud data security bluetooth connection to network services and applications, is an important part of cloud computing and Internet of things."Bluetooth technology union (SIG), chief marketing officer Suke Jawanda (Suke Jawanda), said in 2013, the SIG member companies will sell about 2.5 billion units with bluetooth devices, and ten years from 1998 to 2008 the number only 100 million units.According to SIG, 2017 years ago the global bluetooth device shipments will accumulate to 20 billion."SIG global currently has 17000 member companies, member enterprises

    from China alone 2100 rapid growth from a year ago to 3436, growth of 60%, this is also our stepping up its three times into the Chinese market."

    In Android 4.3 Jelly Bean (Jelly Bean) system is introduced, due to lack of official support and open source application program interface (API), leading to the implementation of the bluetooth low energy is uneven.But with Android 4.3 for BLE generic attribute profile (GATT) level of support, all sorts of use bluetooth low-power smart accessories latest products (blood glucose monitor, wireless desktop, toys, sports equipment, intelligent remote control equipment, etc.) will be a large number of listed, resulting in many new business opportunities.

    "As the latest Bluetooth Smart the release of version 4.1, Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready shipments of equipment is higher than traditional Bluetooth device process will be accelerated."SIG Lv Rongliang greater China's technology market manager revealed that the new version to further strengthen the function of bluetooth technology of several big, including availability, to increase support for LE task transfer protocol;Enhance the innovative, development and extension of the future through the GATT without limit possible potential agreement;Drive the Internet of things, support HTTP service, strengthen support for networking capability and IPv6, etc.

    In addition to the common wearable devices and smart home applications, SIG to the industry also shows some bluetooth new usage scenarios.The first interesting case from plant irrigation systems - humidity detection sensor will be buried in the soil, according to the kinds of plants, set the corresponding parameters.When enough moisture in the soil, sensors will be able to send the user mobile phone to remind, tell you need watering.

     more intelligent Internet.

    It can also be used for large area crop irrigation, and can even combine different application - for example, connect it and weather related application, if the weather is dry, hot, can increase the humidity;If heavy rain of irrigation systems can temporarily stop the water.In

    addition, thanks to the bluetooth technology, low power consumption in farm set up small solar panels, power supply, can complete the sensor without having to set up additional lines.

    The second case is a wireless charging.According to the SIC and wireless charging league (A4WP), the agreement that the A4WP will use Bluetooth Smart wireless standard coordinate A4WP charging stations and A4WP certification equipment management and power control.Suke Jawanda explains, bluetooth and other wireless charging scheme for the biggest different is that it can be identification.When you walked into a cafe, for example, the phone on the table of wireless charging equipment charging, cafe system can automatically by the bluetooth ID identify owner and seat.This means that, without leaving the seat, consumers can use mobile phone to complete the order and payment.

    Low-power wi-fi and low-power BT, who was the more cows?

    Qualcomm and sharp (Qualcomm Atheros) into one of the most effective tools for the Internet of things is a low-power wi-fi solution QCA4002 / QCA4004 network platform.The company senior vice President of jian-sheng zheng thinks, call it platform, because the two products not only in the chip design USES a single chip processor and memory, without using other MCU products, also included the IP stack, the middleware software architecture AllJoyn and complete network

    service, to assist in the development of the customers at the lowest cost, the low-power wi-fi increased to any product.At present, Haier, Haier has on the washer/dryer and air conditioning equipment adopted QCA4004.

    Qualcomm has began to vigorously promote AllJoyn on many

    occasions, has been on sale of smart watches Toq will support the deal.Allegedly it can join a variety of products, applications and services, has found, inform, control, transport, security, and other

    functions.AllJoyn is open source, can be directly from the website to download the SDK."In the field of the game, after adopting AllJoyn, don't need operator network can achieve the same area of multiplayer; combined with the LBS technology, two people also use the AllJoyn technology close to each other, to alert AllJoyn can; connect all AllJoyn appliances series together, can not only on your wrist to see all equipment information, also can control their working status directly on your wrist."Jian-sheng zheng said.

    QCA4002 / QCA4004 are including Green TX function, can make equipment under the condition of the adjacent equipment or other access points, reduce the transmission power up to 1/2.The dynamic power adjustment function, tie-in power consumption is less than 1 mw sleep patterns, can achieve more efficient communication function, and extend battery life (such as remote control, thermostat and sensor

    applications).Running low power sleep mode was built by the mainboard inside awaken management procedures, can let a platform have self awakening and sleep management function, further reduce the sleep mode power (lowest to micro ampere).

     family intelligent promote the generation of the differentiated services

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