Russia's plans to establish a moon base in 2030

By Chad Kelly,2015-10-16 01:59
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Russia's plans to establish a moon base in 2030

    Russia's plans to establish a moon base in 2030

    [abstract] Russia plans to launch in 2024, a lunar probe to find the right place to live, and in 2030 put men on the moon.

    Russia is planning to put men on the moon before 2030, and create a permanent moon base.

    the Russian plan to launch in 2024 a lunar probe to find the right place to live, and in 2030 put men on the moon, realize the dream of humans on the moon to settle down.

    The project has already started, 25 lunar lander has begun, it will

    pave the way for human to explore the moon.Russia space Agency also

    in r&d Angara - A5V heavy, its task is carrying humans to the moon base parts.Russia plans through six rocket delivery to complete the project on the moon.

    Every launch will be the new module to the moon, a piece of a module will be formed into a base, this approach is similar to the international space station assembly.Moon base assembly is expected to take more than a decade, the Russian space agency said the moon base will serve as a permanent residence of the human race.

    The Russian government holding a rocket and space energy (RSC) chairman of the board of directors of the company Vladimir Solntsev make predictions in a space technology conference, the first manned flight to the moon in Russia is likely to complete a year early, namely in 2029.Russian soyuz is currently the only able to send astronauts into space craft to the international space station.NASA has been dependent on the soyuz carrying astronauts to the international space station.

    Mr Solntsev said in the company's website: "Russia in the next 10 to 20 years of manned flight will give priority to lunar exploration project. Russia is developing a new generation of advanced transportation vehicle, other part of the moon project will soon to start."The new ship

    was christened the Angara - A5V heavy rocket, it will use composite materials to build and specially designed for the task.

    Russia has never will the people to the moon, now plans to finish in the 1960 s have not completed.In fact, Russia has been committed to send a series of unmanned probe on the surface of the moon.Since 1976, however, Russia has not sending a spacecraft to the moon again.

    Russia put men on the efforts may be returned to the field on the surface of the moon to beat the United States.NASA has plans to humans on the moon as part of the Mars is the long-term plan.However, NASA's back on plans by President Obama abandoned in 2010.

    NASA is also put forward in a new study, NASA still hopes to astronauts to the moon's surface.NASA's many former employees are also claims that NASA has been on a mission to the moon on the secret plans.Anyway, this project in Russia is likely to trigger a new round of exploring mineral deposits on the surface of the moon and the space race of resources.

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