Visit Audrey Hepburn resting place

By Nathan Hart,2015-10-15 17:07
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Visit Audrey Hepburn resting place

Visit Audrey Hepburn resting place


    Noble and free from vulgarity

    Can not common brilliant pearls as the sunset Even dressed very simple remained difficult ziqi nobility

    The human angel

    The goddess of the eternal...

    Although failed to see her family youth, but from the world's praise of the Audrey Hepburn is not hard to see her charisma.In appreciation of her film "my fair lady", "Roman holiday", I became a faithful fan of Audrey Hepburn.Hepburn not only have the noble British aristocratic temperament and superior performance, was named best actress Oscar best actress, the British film academy and Tony award for best actress, "three" best actress ", also have a and appearance also beautiful heart - off-screen also close to the third world countries African aid for all local poor, starving children."Angel in the world" is probably the best portrayal of her life.