Visit Audrey Hepburn resting place

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Visit Audrey Hepburn resting place

Visit Audrey Hepburn resting place


    Noble and free from vulgarity

    Can not common brilliant pearls as the sunset Even dressed very simple remained difficult ziqi nobility

    The human angel

    The goddess of the eternal...

    Although failed to see her family youth, but from the world's praise of the Audrey Hepburn is not hard to see her charisma.In appreciation of her film "my fair lady", "Roman holiday", I became a faithful fan of Audrey Hepburn.Hepburn not only have the noble British aristocratic temperament and superior performance, was named best actress Oscar best actress, the British film academy and Tony award for best actress, "three" best actress ", also have a and appearance also beautiful heart - off-screen also close to the third world countries African aid for all local poor, starving children."Angel in the world" is probably the best portrayal of her life.

    From lausanne (Troy) on the way he

    A star with a huge number of fans is not surprising that, but a star's death still has a steady stream of new fans really commendable!Hepburn lived most scenery, won the world's top film awards, in later life chose quiet, chose the Swiss a remote, quiet small village and family, her boyfriend die, and sleep on it.Pilgrimage to the small village of Hepburn in later life, look at her "house of peace", on the tomb of a bunch of flowers to her, is all over the world many a wish "Hepburn powder".If made a special trip to the goddess of flowers was too melodramatic, but since the planning tips, Switzerland, might as well also take small fans "goddess pilgrimage plan" also included!

    (Troy he)

    Hepburn in later life place called Troy he (French: Tolochenaz, there is also a part of the domestic website translation "tauro butcher,"), is

    located in Switzerland, a small village in the west of the state, picturesque, quiet environment.In lausanne, walter state capital to ride the train arrived westwards, railway station, the train station opposite the heights is Troy he.The weather in Switzerland is a typical Alps, one day, a train trip has gone through the rain clear change.The only constant is a scenic fairy and refreshing air.

    Early to Troy he, the mood excitement is the first problem encountered - Troy he is French area, we only know English suddenly turned into a "deaf".Hepburn's former residence "the mansion of peace" how to?The tomb of Hepburn how to go to?How to say it in French...It's the man you sweat b

    This time can only search for a needle in a haystack, fortunately we meet the Swiss are very enthusiastic, even if not in English, see my handwriting "Audrey Hepburn" after will also try to use body language to solve, feel the local villagers friendly to us.The residents of the village were few, very not easy to find a speak English villagers.After he understand our purpose, very enthusiastic to explanation and hand draw a simple route guidance figure to us, give us the way to look for her footprint.From his talk can recognize, Audrey Hepburn is still the pride of their hearts, each year to "see" the goddess of fans.

    (Hepburn's former residence)

    With keen villagers hand-painted map, I and minta and look for her footprint along the village road.Audrey Hepburn in the legend of "the mansion of peace" in a named "rue du centre" on the streets, appearance is a two layer (internal seem to be three layers, did not go in, did not dare to assert) in shallow orange house, Hepburn's descendants still live in it.Adults outside the house there was a high fence, the fence is equipped with a white door.It is said that the wall has been a number of Hepburn's fanatical powder climbed over the wall, but I think it is not necessary to do so.Out of respect for her and respect for their children, we should make the move that over the wall across the fence to take photos with "peace house" has been met.

    Round the house of "peace" photos, we continue to the next destination, Hepburn memorial.That is a by the local village school classroom into Hepburn memorial.According to the strategy before, according to the memorial museum can review to Hepburn made the film, to see the movie props.But, god gave us a joke, when we arrived at the memorial hall, only to be told that the museum has been closed.But think about it, too, the inhabitants of the village, less is not a famous tourist attractions, the Swiss team travel is not commonly, not Hepburn won't come, iron powder by following the memorial to run on for a long time is difficult.Even so, the closing of the memorial is a hao powder of regret.

    According to the kind villagers hand-drawn map, the tomb of Audrey Hepburn is just around the memorial hall (the original school) of the highlands.Hepburn's cemetery is a what kind of?Is a luxurious private cemetery?Noble or high-grade cemetery?When we arrived at the

    cemetery, a bit disappointed.Audrey Hepburn is the tomb of luxury, expensive gas is not imagination, and Audrey Hepburn in the film image is very different, Hepburn not luxury of reality - at least in her identity, reputation, an ugly appearance of public cemetery, open a rusty iron gate, Hepburn's final resting place it against the wall on the right side of the door.Hepburn's tomb no exaggeration of art design, such as the

    cross engraved on the "Audrey Hepburn", you don't think this is the resting place of the generation of super winner!Yeah, people are't take it, take away, even if born rich, need to after land is not simply a hole?Generation of super winner, unlimited scenery, low-key, simple, behind in a corner in this picturesque village, enjoy the quiet to the other world.

    Regrets, I have cleaned the goddess of the cemetery.Hepburn's cemetery planted with flowers on both sides, I think this is a small garden goddess meeting, the top of the tomb is a stone cross, there is no her centerpiece, is engraved with the "Audrey Hepburn, 1929-1993".Stone has become old, but very clean, stone a little angel like before, there are still some fans should be left flowers and small gifts and so on, with strong heart inside.Minta and me in the deep of Hepburn's grave, thousands of words more than words.Maybe we age has passed make track for a star's age, but at this moment in the mind or to succumb to an excited.

    In her grave for about 20 minutes, we decided to go to the Troy.True, "he is not famous, even not a tourist area, but its landscape does not lose to those so-called scenic spot.Have outings, Hepburn choose where to spend their twilight years is reasonable, it is not big, but picturesque landscape, it is not famous, but quiet and peaceful.Troy, near a large vineyard, Hepburn tomb near a small church, is said to be the church ceremony, to the living.Troy, adjacent to the lake, you can also to the lake to the village feel the other side of the lake scenery.

(Hepburn's tomb locations)

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