The influence of the Internet in China than the United States

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The influence of the Internet in China than the United States

    The influence of the Internet in China than

    the United States

    On April 20, 1994, the China's first opening 64 k international lines, access to the Internet.In the past 20 years, from BBS, portal and blog to weibo, WeChat today, the Internet is within easy reach of most Chinese people.The Internet is a tool, or a kind of spirit?Is China's integration into the global bond, or interpersonal barriers?How the Internet had past, and he will face what kind of future?Consensus net xie wen invited the original yahoo China general manager, together with you to talk about "20 years of China's Internet".

    Host: edit Meng Yao consensus net

    20 years ago, the Internet

    Host: welcome to consensus net studio, talk about the 20th anniversary of the establishment of China's Internet.From your own, you are the one in the Internet industry, China's access to the Internet for the first time in 1994 in the United States, when you are at school or at work?

    Xie wen: in the work.

    Host: engaged in what kind of job?

    Xie wen: I do investment resources, investment consulting, business also try to do some Internet.

    Host: when you hear Chinese access to the Internet this news, what's the reactions and feelings?

    Xie wen: because the us Internet commercial or public already 10 years or so, is the first time I use the Internet in 1983, just to the United States, the United States in 1994 of the Internet has considerable appearance.As grew up in China, adult after to work in the United States, began to question, of course, China's environment, China's society, the phone is not popular, the computer, not to mention the Internet, including free communication with outside world, will that do?So at first thought it was a symbolic act, it is not like the United States, when yahoo are listed in 1994, is a question, but by 1995, I decided to come back for the Internet, of course also think that a is a tendency of China's reform and opening up, another was just the Internet business has progress to with 3 w, a browser, rather than early need to write code or dedicated browser, such as aol DingHu can use the browser to see.The browser, including now when some business model that we already have a prototype, so China has the opportunity to start the Internet.

    Host: so you back to home after, observation, and have found that China's Internet business what kind of difficulties at the time, or what happened an accident, is that you did not anticipate?

    Xie wen: one is, of course, as a new thing, if you want to do on the Internet, how to do it, what need to apply for permits, to go through what similar application, not clear.So when I do the first company still very carefully, looking for a relationship, directly find at that time, China telecom, China telecom has only one, to find the data, the construction department in charge of the Internet network.From that place to touch policy, touch space, the last is the first company cooperated with them.Is also a characteristic of the era, and department in charge of you don't understand, hard to do a half a day may be nothing.

    Was the biggest difficulty of course is also 1995, approximately 20 to thousands of Internet users in China, is a lot less traffic than today's.Which 20 to wan is mainly use the network in colleges and universities is the internal network, not the public network, because of going abroad for college or other reasons contact too early, not do at that time the Internet is a high-tech, using the Internet is also a high-tech, everyone don't understand.20 to users by more than 90%, so not telecom is a foreigner, foreign enterprise, or is primarily universities, academy of sciences, and the use of 90% is one thing, send Email.So in so

    few people, such a simple application, line is very slow, very unstable, price is very expensive, do you?How to do?You think, what do you do for someone will use, but also to have certain commercial value, this is the biggest difficulty, it is equivalent in the United States in the early 80 s to do the Internet.Just begin to do so in 1995, on April 20, 1994, is almost a year later, general is the first.At the beginning of some companies, like cica, more like a portal or help telecom building Internet network technical support, training, also provide some technical equipment, rather than we now say the Internet.We now say was classified as value-added services, at the time of the Internet infrastructure services is switched on.

    Host: basic services for telecommunications.

    Xie wen: it's like telecom to build out of the line, let you get through, can run, this is the basic service, and it was to receive the money directly, but also very expensive, according to minutes, according to the hour of money, 20 a few dollars an hour.So the business model called see clearly, and according to the understanding of telecom is also very easy to understand.Make a phone call to have one more run signal.We need to do commonly known as the call site, name call value-added services, that is to say we are going to do content services and other services, to find a way to make money on it, this is too far away, compared with reality is

    one of the first to do real Internet whether success or failure, is a true dreamer and visionary.

    The host: for the new keen sense of smell.

    Xie wen: the first batch of domestic do, whether Ding Jian or zhi-dong wang, or ding, including ma, ma, I am very admire, because they have no long life in the United States, they are still into this, and persistent to do.I have a convenience for me, is the time I have lived in the United States for more than ten years, look at how the Internet from an academic, the inside of the ivory tower high-tech into

    commercialization, became more popular, is that speed in expansion, a frame of reference.I was also clear that China must go through the Internet bud, breeding period, so that time is nothing but you like it or not in the initial stage in development, and is not to say that have a future, I believe that is promising, from the first day I trust is promising.

    The earliest Chinese the commonality of people do on the Internet is unstable

    Host: I noticed that a few years, from 1994 to 1994, as you said just now the first batch of the earliest of people begin to do on the Internet, they don't like you have experience of living abroad, you know how they are a group of people?Ding, ma.

    Xie wen: connected on sina's 5th anniversary, the 10th anniversary of review and interview, also made similar bubble broke in 2000, there are media reflection of the dotcom bubble, I speak about the same.

    The earliest Internet three dial: wave is abroad, typically zhang, later some with robin li, I count one.Saw in the United States, we really think that from the perspective of modern social progress, today is the tomorrow we in the United States, there happened, China has the reform and opening up, in order to shorten the gap with the developed countries, the Internet is a good starting point;The second group of course domestic telecommunication, computer, software and hardware of a batch of people, so nature from the Angle of work, including training ability, now look at this batch should be the main body.Like Ding Jian telecom, ma huateng is for telecom software, do software zhi-dong wang, zhou in zhongguancun software, so they are a kind of

    evolution.Which means they entered the Internet bank in this direction, they keep up with, rather than the original PC or minicomputer, or communication is one of the traditional telecom network, they keep up with;A third group they belong to the business acumen, have a kind of logical thinking, want to do the Internet, he is not abroad, this line of business are not technical background or, Mr Ma is a typical, Wang Yan, Dr. Chen several of sina, as do they also calculate the BBS.Also there are some other, including Zhang Shuxin such, they are neither foreign bank,

    nor telecommunications technology, IT industry, I feel this is a big opportunity, I saw that time can also be reading the newspaper, listen to the story heard, or go abroad to see, feel this is very good, just dreams, think this can be done.

    The background of these three people is one of the first, but their common from my personal contact, also including everybody exchanges for so many years, including the they talk to the media, I think common are uneasy with the status quo.Most people are ready-made work, some of them are system, some even a decent income, promising.Willing to do the first title no system, the second no source of funds, don't need to think what the bank investment for you, also no such things as investors will be investment, future is unknown, painting what curve also dare not to conclude that such as 2001, China has 100 million Internet users, who at that time to do the forecast must be a super big fool.So common characteristic is I think the uneasy with the status quo, to new things, and the minimum weak, very slim, with enthusiasm and passion, extremely rich imagination.In addition, there are considerable charisma, expression ability, fool, contact "river lake" in all aspects.This should be the first person in common.

    The Internet is not a monopoly

    Host: I found that they formed a few large portal, and then taobao, you used to say that the Internet is a relatively open business environment, a few big companies such as they are now, is there such as the general public think they are a monopoly?

    Xie wen: if you are 1999, 2000, because at that time, the so-called three portal, they raised, in the absence of any user, according to the standard money don't know how to spend, the more millions, tens of millions of dollars came in and took a lot of money to do public relations, media, so famous.Actually have little impact on society, because the time is nothing but millions of people use, millions of people is what I just said three categories, student, academy of sciences, telecommunications, there may be some rich man, so a little people.So he's external image is far greater than his social influence.Be fully prepared to 2, three million Internet users, about monopoly is a joke, conceptually stuffed up.

    Say to today, in 2014, the first of the three portal is not the leading figure of the Internet, including access to news.Although they still have considerable market share, in accordance with the standards of monopoly a at least 50% above is a monopoly, so I personally think that monopoly in a strict sense, even Google, facebook is not in the Internet is called a monopoly, is there any innovation because of you, your technical monopoly, is the unique technology, such as Google search, is no one

    search accuracy, combined with the accumulation of history.Formed a search on seven percent, eighty is Google, this is called a natural monopoly, in other words is called unique.What about alone door when you go to scold him, didn't say don't let you do a search, you do go, the problem is you do not to come out.Especially in the context of our, in China's environment, to define the monopoly with petrochina, sinopec, both easy to produce misunderstanding.

    So I wrote the article, for grievances, take the lead in a Internet company against tencent is monopoly, I wrote an article, later on, I didn't write because tencent give me money, for decades, I have never for anyone, because of the money to write an article, is my view.In fact tencent again big, accounting for the Chinese market share of teens, less than 20%, in terms of income, from the user perspective he is one of the biggest and the most.We know that search in baidu, electricity business with taobao, the game that is too much, so talk about monopoly does not make sense.But is there another kind of circumstance, felt a bit bigger, through, mix "underworld" and "white", this is some, but it and the significance of monopoly, monopoly is strictly defined.

    How tencent: innovation is not invention

    Host: speaking of tencent, tencent has a big stigma, a lot of people say he was in the stronghold.Their original products based on QQ also accused of shanzhai, how do you see this kind of plagiarism in China?

    Xie wen: I wrote two groups of articles written innovation definition, I also specially.That's how I see, innovation from catch originality, from beginning to end is popped out of his mind, when you launch a product or service, can not find the similar in the world, in this sense is not in China.

    But in another sense, the intention of innovation, the earliest bear bit have the concept of business innovation, he is defined as a business to innovation behavior, innovation is not invention.You make a new car, you have to the Nobel Prize, you get the patent, is not innovation, because innovation is a business concept, innovation is a process, innovation is a new thing, you have this thing is not necessarily is a new product, can be a model, is a mixture of several factors.Only succeeded in business, together we call it innovation.You could say that I don't agree to bear pit, the definition of myself with another, you use another had better not use a has strict definition of the concept of the somebody else say it out, because this concept is accepted generally by the industry and academia, now you said the other, it is not innovation.Such as the invention is not equal to innovation, in this sense, China's Internet

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