Hitchcock vertigo reviews spiral rhyme, district, in the movies

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Hitchcock vertigo reviews spiral rhyme, district, in the movies

    Hitchcock "vertigo" reviews: spiral rhyme, district, in

    the movies

    In the woody Allen film "Cairo purple roses" (1985), there is a still be relishes scene: when the heroine Cecilia called "Cairo purple roses" adventure movie saw 5 times, the story of male leading role down the screen, took the Cecilia's hand, the fate of the two people began are intertwined.The scene of the complicated relationship between films and reality, has always been to film with speculative nature of the author, such as fellini (eight and a half), bergman, "" persona" important topics of concern.Master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock is not exceptional also, in his classic work "vertigo" (1958), the complex relationship between the film/drama and reality, and even has become the important force to promote the development of this plot, although these express more exist in the subtext of the film and metaphor.This article want to do is try to analyze the underlying metaphors under the romantic theme of the film.

    Like Hitchcock before most, "vertigo" plot

    revolves around an elaborate plot.Gavin esther is a

    shipbuilding businessman, his wife Madeleine is a

    rich woman.To defraud the fortune, esther

    designed a conspiracy to murder his wife.He first

    picked out the detective suffering from acrophobia

    scottie (James Stewart), made up madeline lotus to

    him a suicide ancestors possessed by her story, and

    citing wife security hired scottie following his

    wife.Scottie without knowing their tracking is

    lotus's stand-in Judy, a hired by Gavin to play the

    role of the soul possessed murder as an accomplice.Scottie fascination by the

    mysterious woman, he saw the "lotus"'s variety of abnormal behavior, and when she is to jump into the sea to commit suicide in time to rescue her."Madeline lotus" and told her a scottie "memories of a thing", this seems to be memories of her dead ancestors.Scottie description accordingly brought her to SAN Juan Baptist church, think this is "madeline lotus" memory of things, but she doesn't.She left the scottie, climbing up the church tower top, scottie despite efforts to curb, but fear of heights of dizziness that he could do nothing.Esther at the top of the tower behind the real madeline lotus, because of fear and leave the church scottie became his witness is not present.Scottie caused when the film began to rescue his police officer fell to his death, and because of his fear of heights failed to stop the lotus's "suicide", a double blow made him into a depression, the film's end of the first paragraph.

    In the second paragraph, Judy, scottie encounter in the street that he recalled madeline lotus.In two people, scottie Judy up ChengMa's lotus shape.Judy know that doing so will make her carry scheme of danger, but she was unable to fall in love with scottie refused.In the end, an originally belong to lotus's necklace makes her murder crime.Scottie understood why, he brought Judy to church, forced her together on the top of the tower.At this time the emergence of a nun frightened the Judy, made her stumble dashed on previous lotus drop's roof, and scottie acrophobia has healed.

    With another masterpiece of Hitchcock psycho, "vertigo" by the death of the heroine is divided into two paragraphs.Esther attempted murder in the first paragraph, and the making process of the film has a similar place.Esther fabricated soul possessed the story, he carefully written film script, "madeline lotus" is the heroine of the play.Esther for the "movie" very clear - first is the selling points of suspense.Esther story both ups and downs of the plot, and across time and space, their souls are fantasy elements, can be easily stirs up the audience want to know the curiosity at the end of story.The second is engaging the heroine.Beautiful trance, mysterious temperament, born for Judy, make her play lotus's the best candidate.The last and most important, is the audience for the script in the emotional resonance."Madeline lotus" destruction has

    the fatalism like Greek tragedy, the process of making it easier for the audience to this role identity;And lotus's ancestors committed suicide by jilted husband melodrama pattern, also can let some sentimental audience scooped up a complaint to tears.Then again, in most Hitchcock films, the existence of three kinds of elements are also essential.Suspense and blonde is exclusive of bush's film labels, as for inviting into melodrama routines, in bush's works also common occurance.Bush's himself once said, who masterminded and director have similarities in many ways, perhaps in "vertigo" esther is one of the best footnote to his point of view.

    Movie even if again good, also cannot leave the audience must and live alone."Vertigo" first half scottie just for esther's "movie" served for the audience.Scottie had a qualified fan a few characteristics.One of, his time on their hands.Just out of your fear of heights shadow he is in a state of half holiday, which has become the premise of an audience;Secondly, scottie has strong curiosity.As a good policeman, he has the ability to observe side of bizarre events well and strong desire.In addition, Hitchcock was given with a romantic humor cary grant or honest good Henry fonda, choose Stewart as "vertigo" actor, in my opinion, it is to take advantage of the rear window of Stewart is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people's curiosity youth image.Third, and most important, scottie easy to esther planning "movie" emotional identification.When the film begins with confessed scottie indirectly led to the deaths of colleagues police story.Self conscience condemnation, scottie urgently need a chance to save others, to unload their moral burden, walked out of the psychological shadow.At the same time, he and his "madeline lotus" in the play were also recall and nightmare, only to face these fears, they can be redeemed.Scottie fell in love with this mysterious woman, in the middle of the track, he believes that love is a mutual healing process, which is when he went to church to persuade madeline lotus face a nightmare, the use of words is not "you" but "we".

    Unfortunately, the "movie", after all, is different from the reality, write good end can not arbitrarily change.Into play too deep into the film, scottie attempt to become a

    hero heroic rescue beauty, it is just a pawn in the hands of a director.His inability to see their partners drop tower, a tragedy falls apart.Can't distinguish "movie" and the reality and Judy.As an actor, she was as already mentioned the actor in Cairo purple roses, fell in love with the screen below should be just bystanders fans.Judy psychological dilemma when in trouble, in this period of lines prior to the implementation of murder shows:

    Madeline lotus/Judy: too late.There is one thing I have to do.

    Scottie: there is nothing you have to do.You and I together, you're safe.

    Madeline lotus/Judy: no, it's not fair!Things shouldn't have become that way.It shouldn't even happen!

    Scottie: but it is doomed to happen.We love each other, this is the most important thing.

    Madeline lotus/Judy: do you believe that I love you?

    Scottie: believe it.

    Madeline lotus/Judy: even if you are going to lose me, but you know that I still love you.And I want to continue to love you.

    Scottie: I won't lose you.

    Madeline lotus/Judy: let me a people into the church.A person.

    This period of fine lines, just ambiguous polysemy from it.Watch for the first time in my opinion, these lines are not absurd to unreasonable levels, but as long as qiong precious jade play affectation.Only watch again, under the mask of madeline lotus, Judy my true feelings to the surface."Movie" end, bring Judy and scottie will be a farewell, director, although scottie at this time also with the audience (esther/Hitchcock)

    in the dark.Judy's emotion is so strong, almost break through esther the designed precision narrative structure, but she finally fulfilling a duty employed by the actors, not let a goof "movie" sets the ending.And this is Hitchcock for "vertigo" the second half.

    In the half, the film's focus to Judy.After in metasomatic scottie depression, district KeKeRang he and unload persona Judy encounter in the street.Scottie straightforward indicates that you want to associate with Judy, Judy natural denied any connection between themselves and madeline lotus.Hitchcock scottie left with Judy monologue and a few flashback scenes, explained in the first half of the movie plot to the audience the truth.Although the adventure, but still hope to reunite with scottie, Judy and I believe scottie is falling in love with the real you.

    The problem is that Judy hope is in vain, scottie infatuated with just the illusion of the heroine, rather than the makeup of the actress Judy.So he forced the Judy dressed lotus ChengMa Germany gradually, attempt to can return to the department has been curtain call "movie".In this paragraph, Hitchcock metaphor cinema reality in deeper level.In layman's terms, Judy and madeline lotus metaphors in the two films, respectively, madeline lotus more commercial and more fascinating, in line with most of the audience's expectations;And Judy is plain but real, a symbol of the film to return uncut jade to put in literary and artistic temperament.Or is there and both in theory, but the movie is, after all, the nature of goods, when the money involved, which will be replaced by the former.Hitchcock's point of view reflected in scottie for Judy to buy clothes that scene, scottie favorite is madeline grey dress in the play, which is strongly discouraged by Judy.After weighing, the shop assistant lauds the grade of scottie, Judy lost their decisions about their appearance.In this way, after the money involved, Judy as a woman, became a packaging of goods by money, and a desire for scottie manufacturing machine.Her as a symbolic film, end, is the desire of money and audience kidnapped, become subservient to parts and products in the

    market.Correspond to Judy, hold money scottie respectively in the two level plays the

    role of consumer and filmmakers, he is not only the purple roses in Cairo, looking forward to the same movie recurrent Cecilia, also inadvertently replace esther, became the packaging Judy Pygmalion.Judy to love adventure, but explorations into the lotus's fate.

    "Vertigo", ending with a black cutscenes serve both fatalism and because of its ambiguous polysemy, leaves the viewer the vast thinking space.Scottie with Judy to church after the discovery of criminal evidence, at the top of the tower to debunk the murder the truth.Judy tried to convince scottie forget facts together with her, but in the presence of the nuns terrified, fell on the top.Hitchcock not scottie any point of view, we have only two messages, one is the film ends as esther coty expected general irony repeats itself, the second is scottie acrophobia healed.Judy's death did not get any evaluation Hitchcock, due to the common sense, Judy is involved in the crime of death will be retribution, but the audience in many times while watching the film, is often found that Judy is the most sympathetic person in the film, because of her sacrifice is not for the money, but out of love for scottie;And at the same time, it is scottie to Madeleine role of pathological general pursuit of the dream, which ultimately makes Judy he dreams of offerings.From the metaphor aspect, Judy's death symbol in money and the art of wrangling, on behalf of the individuality expression in the movie will eventually destroy the art of party.Maybe this desperate Hitchcock metaphor, unfortunately said he was director of career is the fate of the last ten years.After to "vertigo", "north by northwest, and psycho represented by the creative peak, after 60 s master of the loss due to the impact of the television industry a series of privileges, was forced to compromise on art.Ever since he failed to produce up to four level 50 s masterpiece.

    Irony is that the status of "vertigo" as the end of its general paradox.After release early underwhelming, the film's artistic value has been a new generation of young filmmaker.From the new wave of Chris mark, truffaut, movies, to the new Hollywood movie guy DE palma and scorsese's works;From Tim burton's batman cartoon carnival,

    to Peter Jackson's epic of the Lord of the rings, you can see the shadow of "vertigo".It is central to the analysis of all kinds of paper, has also been a regular visitor of shadow Shi Jia piece on the list.Film a complex relationship with the reality, and once again in the fate of "vertigo".Believe in the understanding of the history of repeated, "vertigo" can get more people to the value of revaluation.

    The original "the movies"

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