Sing a song

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Sing a song

    Sing a song

    Describes the relationship of the teacher and the children of a lot of film, touching is also many, in the movie < les choristes >, secondary school children attracted by the new superintendent and music teacher Mr Matthew, fell in love with fell in love with a chorus of music.Later I found out that the process of watching this film is a pure private events.

    I attended junior high

    school was very bad, it is

    located in the suburbs

    anastomoses.There was no

    direct public transportation,

    along the main street into a

    small town, through the fields,

    over Bridges (for some reason

    people stayed Bridges locked gates, can only turn over from the iron door), after crossing the river along the nursery, the side of the road is a big construction site, 45 minutes to arrive at the new school.

     We were the first to the students, the key is to take an examination of senior high school was born.The teacher is divided into three categories: for back to Shanghai from different people, new work assigned to school of college students, mix are not proud of the teachers in the city.This combined effect natural fun.Had a sissy boys in our class and class exercises, Peking Opera was blocked by the woman teacher in charge, two people face to each other play, fought to the academic affairs director of the office, the latter to stop the violence continues.Class also had a juvenile delinquent, grow very handsome, fencing, people are very good but love to steal something, I proud of him for a long time, also carrying the teacher organized students to juvenile

    detention visiting.You can imagine how it was a chaotic time, the school students lack of ideas.

     Our music teacher surnamed gu, forgive me when young, did not inquire about his past life.If really want to know what he is like, you can refer to the < les choristes >.

     Monroe ku told his classmates in a chorus organization, since everyone is idle, grinding teeth as the past.He has a piano, standing in front of the piano babbling away a few words can reform group, I was assigned to the mezzo-soprano group.

     Matthew teacher Monroe ku faces, in the movie to demo: "abdomen tightening, chest to stand, to lift, eyebrow eye to high lira, breath is worth firmly."His right hand finger pinch of into a ball and shape of pinch of things, parkway nest with a catch in his head, it seems like himself by pulling a hair means should be mentioned the air, and then he said, "let the sound up stand up, like a tube into the sky."This action is Matthew teacher in the film were also done, expressions and imposing manner is dye-in-the-wood, it's a pity that didn't deserve to go up to his lines.

    Monroe ku as a grasp, our voice into the pipe, a road is up, it's a pity that power is not enough, to fall suddenly crashed with a clash in the air.Monroe ku stop the tweedle, ran to open the box, it was my first time to see big speakers, in which the voice of the Vienna children's chorale.Monroe ku finger abdomen said: "if you use the

    gas to resist the sound, the pipe is a straight to heaven, and they sing the same."We will continue to top tube.Top tube is a physical strength live, it's a pity that the stick in the movie, the audience will think tears flow.your children a daytime jacking pipe, especially the hangzhou hong classmate, open mouth is pipe was convinced, in fact, have a good voice and jacking pipe between cannot delimit equal-sign, and had to spend a little time to step on on time.

    Once when I was trying to top pipe Monroe ku students gather together to me, he want you to look at my mouth, he said you see her tongue, nervously full mouth.What he said sound is pure natural, tongue so dishonest, voice died in the belly, pipe couldn't climb up.I flushed, but the students didn't laugh, I suddenly realized that their tongue are dishonest embarrassed laugh at me.After this battle, as long as a vertical pipe, my tongue was flaccid paralysis in the bottom of the mouth, did not dare to touch to touch, to frighten.

    But the voice is not thinking about how natural sound, the secret is not a lecture will be able to speak clearly.One day my classmate is on the second floor to the third floor of Monroe ku shout: "Monroe ku was late for work."Monroe ku praised the students in class, he said you can hear her voice?I tossed out like a little lark, hear I was comfortable."Finally someone hair to sound."He said with a smile.He said that, I just know he is busy along while teaching us how to correct.

    Children unfocused are interlinked, tears flow.your children along while singing that know what he's working on music or choral art, they just walk in Matthew teacher pointed out the way.And the children's intelligent is interlinked, they know which way can bring happiness to people, go down and come up to heaven.From school to the home of the road is very long, otherwise we are playing all the way, to the little tunnel under several CARDS, to steal some corn on the way to home.But now is a little different, so all the way walk all the way to hem spectrum sightsinging practice, time is too much faster.

    Like cattle class, we just got a little achievement, second day when won the second place in the chorus competition of Shanghai, spans all age groups, because the game and our school is impoverished lousy schools, it is a miracle.It is a pity that we don't have a cure that mo hangzhou music genius, otherwise the Monroe ku his career will be more heavy.

     To me, the

    sound is not too, rhythm is worse.Monroe ku must understand this, remember he was trying to make me in a chorus rehearsal for Angle iron struck.Apparently my performance in a great mess, since Monroe ku wouldn't let me do any work related to the rhythm.Did you see the boy in the movie can't catch completely intonation, Matthew teacher spectrum shelves, and arranged for him to do this paragraph reminds me of the Angle iron, smile ing.

    But Monroe ku mezzo-soprano choice is not much, so I was he get into the trio to separate rehearsals.We took part in another game, in the semi-finals were brushed off.Monroe ku may be a bit disappointed, but I can't let others see his mood, he said only that other schools have chosen a small child, haven't changed, or is there a big difference, but we have strong enough, now everyone know that our school children know singing.

    Monroe ku fifties, slightly fat figure, his voice is very nice, soft and delicious as new baked bread, I think he should be able to sing very beautiful song, it's a pity that

    had no listen.His fingers thick and soft, struck the piano from time to time is a powerful dexterity, such fingers used to do the work of charges chorus is very appropriate, not letter you can see Matthew teacher's finger.Later met a man with Monroe ku the same hand, this is one of the reason why I love him.

     Monroe ku and Matthew teacher's different is that he has never been involved in our personal lives or ideological education.Now want to he is a very professional teacher, in addition to music, he and we don't have any relationship, two years of close down, I know he's a musician's daughter, who specializes in some kind of Musical Instruments.It was also because he only ask music and Matthew teachers also stepped in the children's lives, I will be more surprised at his success, he just by his passion for music and focus has changed the lives of children.

    I don't have any art of enlightenment education on the growth of the road, I was born of a family in science and engineering, mother is a never watch the movie without reading didn't listen to music workers, three years of junior high school age is fooling around, time spent on preparing the university entrance exam, high school university spent in medical school.I am not a literature lovers, according to a friend's reasoning, I lack of humanistic education.If today I's passion for life even there is a little art appreciation, is that Monroe ku gift.In this sense, he changed my life.Music can change a person's life, even the most simple music.It can change the way people are surprisingly consistent, such as Monroe ku and Matthew teacher.

     University when I went to an Alma mater, Monroe ku is not that day.Writing this recall to Google and could not find any of his records, it shows that Monroe ku already very old, behind The Times, also shows that he didn't made his name in the future.I don't know where most of my classmates scattered, nobody to become a musician.

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