3 g plate cutting new battlefield Samsung, asus into the big fight

By Edward Fisher,2015-10-13 23:36
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3 g plate cutting new battlefield Samsung, asus into the big fight

    3 g plate cutting new battlefield Samsung,

    asus into the big fight

    Although tablet growth momentum is strong, has been far behind in the PC equipment, but in addition to the Apple (Apple) the series has been research and development, sales bottleneck, the Android tablet in price fight wars, among them, 7 inch tablet is depreciated as shanzhai white card, profit squeeze has quickly to manufacturer.

    To break through the dilemma, tablet manufacturer, said the WiFI tablet has been difficult to see, can only increase the selling point lift demand, is expected to join, 3 g and phone tablet models race conditions will be the factory to lock the focus, among them, the samsung and asustek's attention.

    According to Gartner, a previously published marketing agency, points out that global PC shipments in 2013 only slightly less than 5% of the growth, while the tablet computer shipments will continue to soar more than 50%, up to about 180 million units, 2014 more will break through 260 million.But tablet manufacturer thinks, tablet growth momentum is very strong, especially emerging market demand is huge to outfits have envy, but the pie is delicious, but competitors increase, only has rapid advance tablet development process, quickly into the price, in addition to the apples, can use by the manufacturer of tablet profit is not much, bitter trapped tablet Android army small profit.Jumped in recent years become a mainstream selling 7 inch Android tablet is in the red sea at a lower price, such as asus, acer, and amazon launched by several manufacturers to expand market share for the target model, and $199 to $149 price strategy has pushed the shanzhai white brand, brand companies are expected to be pulling up the city with the brand force, most likely in the United States at the end of the Christmas shopping season offering a $100 main models.

    Tablet manufacturer, said to make the flat prices are falling, can only continue to increase functional specification lift demand, under the same prices, including 3 g and higher screen resolution and so on have become the selling point, such as acer 3 g4 core tablet B1-711, or asus Nexus 7 series, however, a number of manufacturers for breakthrough,

    watch the tablet and mobile integration trend, the past six months are beginning to force the arch can talk on the phone, tablet machine main single hand grasp and portability, with high cost performance advantages only in recent years, the force to lift large screen mobile phone business.Among them, the status in battlefield tablet samsung of apple, only half 2013 release the Tab 3 8.0 can talk on the phone, tablet scoring the mid-market, multifunctional application and lenovo also A3000 models, main double card double stay, can calls, send and receive SMS 4 core 7 inch tablet, in addition, huawei, and msi have launched similar models.

    Recent rob into the 3 g can talk on the phone, battlefield fairly positive asus tablet has to be a partner with Intel (Intel) equipped with 7 inch HD ultra wide Angle IPS panel Fonepad 7, the main 3 g phone, built directly into the dial interface, can be up to 28 hours talk time, and recently launched again tie-in wisdom handwritten pen 6 inch Fonepad Note 6, screen size rating from 7 inches to 6 inches, the main light and portable and complete cell phone functions, high gauge design also lift prices to nt $13900.Storm can talk on the phone, tablet market brand companies are starting to drive the market demand, rapid increase and push up can talk to each other tablet function.Tablet manufacturers is pointed out that in the near future can call flat demand significantly higher area is not a European and American markets, but in emerging

    markets such as southeast Asia, India, Russia, Brazil, for these areas of the consumer, can call the tablet tablet with phone function, but the price is only half of the big screen mobile phone, quite content value, samsung, lenovo has been actively marketing layout, and asustek also fully get in, 3 g tablet war imminent.

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