- Cadillac - immortal van gogh - the beijing-shanghai two MSC are reflected art exhibitions

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- Cadillac - immortal van gogh - the beijing-shanghai two MSC are reflected art exhibitions

    - Cadillac - immortal van gogh - the beijing-shanghai two

    MSC are reflected art exhibitions

    On December 6, "Cadillac, immortal van gogh" feeling reflected art exhibitions in Joy City satisfactorily.Since April 29, exhibition in Beijing, Shanghai and audience to offer a very ambitious art feast, more than 3000 portrait of van gogh paintings, drawings, manuscripts etc., with the Cadillac brand model cars on display at the museum, to more than 500000 viewers made a direct inner "van gogh dream".The closing ceremony, the famous media people commended hong huang: "real art works to communicate with the outside world, van gogh exhibition did."

    Seeing and hearing: "art and science and technology" van gogh's life

    As of December 6, more than 500000 viewers in the zero distance feeling of van gogh and Cadillac style car artistic charm.The perfect combination of art and technology "for the audience provides unprecedented appreciation and interpretation of van gogh's point of view - high-tech SENSORY4 multimedia interactive gallery technology make it possible for van gogh's paintings" moving the wall ", classical music from the flowing of van gogh's era 125 years ago, to give the audience a impressionist era audio-visual art feast;Here, van gogh's jump frame, "alive" to show before the eyes of the public.At the same time, the star model is displayed in the show of Cadillac to abide by the "art and science and technology" in one hundred the vivid interpretation of design concept.

Stereo feeling reflected technology for van gogh painting free flowing, heat the

sunflower on the ground spread of growth, starry night jie hui splashing down

    The Cadillac brand pavilion with van gogh exhibition hall mutual reflect, "distance" dialogue

    Close: show met Vincent van gogh

    Breakthrough the limitation of the screen, into a van gogh painting will have what kind of experience?Cadillac made an interesting attempt to hurst media group, hand in hand to create "out of line with fei" evening party, fashion people will wear van gogh painting, "being" in a van gogh painting experience another van gogh night;To van gogh known as inspiration, invite the owner drive travel, go to the golden wheat fields to find out the van gogh eyes warm moved, under the starry night cafes, watching the clouds of van gogh's flow of light.Cadillac, bring the audience into a van gogh painting, close feeling master stroke and colour inspiration, connect when van gogh's creation situation.

    Hurst X special Cadillac "painting in the painting";Cadillac has invited the owner into the van gogh painting, in the wheat field and a big dream under the stars

    The era of thinking: art pioneer spirit

    For seven months in the exhibition, broader Cadillac of van gogh and its vanguard art thinking.In November, the Cadillac joint one-way space, inviting renowned Chinese contemporary avant-garde artist zhao bandi, one-way space co-founder Xu Zhiyuan, editor-in-chief founded art news/Chinese Ye Ying and pioneer art van gogh and audience to discuss Cadillac in the respective innovation and change of The Times.Pioneer status in the field of art, van gogh expressionism respected, while Cadillac forward-looking design aesthetics always lead the auto industry development trend in one hundred, they Shared the breakthrough of the courage and the pursuit of extraordinary style.

Guest zhao bandi, Xu Zhiyuan Xu Zhiyuan talk era of van gogh and Cadillac and their


    Create: build a van gogh dreams of their own

    What could be more than more intuitively feel van gogh picked up a brush?Cadillac continuation of traditional crossover, playing a unique van gogh rocks: hand-painted ATS - L art car make "super blessed work";Children's graffiti area, "side of the small van gogh" art t-shirts, coloured drawing or pattern round children creative van gogh is a dream.During the exhibition, Cadillac's creative derivative souvenir will live small objects with van gogh colour, let the dream "van gogh" extends to a small corner of life.

    Cadillac crossover deduce van gogh style, creative derivative that will "van gogh" dreams in life

    Cadillac and van gogh, the artist of their era, visionary dreamer, is leader in extraordinary times.2015, died in van gogh 125 anniversary of the "Cadillac, immortal van gogh" feeling reflected art exhibition with "art and science and technology" let people meet with van gogh, let art into life, achievement one precious art praise.

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