Russian airstrike trigger the spike in the Middle East

By Mary Taylor,2015-10-12 10:07
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Russian airstrike trigger the spike in the Middle East

    Russian airstrike trigger the spike in the

     Middle East

     Into the middle of October, Russia in Syria last two weeks of strikes triggered huge military ripple, several British newspapers news, 11, 12, Britain and other NATO air force pilots have been authorized, "once the life threat, can be in Iraqi airspace opened fire on the" when they met with Russian aircraft.This state of affairs means that Syria and Iraq and the Middle East, are brewing experience peak power of military confrontation.

     Against NATO "fire", the Russian defense ministry summoned the British military attache for claim, the Russian ambassador, also angrily denounced provoke is London, say, Russia, Britain, aircraft respectively over Syria and Iraq, lack of overlap each other, in view of the Russian fighter "counter" makes no sense.According to the report, the current Russian fighter fighting in Syria to as many as 34 frame, including 34, Sue - 25 sm models, such as 24 m and Sue out double frequency from 20 to 25 times a day for 64 to 67 sorties.In addition, the Russian also use can interfere with the 300 km altitude spy satellites "Carla suha" - 4 ground electronic warfare system.Syria, theater is the various "mirage" aircraft and France and Britain "cyclone" tool such as air travel hot field.

     The military's top opponent has never been so close in the Middle East.Since the third Middle East war in 1967, the Soviet union and the United States at least twice to enter the global alert, simmer and threat to each other;In the Middle East has also been a Sue beauty advanced weapons hypermarket and proving ground.However, tanks, armoured vehicles, artillery and missiles were from the ground to air combat aircraft, grand meeting between the two has never been through agent in the Arab and Israeli forces.Today is obviously different, the two sides soldiers play direct manipulation, which presents the unprecedented high level and high risk in the Middle East military confrontation.

     Russia not only two weeks of the blitz caused tension and early warning of NATO, and stimulate us to speed up the armed Syrian opposition forces.The 11 to northern Syria rebels on the 50 tons of small arms, to curb the army counter-offensive and make up for the Russian air raid damage.Russia's increasing military involvement in the Middle East and beyond the air and for bashar al-assad government transfusion filling calcium, but with Shiite forces to strengthen against the us and Europe and the Arab oil producers together.It is reported that Russia has with Iraq, Syria in Baghdad to form a joint counter-terrorism center, regarded as Russia's foreign minister said willing to participate in the first action after the Iraq war on terror.This marks a more distinct pattern of the nation in the Middle East, also showed the United States has

    gradually lost control and influence in Iraq, in other words, the overthrow of saddam hussein regime, objectively to Iran and Russia forces to expand the bottom drawer.

     Russian troops move Syria is clever move, the benefit from Syria accurate information with high density high efficiency air refreshing, has highlighted the United States and its partners are loose, inefficient and incompetent, to make it for a year and by 40 multinational's counterterrorism operations.Not only that, Russia also made public opinion war, with active cooperation attitude make us embarrassed in public.Putin criticized Obama and other western leaders even "paste" brain, both refused to provide a black list of can attack, and can't list do not want white listing of Russian air strikes, lack of anti-terrorism cooperation sincerity.The negative and passive, can only let Russia's opposition to the Syrian government, both the rebels and terrorist organizations, shall be beaten the rare.The United States refused to Russia sent delegations to discuss the latest cooperation against terrorism, further make themselves in public opinion and moral passive.

     Despite the fact that peak confrontation situation is, but don't need to fear a war directly.Russia's central claim is straightforward, which is to ensure that Mr Assad's regime and forced the opposition, realize the crisis of political settlement.Strategic focus has deviated from the Middle East, America did not want to be the back to mud, as a result, although

    both confrontation high intensity unheard of, but not direct fights, let alone reproduce the global alert during the cold war., of course, no matter the "islamic" armed cross-border cede territory the founding of the state, or the two military forces air attacks, Syria and Iraq have combined into a battlefield, narrow airspace appears fast jets and missiles from the opposite at the same time, after all, circuitous and avoid the limited space, increase the probability of brush gun off accidentally.

     Russia in the near future will not rule out the battlefield to Iraq, to expand the military and political advantage, help recover Allies expansion of power, however, to maintain the current investment levels and bombing density, will cost $one hundred million more per month, the economic difficulties, revenues and because of Russian, Ukrainian crisis deficit spending also unsustainable.May peak period can only maintain a few months, but Russia is not allowed to Mr Assad regime collapse the bottom line is clear.

    For the win.Beautiful under the guise of terrorism in the Middle East, Russia and the United States will not take the initiative to leave the battlefield, take the initiative to the other party;Also unwilling agent;And cast ability to each other to avoid collision, way out is to hand in hand to cooperate, also draw the radius of sphere of influence each other and

    activities, keep roughly balanced and peaceful.The prospect of compromise, for the ground forces may contrast to create some kind of balance, and the Syrian crisis from the battlefield to the negotiating


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